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ultimate personal progress hack: 2019 journal

Alright. That lil..okay...kinda huge project, lol, that I've been dropping lil hints on for the past four months...

🎆it's here!🎆

I am just so excited to put this out and share this with the world!! There are so many ways to use it, I'm just so proud of it which I can confidently say is my best work at my current skill level 😊  and I had such a blast creating it, but I am even more thrilled thinking about how much it can help the people who purchase it!

Still working toward your Young Women's medallion? Or trying to help motivate your daughters or Young Women to finish? This Ultimate Summer Personal Progress Journal is the answer. 

I've spent the last four months (!) crafting this workbook in hopes of helping young women all over the world get excited about completing their Personal Progress!

This 12-week workbook is beautifully designed, filled with whimsical illustrations and cleverly organized plans that will help take the stress out of Personal Progress. And we're not cutting any corners. This features the ENTIRE Personal Progress program, with worksheets for every required experience and project -- but in a fun and easy to follow way.

Already started the program? No problem. Whether you're at the beginning or stalled out somewhere along the way, this workbook is for you. You can use the tracker to mark off the projects and experiences you've already completed so you can simply focus on what you've got left.

The workbook is created by a Young Woman (ME!) for the Young Women. It features a fun summer theme and color scheme. I've purposely made it non-dated so that you can begin and end whenever summer comes for you.

If you're purchasing this for personal or small group use, I recommend printing in full color. If that's not an option, don't sweat it -- your purchase includes a printer-friendly black and white version as well. You could give to your YW all at once OR hand out the pages weekly. 

Personal Progress is meant to be personal -- and this packet won't take that away. It will simply help prompt, motivate and encourage each YW in her personal journey. For those longer experiences, I've provided checklists and worksheets that follow up until they are finished. As long as each YW is staying close to the packet, she'll be able to stay on track. 

This instant download is just one click away. Purchase includes:

-super stinkin' cute Personal Progress tracker
-Personal Progress schedule

-monthly calendars

-a weekly overview that tells you what you'll be starting, what you're working on and what you can check off 

-hand-lettered worksheets for EVERY Personal Progress experience!

-creative and fun personalized elective ideas

-project planning pages

and, also...
-Book of Mormon reading chart for the Virtue value project
-cute planner "stickers" 

So what are you waiting for? It's almost summer. It's time to earn that medallion! If you're interested or want to show support, click one of the images below!

Alright. Soooooo.... here's the obvious question. You have free worksheets... so why come out with a paid program?

The free worksheets are here to stay, but anyone interested in completely up-leveling their Personal Progress experience should absolutely get this in my totally biased opinion! 

I created the worksheets a long time ago, so they are throwbacks from my Canva-obsessed days, and this new product is so much more vibrant or fun.

Of course, the beauty of it is, it's a win-win. Whether you choose to check out the product or not, you've still got access to amazing Personal Progress resources and always will until...lol, I have no clue!! Some people are saying the church is spilling the... herbal tea...🤣🤣 on this awesome new initiative September 29th, but that may be just when they are announcing it in sacrament meeting and the church is super good about making their news accessible through their website. Ugh, I don't know, don't trust me for LDS news... just head over to their official and awesome website... which is now churchofjesuschrist.org, agh, I love it!!

Now, for anyone who has read to the bottom of this post... or been a super awesome rebel and skipped to the end, check out this amazing free sample to get a taste of what the program is really like. There's 12 more of these (plus tons of fun bonuses) with your purchase. Enjoy!

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