His Fingerprints Are Everywhere

Happy Friday, y'all. So excited to share this quote with you!

I assume that this quote, from the awesome Tad R. Callister, is from his recent book: The Case for the Book of Mormon. Ugh, I want to read it so bad, it's on my list. Just gotta get through the 653 (!) page President Hinckley bio first. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚

What even is his latest book? To hear what it's all about from the author himself, you can head over here, but basically, it is Brother Callister, a former lawyer using some tactics you would find in a case in court.

Is the Book of Mormon true? Is it not? It's a question that many people have asked, and the author both dispels critics' lofty claims and goes on the offensive side, providing amazing evidence like chiasmus and more.

It all reminds me of this Inspirational Message which was so well done is almost like a summary of this book in an 8-minute video.

I love that video so much! God's fingerprints are all over the Book of Mormon -- in its translation in only 65 days, the chiasmus in it being found, and every other factual reason that we're finding to support its authenticity. 

But... all of these don't mean much if you don't know it's true for yourself.

I am so grateful for this amazing book, and for the witness of its truth that I have received. If you enjoy this quote, please Pin and share it. And while you're over here, please follow my account on Pinterest! 

Until next week, 

45 + Mutual Activity Ideas

Yes, yes, I know that 45 isn't that much. And it isn't exactly 52. Oh, well. I guess y'all will have to like... come up with original ideas?


πŸ˜‚Okay, so this is my biggest list post and I hope the ideas on it are helpful as you plan activities.

A while back, I found our ward YW activity records for the past 4 years and thought it would be pretty awesome to include the good ones. 4 years & 45 good mutual activities is a little pathetic, but... quality, not quantity, right?

When I've blogged about these activities, I'll include a link to the post which will include instructions, and of course, freebies! 

When the activity wasn't an original idea, I'll also link to the source.

Or, honestly, just when I got it from Pinterest or on the web, because who knows what random ward I am accidentally plagiarizing from; some of these aren't completely original ideas -- sledding's not copyrighted, right? -- but, within reason, credit will be given where credit is due.

And that was a mile long sentence.

Enough talk. Let's jump right into it! πŸ˜‰

1. Cook for the Missionaries
Invite the missionaries to the church, and split the girls into several stations. At each includes: kitchen safety skills, table setting and presentation, and the actual cooking!
The girls will participate at each one, make enough for everyone + the missionaries, and enjoy a fun YW dinner and share about what skills they accumulated.

2. Primary Song Helps
Split girls into groups to make posters with visual aids for each of the Primary songs. Can be a Good Works Personal Progress Elective Experience.

3. Sledding
All you need is a meeting time. If you want, set up a hot cocoa bar, maybe in the gym. Have all the youth meet, get driven to the hill, and then get driven back to the church for the hot cocoa bar to enjoy. This makes for a great combined youth activity!

4. Make 'I'm A Mormon Videos'
Round up some of your favorites and then have the girls write the script of theirs, and produce it if you have time. Can be used to teach about filming! And remember to have the girls say "I'm a Latter-Day Saint," since... 'I'm A Mormon' is soooo last decade. 

5. Pool Party
If one of the youth has a pool, you have a simple (and easy to plan for) activity. For it, you'll need invites, and we usually have a barbeque with ours. The leaders provide burgers and paper goods, the Young Women provide desserts and sides, and the Young Men bring buns, drinks and condiments. This works because if somehow everyone forgets something, the leaders have the basic foods that we need. (But of course, that hasn't happened yet!) This is a great annual activity that never gets old.

6. S'more Personal Progress
Roast marshmallows and have a Personal Progress check-in. This is perfect for summer 2019...only six months left for Personal Progress... aaggh!

7. Watch the Face-to-Face with Studio C, Musical Artists, ETC!
These make for the easiest activities because all you need is the TV and the video, maybe some snacks if you feel like it. It's great for a last minute activity, and especially good for if you don't live in the Mountain Time Zone. We never really try to watch Youth broadcasts live because they're from about 8:00-10:00 on a school night, so watching it from 6:00-8:00 with the gang at church is a much better alternative.

