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WOW has it been some time since this gem was hot off the press! I made this one as a camper, now I'm a YCL, and I think the graphics and my skills have improved since then. 👩🏻‍🎨 I'm so excited to now have two awesome girls camp journals for y'all to choose from and enjoy. Read on and take your pick for your girls! Happy camp planning! 💛

*24 pg, booklet, color + black and white versions*

Enhance the girls camp experience with this beautiful camp journal created by a young woman! 

We all know every camp + youth program is designed to help one achieve their full potential through balanced growth and goals. 🎯 

These are emphasized in the journal's layout of the daily spreads, accompanied by lots of cute + colorful illustrations.

Speaking of, cost got you worried? 🖨 Even the included black and white version can be a fun coloring book that your girls will love.

 What other fun things do they love? The retreat from normal life + meeting friends 👯‍♀️ who share their values and goals. 😇 These journals help them record + grow their fun with camp friends.

Girls camp is where memories are made. But in order for memories to be preserved, they need a space to be collected. 🏕 This is why the keepsake of a cute camp journal is the ultimate souvenir! Are you ready to gift it to your girls? 🎁 The download is instant + it's what you've been waiting for. 👉 Go + grab your copy!!

*5 pg packet, color*

Hehe I kept it pretty simple and decided to focus my efforts on creating different pictures for each day! There is a lovely colorful cover, a spot to write what happens in each day (with a beautiful girls camp nature scene above each day) and then 2 bonus pages.


Oooooh, a rebel 🙊, I like you.😂 Let me quickly sum up the post!

The 24-page girls camp journal is new + has all the features to enhance your girls camp. Go grab it for yourself, or the simple + free version from my earlier days. 👧🏻

Are you ready for the freebie download link? It's coming up soon. 👉 Before I sign off, I just want to make sure you know this is NOT the only resource I have to make your life easier as a busy Latter-Day Saint! To see & have all my free resources at your fingertips, follow me on Pinterest! 📌Now here's the promised PDF! 💝 

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