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His Fingerprints Are Everywhere

Happy Friday, y'all. So excited to share this quote with you!

I assume that this quote, from the awesome Tad R. Callister, is from his recent book: The Case for the Book of Mormon. Ugh, I want to read it so bad, it's on my list. Just gotta get through the 653 (!) page President Hinckley bio first. 😊😂

What even is his latest book? To hear what it's all about from the author himself, you can head over here, but basically, it is Brother Callister, a former lawyer using some tactics you would find in a case in court.

Is the Book of Mormon true? Is it not? It's a question that many people have asked, and the author both dispels critics' lofty claims and goes on the offensive side, providing amazing evidence like chiasmus and more.

It all reminds me of this Inspirational Message which was so well done is almost like a summary of this book in an 8-minute video.

I love that video so much! God's fingerprints are all over the Book of Mormon -- in its translation in only 65 days, the chiasmus in it being found, and every other factual reason that we're finding to support its authenticity. 

But... all of these don't mean much if you don't know it's true for yourself.

I am so grateful for this amazing book, and for the witness of its truth that I have received. If you enjoy this quote, please Pin and share it. And while you're over here, please follow my account on Pinterest! 

Until next week, 

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