8. Paint Mugs and Enjoy Hot Cocoa
This is a great Christmas activity that we did as a combined youth night. I'm not sure the Young Men had the best time, but the Young Women were totally crafting and jamming to some Christmas movie at our table. You'll need some mugs (this is usually best if someone has them already) and various supplies. I would stay away from paint (MESSY alert) and go with paint markers. If the hot cocoa is getting old (it never does for us) try candy canes! It's cheap but you'll still get the credit for providing something to snack on.

9. Make Christmas Ornaments
This was almost identical to the previously mentioned activity, and we had it the week after, lolllllll. You'll need some fake glass ornaments to fill with supplies, and if this seems boring to some people, maybe have a Christmas movie on in the background.

10. Tye Fleece Blankets + Christmas Gift Exchange
Apparently we had three Christmas-crafting activities in a row. In this one, we tied together fleece blankets and had a Christmas gift exchange. If you don't think you can hold the girls accountable to bringing in gifts, maybe nix that and put on a Christmas movie to make things fun. Then again, if your Young Women like to talk while they do monotonous work this could be fine.

This is a ward tradition, and for all of the details go to the link above where I've blogged, shared free printouts, and more. Super fun!!

12. Nutrition Night
For this one, we all brought ingredients and made fruit smoothies. Then we talked about nutrition as we sipped.

13. Personality Tests & Worth
In this activity, you can have the girls complete all of those fun personality tests out there. No, not "pick a box and we'll tell you your name, age, date of birth, and social security number" or "select your choices and see what Disney villain is your soul mate" more like "what is your love language" or "official personality type." You can tie this into Individual Worth and possibly complete an experience with it. It's a good balance of fun and... Personal Progress. ;)

14. Indexing Party
Get the Ward Family History consultant on board, and see if you can hold it at a Family History center (sometimes making sure everyone has a device is tricky.) Everyone needs a laptop (or tablet but certainly not a phone) and you can bring some snacks to make it a little more fun. You can focus on getting girls signed up if they haven't, showing them how to use it, having the Consultant show you how to use it, and if the girls know how to do it, let them get those valuable things done!

15.Photography Night
We had a professional photographer in the ward, and it's definitely likely that you have one or know one. We had her come over, give us some advice for selfies, photos, group shots, posing, etc, and then she took photos of all of us. All free of charge of course. Hehe.

16. Speed Dating Activity 
This could be with the Young Men or not, (if not make it speed-friendshipping) and works as a good icebreaker. You need several mason jars of questions (we had everyone make them up at the beginning) and then you rotate every 8 minutes or so. 

17.Family History Stories
This goes with a Personal Progress and Faith in God experience, so you could maybe team up on this with the AD Girls. We put our chairs in a circle, dimmed the lights, and a had a lantern in the middle for a campfire feel as we told the stories.

18. Get-To-Know You Activity
In this activity, everyone brought in some personal items (trophies, prized possessions, etc) and we had to guess whose was whose! To expand, you could try making your own version of Guess Who using the Young Women in your ward. Get photos of each Young Women and turn it into a challenge to guess correctly quickly. (Like in Relative Race ;) Encourage the Young Women to do questions like "what sports does she like" rather than appearance based questions, since they know each other. 

19. Outdoor Survival Night
This was super fun activity in which we had three challenges and two teams. The girls had to build an outdoor shelter, build a fire without matches, and use a compass to get to a location. Then the reward at the end was roasting s'mores! Now that they got rid of Girls Camp certification you gotta get this stuff in, ya know? 

20. Internet Safety Night
Another ward had a police officer come in and share about Internet Safety in a powerpoint, and we jumped right on board! A very relevant topic. 

21.Outdoor Games Night
This is very classic and easy to plan. Have the leaders teach everyone their favorite outdoor games (Spud, kickball, etc) and have a fun time outside!!

22.Temple Trip
If you live in Utah, this is a no-brainer. We're very blessed to live close to the Philly temple, of course, not everyone has a temple nearby.

23.Glow In the Dark Volleyball
This was a fun activity, much to my surprise! To do it, get a sports ball (maybe more like a kickball) and coat it with glow in the dark paint. Let it dry. Let everyone put on glowsticks in the gym, turn off the lights, and play.

24. Outdoor Yoga
In this activity, we had a sister from the ward who was a yoga instructor teach us some moves. And then we had healthy snacks! Very simple and great for summer-early fall when it's not too hot outside.

25.Duct Tape Wars
Divide youth into groups and complete challenges! Some include... walking on Duct Tape and taping someone to the wall. Here is the link we used for inspiration: click here.

