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Personal Progress

**PERSONAL PROGRESS IS ENDING! It's so crazy! I am so excited to start the new Children and Youth program, and I also value the memories that I have from this Personal Progress experience. If you haven't gotten your medallion yet, it's NOT too late!! You have until March to wrap up things and get the amazing award. I will not be deleting the worksheets from this website until then, or delete the pages. You can still access the worksheets by visiting their value pages. And if you need anything that you can't find, use the search bar on the right, or write a comment and I can direct you to where you need to go. ;)**

Guilt tripped into doing Personal Progress yet? I'm here to help!

Get Personal Progress trackers, ideas, worksheets, and so much more all for FREE! 

Just getting started with your Personal Progress? Print yourself a lovely Personal Progress tracker for free.

Once you've been able to assess your progress using the amazing color coded chart, print off the worksheets, which are organized by value, below.


Divine Nature

Individual Worth


Choice and Accountability

Good Works



Want the Personal Progress Binder? Get it for free here.

You can get some two-week trackers here and two week journals here.

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