26.Paint Night
One of the YW was very close with her old art teacher and she came in and taught us how to do a painting. We provided canvases and materials and she taught the lesson.

27.Cake Decorating Activity
Again, we love bringing experts in to showcase their skills. In this one, we brought in cupcakes and practiced icing techniques. You could do many things with this one, including decorating cakes to follow the mutual theme! Endless possibilities. ;)

28.Mental Health Speaker
A counselor in our ward shared tips for coping with stress and anxiety.

29.Christmas Lip Sync Battle
The YW and YM chose songs for each other to lip-sync to, performed, and enjoyed hot cocoa.

30.Caroling for the Elderly
This is a ward tradition! All that is needed is some hymnbooks and an appointment at a nursing home to come and sing carols.

31.Time Capsule Activity
What are your future goals? I've made printouts!

32. Heart Attack Activity
This went so well and was so easy and fun!

33.Making Secret Sister Gifts for Girls Camp
I'm honestly torn on this one because our gifts were made, but they weren't cute. At all. But again, you can always read the post and select your favorite ideas. Next year, I'll be sharing how to do Girls Camp Secret Sister Gifts on a $10 budget. That is, gifts that aren't total... trash. There will be better ideas and better graphic design so maybe wait until then! ;)

34.Make Scripture Canvas Bags
We love crafting!

35.Making Journal Jars
Did I mention we crafted a lot 2018?

36.Making Fun Flip Flops
Yes, the flip flops are trash but that's on purpose! In this activity, we made flip flops for girls camp that we didn't have to worry about getting dirty.

36.Hocus Pocus Activity
Watching a movie and doing Personal Progress? Right up our alley.

37. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt
All about gratitude. I may be biased but THIS IS SO CUTE!

37.Santa's Helpers Activity
In this activity, we will entertain the kids with cute Christmas crafts and games so their parents can go shopping. I'll blog about it when it occurs! ;)

38.Sister Missionary Prep Night
The Errand of Angels will be watched. Sister Missionaries will be invited and returned ones will share advice. It will be epic. And refreshments will be served. 

39.Valentine's Day Service Activity
We'll decorating Valentine's Day cookies and crafting cards, all to be delivered to our ministering sisters on Sunday.

40.Cupcake Wars
Just what it sounds like! Finally, a competition about baking.

41.Tie Dye Night
We'll see what this entails. It's being planned by the Beehives...

42.Mother's Day Mommy & Me Minute To Win It Activities
 This activity is going to be CUTE. Blog post coming up...when it happens. ;)

43. Book of Mormon Murder Mystery
I love Pinterest too much.

44.Etiquette Dinner
Why do I feel like that's spelled wrong...?

45.Reverse Trick-or-Treating
See printouts here.

46, 47, 48, 49. Summer Personal Progress Activities

Summer Activities

When I set out to write this post, I titled it '175+ Mutual Activity Ideas.' I had done some quick math and expected us to have awesome activities every single week of the year for four years. It wasn't until I was done that I realized that really good mutual activities are hard to come by! Some weren't planned, some were flops, in some the Young Men were in charge... To all women in YW Leader callings, thank you for all of your work in planning mutual activities.

I hope the resources on this blog help make it a little easier, and don't hesitate to share your good mutual activity ideas!

girls camp get-to-know-you

Hey, y'all. Ready for another girls camp post?

Aaaah, I love making these types of posts so much, and this fun one was no exception. For y'all, I have a girls camp get-to-know-you sheet. 

It can serve several purposes -- either as a questionnaire that the Young Women fill out ahead of time and give to the leaders to distribute to their Secret Sisters, or to serve as a little something to do while everyone is arriving at camp.

Or, both! I, as a YW, would probably prefer to get my Secret Sister's get-to-know-you sheet before camp, because then I could try to get a gift that reflected her personality. 

When I already have my gifts packed up at camp and no way to change them, I don't really want to know if my Secret Sister doesn't want them.

But also, the vast amount of knowledge I'll get from the paper may affect which small candy bar, or which color scrunchie I get, etc.

(I set it up so that the answers they give will give you lots of secret sister gift-giving ideas.)

Lol! So I don't know! You can obviously use it for whichever suits your needs, and it's pretty stinkin' cute. So... without much further ado...

Check it out here. Be sure to follow my Pinterest account to get updated about further Girls Camp posts! 

How many times have I said this... lol... have fun at Girls Camp!!

they sang as they walked

"Pioneer children sang as they walked, and walked, and walked. 

Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked.

 They washed at streams and worked and played. 

Sundays they camped and read and prayed. 

Week after week, they sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked and walked."

I remember singing this song as a young Primary child and always seemed comforted by the idealistic picture it painted of pioneer life. 

I imagined crossing the plains was as easy as strolling through the picturesque meadow above, until I watched 17 Miracles, Ephiram's Rescue... and I started to really think about what things for them were like. 

But I don't exactly think that the only purpose of this tune was to sugarcoat the hardships they faced.

They trekked through the bitter cold with chapped lipsπŸ˜– and quickly dwindling food and supplies. They longed for water to quench their thirst, for sturdy working shoes, for cures of the illnesses quickly taking their friends and family. 

And they sang as they walked.

So which of the two opposing accounts was true?

What if... both could have been true?

I doubt that all of them were this way, but it seems like many smiled, sang, and prayed through their overwhelming trial.

I wonder what could happen if we did this too.

Y'all, be sure to check out my other Pioneer Day quote, and enjoy the holiday if you do have any sort of related festivities. If you could spare about 5 seconds, please follow my Pinterest account! It would mean so much. 

happy pioneer day!

hey, everyone! I am so excited to share this quote with you from the former President Hinckley.

As a teen Latter-Day Saint, he was the prophet when I was still a nursery child, so I had no memories of him -- although I do remember when the new prophet was President Monson! 

Anyways, after reading the biography of President Nelson (Y'all, it was so well done) I liked Sheri Dew's writing style and decided to read the biography of President Hinckley. 

The main thing I learned about him is that his thing was words. It seems like each of the apostles is very learned in a subject (President Nelson: the heart, President Eyring: business, President Oaks: law, etc) and he was super into writing and reading good books. He was going to be a journalist but chose to work for the church instead.

So I can totally say in good confidence that this quote is an amazing one! He says...

(We cannot detract from their accomplishments. We cannot add to their glory. We can only look back with reverence, appreciation, respect, and resolution to build on what they have done.)

This is such a good message about pioneer day! 

I feel like in most cases there are always two extremes. One would be to disrespect the pioneers, saying "they had it so easy," "they were dumb" etc (lol, idk, it's not like I actually say these things...) and the other extreme is to totally go over the top with our praise in them while berating ourselves.

Being all like, "they were superhuman." "they were perfect." "I never could even try to do what they have done." 

"We cannot detract from their accomplishments."

The pioneer's acts must have been very hard to complete and I am honored to be descended from some!

"We cannot add to their glory."

But, just like me, they are human. They experienced challenges just like I do, although they are different, and just like them, I can overcome them.

Happy pioneer day, y'all, and look forward to... 😱another pioneer day quote next week.

girls camp journal

Ohhhh, I love the idea of girls camp!

Lol. I've been SO excited making posts and packing lists, journals, Secret Sister gifts, and more for Girls Camp, and each time I illustrate a picturesque girls camp scene it just makes so inexplicably excited and amazed. 

You'll see all of these beautiful, idealistic girls camp scenes, in fact, in this journal --

the peaceful, serene canoe on the lake, the crisp, clear and bright stars in the night, and the simple silence that comes with nature.

And then... I go to girls camp, the reality of which is much more hot and sweaty. It's beautiful! It's fun. But it can be hard.

It's my last year as a camper 😫, so I really wanted to create some amazing girls camp resources to help myself enjoy the week - and to help y'all, ofc. 

So. Here it is. The moment we've all been waiting for...

the girls camp journal.

I kept it pretty simple this year and decided to focus my efforts on creating beautiful illustrations and hand-lettered headers instead. In this FREE journal (go ahead and print it before I come to my senses and put it on sale!) you'll see a lovely colorful cover, a spot to write what happens in each day (with a beautiful girls camp nature scene above each day) and then 3 bonus pages.

You'll also be able to record impressions from testimony meeting, what you see on the nature hike, and on the drive home possibly, rate your experiences in camp! 

Print the journal for out here, and while you're planning for girls camp, be sure to check out my other ideas + tutorials!

If you want to see more Girls Camp ideas, be sure to follow me on Pinterest and you'll be able to see them as they're released. 

Enjoy your camp!
I also have a few Pin-able images if you're wanting to Pin the idea for later!

happy fourth of july

Well, this may be a first! I'm posting the printspo early -- and I'm actually prepared? Such weirdness going on! πŸ˜‚

With this week's inspirational quote (from our late beloved prophet Thomas S. Monson) I also bring a *shocking* new discovery.

I think the fact that the prophet shared this quote supports the idea that there was definitely some divine correlation in our independence, which we now get to celebrate.

I always wondered why we had the 4th of July. I totally loved it, and knew its theme, but wasn't quite sure where the holiday had gotten its origins.

And y'all, thanks to Google, I am now so enlightened. The 4th of July is celebrating the Declaration of Independence. Which was signed 243 years ago on Thursday!

I can't believe I'm such an idiot that I didn't know the two events were one and the same, but I think it's not the public school system to blame and more just the fact that I spent most of my time in class doodling in the margins. 🀦‍♀️😬

So, anyways, to make up for that I hope this lovely quote will distract everyone and myself from my stupidity and point the focus onto America's independence.

 Amidst the fireworks, barbeques, burgers, and more, we can't forget exactly how blessed as a country we are. I mean, come on. It's a little American rebel startup fighting against a rich British military -- who do you expect to win?

There's plenty of scenarios like this in the scriptures. I think we (the Americans) totally seemed like an itty-bitty David while the (British) Goliath towered over us and threatened total defeat.

But I know it makes all the difference when we have God on our side! Acts 5:39 says, "But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it." 

Just like with David, our odds didn't look good, but despite their best efforts the British just couldn't squash the revolution.

Enjoy your 4th of July, (I'll enjoy my newfound understanding of it) and please follow my Pinterest account for more hand-lettered quotes by Latter-Day Saints! 

10 terrific tips to help you finish personal progress

It's been almost a year since I completed the Personal Progress program, and my goal with the blog and these resources is to help every Young Woman do the same! Let's dive right into these 10 terrific tips to help you complete your Personal Progress. 

Here is a cute little infographic -- please Pin and share with anyone who's still working on their Personal Progress.

Each tip doesn't have many words describing it -- to see the descriptions, read below.

1. Team Up

The more the merrier, right? Friends can make anything extra fun, and that includes Personal Progress. Teaming up is especially great for those lovely two-week experiences that we simply adore.

 When you're texting with a friend about how you're doing on developing attributes and skills, etc, you're held more accountable and are less likely to forget.

It's the best plan of attack for those big mountains to climb!

You know you have a good friend when she's willing to team up with you on Personal Progress. And if you feel like if you tried to talk about...feelings and spiritual stuff... with one of your church friends they would laugh in your face, give your leaders a text. 

If your ward has a Personal Progress leader, you can ask her if she'd be willing to work on that with you.

 I can't think of any YW leader I know that would refuse to help a Young Woman on her Personal Progress! What I love about the Young Women's program is that no matter where I'm visiting, in whatever ward, the leaders always notice my unfamiliar face and make sure I feel welcome. Just ask them! They are there to help.

2. Personalize it 

I think that many people think that our church lives and home lives and school lives have to be separate, but one of the main purposes of Personal Progress is to bring them all together! 

Julie B. Beck said, "The busiest girls use Personal Progress as a tool to accomplish what they most want to do. It brings your temporal and spiritual pursuits together. It shows that what you do on the volleyball team or the chess club has a direct relationship to who you are as a daughter of God." This is gold, my friends!! Personal Progress isn't designed to be just one more thing we're forced to add to our ever-growing to-do lists. It's supposed to be a part of our lives, as we incorporate things we do already as projects and goals.

 I think about half of my projects were things I would do anyway - but thought really applied to several of the YW values. (And I completed them with my leaders' full approval.) An autobiography I wrote for a writing class became my Individual Worth project. Something I was going through that required Faith and 10 hours -- well, that one could soon be checked off. 

Now, I'm not talking about passively categorizing your past achievements. Saying, "Oh, yeah, I remember I, like, took an honors class freshman year, and that's like, hard, so uh, lemme mark off the Knowledge project."

 This is more like, "Oh my goodness, I'm finally old enough to drive. I really want to drive, but I need knowledge and lots of practice to do this. Hey. Did I say Knowledge? I think maybe I can incorporate this when Drivers Ed begins in a few weeks." 

3. Start early

When I look at my life when I was a Beehive, I have to laugh. Or cry. Or both. I was such a wee little creature, with such little responsibilities and social events and clubs and honors classes. Life is always just going to get busier, especially as you get older, so if you're wanting to earn it, start now

Now, of course, this was a more applicable tip back when Personal Progress wasn't strapped to a ticking time bomb, so if you're a new Beehive with these 6 months (what! That's so long, you can totally finish it!!) it's not your fault, obviously. 

And if you're a Laurel or Mia Maid who has let it sit to the side for the past few years, don't beat yourself up over it. Even if you agree that you're busier now, beating yourself up over things you can't change (ie: the past) won't do any good. Come on! You could use that time to do a super easy one-day experience!

4. Break it down into steps

I remember, again, back when I was first starting the program, Personal Progress seemed very overwhelming.

 I would open my booklet, see the pages and pages of copy, and my head would spin. In fact, there's a good chance that you're not even reading this whole section right now, no judgment. As humans, we just want to skim things, and if we see a huge blob of words, we're like "Eek!" 

Obviously, Personal Progress is designed to help Young Women, not to showcase graphic design skills; I'm not trying to throw shade, but the huge paragraphs accompanying each experience are intimidating!

I found once I took a breath and wrote the actual things I needed to do down, it was actually super easy. For most experiences, it was a) read scriptures, b) journal the answer to a question, with a few variations like discussing items with parents, developing skills, etc. 

It's so simple when you really look at it! You know your "soul will delight in plainness" once you make a simple to-do list. 

The good news is that if you use my worksheets, you get to skip this step. As I was creating the worksheets, I realized that there wasn't room to fit the overview descriptions AND everything y'all would need to do. So, instead of telling them the scriptures they would need to read and the question they would need to answer on the top and bottom, I just put this info in charts, banners, etc, things that were easier on the eye. 

5. Complete multiple experiences at a time.

As I was creating the amazing ULTIMATE Summer Personal Progress Journal recently, I noticed that some of the required reading segments were the exact same. Again, I'm not criticizing the program, I just thought, so much time could be saved by combining things.

Don't try to complete too many at once -- you'll be overwhelmed, complete nothing, and defeat the purpose -- instead, check out similar Personal Progress. (I would say do, maybe, 2-3 experiences max at once.) While you may have trouble remembering to read the scriptures, pray, be a peacemaker, develop a divine attribute, help others feel of worth, be kind, etc, completing similar Personal Progress experiences is no big deal.
If you feel morally compromised by doing this, well...don't do it! It's fine! I wouldn't normally recommend it, but the clock is ticking on Personal Progress.

6. Hang up reminders.

I loved doing this! A great way to remember to develop things is by hanging them in obvious places -- your mirror, bedroom door, anywhere where you will see it every day and go "oh yeah. I'm doing Personal Progress." 

 You can also try using reminders on your phone, Alexa, computer, etc. There isn't a "right" way to get your own attention. It's all about what works for YOU!

7. Complete personalized electives

The strategies I have above mainly aid in those little... two-week experiences we love and enjoy.

I'm not kidding, I was such a fan of them that I literally completed every one-day Personal Progress experience in the booklet before I realized there were a few I had to do before I could finish. 

Now, not to trash the two-week experiences although they're, like, hard. We can do hard things! The good thing about those is that they help you to actually DO things, not just talk the talk and walk the walk of Christianity. It's designed to help you get good habits in your life.

But if completing these makes you anxiously engaged to not do Personal Progress at all, you can mix it up and complete some personalized electives so you don't need to do as many two-week experiences. I have tons of ideas already planned out, all you have to do is go to the value you want and print the easy worksheet.

8. Work on it every Sunday.
"By small and simple things are great things come to pass." Just by doing an experience or so every Sunday, your efforts will slowly add up, compound, and you'll have earned your medallion before you know it.  

So, anyway, the 2019 June New Era has a little article that totally represents this. (I can't link to it bc old and new issues of the New Era are no longer available online 😫 so bear with me)

Basically, a General Authority is hired (as a boy) by his uncle to move a mound of dirt. It's huge, like a killer, and so big that people will do tricks on their bikes with it...well, you get the idea. A mountain. Lol, so he is determined to get it done no matter what, and he moves wheelbarrows upon wheelbarrows of dirt every single day. And as he looks at the mound, it seems like it's not getting any smaller. He tries diligently every day, but it doesn't appear to be shrinking.

Then one day he notices that the mound he is creating at the other side is growing. Growing slowly, but... still growing nonetheless, right? 

Suddenly, the task isn't to destroy the huge amount of dirt, and it doesn't seem like such a big deal either. He continues to work and enjoys watching his pile slowly grow.

This is a lesson about hard work and character, but it also teaches us that the little things add up.

Whether it's little sins or little acts of kindness, they are going to eventually accumulate and cause a huge effect. This can be said with working just a little bit, diligently, every week showing up to do your Personal Progress.

9. Make it fun!

Who says that Personal Progress has to be a bore? Ugh, most definitely NOT ME!! Even just deciding to believe that Personal Progress is fun and easy will work wonders for the experiences.

 Other ways to have fun doing it? Determine rewards for finishing a value. If you're competitive, find a friend and make a little challenge. Make a fun environment for working on it - grab your favorite healthy snack, or enjoy working on it in the sun.

I get that it is hard to make Personal Progress fun, so if you're still stuck on how to make it enjoyable, don't stress. Skip to the bottom or click here to check out my new Personal Progress product. I guarantee the color palette, bright lettering, illustrations and feel make it fun -- you can also visit its post to see a sample and proof that it's just a good time.

10. Use my blog

Hey, I'm biased, but I'm not ashamed to be super proud of this blog! When I started Personal Progress, there were some PP blogs but none of them were quite what I was looking for.

Some had long lists of projects, almost none of which would really add up to a ten hour total.

Some had terribly designed graphics.

Some had lots of ideas but no room for me to write my thoughts.

Not to say that Personal Progress/Latter-Day Saint blogs are terrible!! I love the Latter-Day Saint blogger community, everyone in it so good and passionate at what they do and so dang nice! 

I just found myself a little annoyed because of my high expectations and hoping for, oh, I don't know, beautifully designed Personal Progress worksheets, for, like, every experience. Is that too much to ask? 

Lol. Not anymore! Because for my Good Works project, I created them. And I loved blogging so much I didn't stop there.

Soon I was rolling out holiday Personal Progress ideas, cute trackers, lesson helps, and so much more. While my marketing doesn't reflect it anymore, my earliest readers know this blog is here because of Personal Progress.

Not only that, but it's the best blog to help you finish it! It's like a buffet, where you can grab whatever worksheet you like, oh, and maybe some tasty cute seasonal and holiday worksheets, and whatever your heart desires.

I made these, all for free, with two-week trackers, detailed PP ideas, booklets, and more, and all you have to do is click "print." 

Wondering where to start on the blog? Go to "Personal Progress", where there are links for every value page, where there are links to every worksheet. I also know everyone loves the Personal Progress binder, which is another efficient system where you can complete Personal Progress.

BONUS BIGGEST TIP: Invest a little $ for this life-saving product

Lol, that title sounds so evil. But I'm not evil! Money is not evil! 

Here's what the product I can't stop talking about really is.

I love it because it is a game changer. Are you tired of working on your Personal Progress without, well, actually progressing? Are you ready to become excited to work on it again? 

This ULTIMATE Summer Personal Progress Journal will take you to where you want to be -- on the podium as you receive your medallion!!

 It's 85 pages of hand-lettered and illustrated gold, with whimsical and fun designs to help you get motivated to do Personal Progress. Also... it incorporates almost every terrrrific tip above!

 It breaks the whole program down into experiences and each experience into steps which you are routinely called to follow up on. 

It allows you to personalize your projects with plenty of guided writing and planning space.

It has lots of personalized electives which are fun and easy alternative experiences.

You do a little every week, and after a 12-week summer, boom! You're done and it's off your back.

Like I said before, it changes Personal Progress into a fun thing you can look forward to achieving.

You are given several cute prints as reminders to hang up wherever you want.

And, well, doing it this summer when you still have 7 months, that counts as starting early.

Check out the product here or go to the post to see a delectable free sample. You'll love it, and where it takes you! 

And if you're not interested or can't afford it? It's fine! That's why I have so many other free resources. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

I'm so glad you found this blog post, enjoy your Personal Progress journey! 

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