52+ Youth Activity Ideas

😂Okay, so this is my biggest list post and I hope the ideas on it are helpful as you plan activities.

A while back, I found our ward YW activity records for the past 4 years and thought it would be pretty awesome to include the good ones. As the time has gone on since that discovery this post has gone viral, we've had more good activities, and we continue to strategize on fun things for the group.

When I've blogged about these activities, I'll include a link to the post which will include instructions, and of course, freebies! When the activity wasn't an original idea, I'll also link to the source.

Enough talk. Let's jump right into it! 😉

1. Cook for the Missionaries
Invite the missionaries to the church, and split the girls into several stations. At each includes: kitchen safety skills, table setting and presentation, and the actual cooking!
The girls will participate at each one, make enough for everyone + the missionaries, and enjoy a fun YW dinner and share about what skills they accumulated.

2. Primary Song Helps
Split girls into groups to make posters with visual aids for each of the Primary songs. Can be a Good Works Personal Progress Elective Experience.

3. Sledding
All you need is a meeting time. If you want, set up a hot cocoa bar, maybe in the gym. Have all the youth meet, get driven to the hill, and then get driven back to the church for the hot cocoa bar to enjoy. This makes for a great combined youth activity!

4. Make 'I'm A Mormon Videos'
Round up some of your favorites and then have the girls write the script of theirs, and produce it if you have time. Can be used to teach about filming! And remember to have the girls say "I'm a Latter-Day Saint," since... 'I'm A Mormon' is soooo last decade. 

5. Pool Party
If one of the youth has a pool, you have a simple (and easy to plan for) activity. For it, you'll need invites, and we usually have a barbeque with ours. The leaders provide burgers and paper goods, the Young Women provide desserts and sides, and the Young Men bring buns, drinks and condiments. This works because if somehow everyone forgets something, the leaders have the basic foods that we need. (But of course, that hasn't happened yet!) This is a great annual activity that never gets old.

6. Group Bonfire
This activity is a fun way to get the new Beehives new campers ready for an unfamiliar experience, camp. Make s'mores -- if you're feeling extra, have them start the fire. No phones allowed -- they need to get a sampler of the tech detox at camp! And then just have the new campers ask any and all questions they have about camp, and the older campers say what they like about camp. This could be done as a ward the week before camp to get the girls excited or help settle their nerves.

7. Watch Face2Face Addresses
These make for the easiest activities because all you need is the TV. It's great for a last minute activity, and especially good for if you don't live in the Mountain Time Zone. We never really try to watch Youth broadcasts live because they're from about 8:00-10:00 on a school night, so watching it from 6:00-8:00 with the gang at church is a much better alternative.

8. Paint Mugs and Enjoy Hot Cocoa
This is a great Christmas activity that we did as a combined youth night. I'm not sure the Young Men had the best time, but the Young Women were totally crafting and jamming to some Christmas music at our table. You'll need some mugs (this is usually best if someone has them already) and various supplies. I would stay away from paint (MESSY alert) and go with paint markers. If the hot cocoa is getting old (it never does for us) try candy canes! It's cheap but you'll still get the credit for providing something to snack on.

9. Make Christmas Ornaments
This was almost identical to the previously mentioned activity, and we had it the week after, lolllllll. You'll need some fake glass ornaments to fill with supplies, and if this seems boring to some people, maybe have a Christmas movie on in the background.

10. Tye Fleece Blankets + Christmas Gift Exchange
Ok so apparently we had three Christmas-crafting activities in a row. In this one, we tied together fleece blankets and had a Christmas gift exchange. If you don't think you can hold the girls accountable to bringing in gifts, maybe nix that and put on a Christmas movie to make things fun. Then again, if your Young Women like to talk while they do monotonous work this could be fine.

This is a ward tradition, and for all of the details go to the link above where I've blogged, shared free printouts, and more. Super fun!! I've arranged all the steps for you to make it super easy to totally pull off.

12. Nutrition Night
For this one, we all brought ingredients and made fruit smoothies. Then we talked about nutrition as we sipped. Very low prep activity and I'm always down for a good smoothie.

I've been thinking about doing this one for years, and then a few months ago I put in the work to make it a real thing. Here at last! This one was so fun and collaborative and unifying. Basically we took MBTI tests, compared our results to the Disney princesses, had some in-depth discussions on our differences and similarities, and played games. This took so much planning and work to come up with, but now for y'all it is only an instant download away. I've taken all the prep work out and simplified it into the cutest and most fun unity activity to pull off. Also, the quarantine edition is now here!

14. Indexing Party
Get the Ward Family History consultant on board, and see if you can hold it at a Family History center (sometimes making sure everyone has a device is tricky.) Everyone needs a laptop (or tablet but certainly not a phone) and you can bring some snacks to make it a little more fun. You can focus on getting girls signed up if they haven't, showing them how to use it, having the Consultant show you how to use it, and if the girls know how to do it, let them get those valuable things done!

15.Photography Night
We had a professional photographer in the ward, and it's definitely likely that you have one or know one. We had her come over, give us some advice for selfies, photos, group shots, posing, etc, and then she took photos of all of us. All free of charge of course. Hehe.

16. Speed Dating Activity 
This could be with the Young Men or not, (if not make it speed-friendshipping) and works as a good icebreaker. You need several mason jars of questions (we had everyone make them up at the beginning) and then you rotate every 8 minutes or so, asking the ridiculous questions to each other.

17.Family History Stories
This could be done with a bonfire and be fun. We did a fake bonfire and it was just as fun tho. Ngl. Like, it was so fake it was funny. We turned out the lights in the RS room and some leaders brought these really cute lanterns and someone made the most adorable and funny "fake fire." It was in a metal tin and made from red and orange tissue paper. I think we kept it, I'll have to upload a pic. Everyone shared an interesting story from their ancestors' history.

18. Get-To-Know You Activity
In this activity, everyone brought in some personal items (trophies, prized possessions, etc) and we had to guess whose was whose! To expand, you could try making your own version of Guess Who using the Young Women in your ward. Get photos of each Young Women and turn it into a challenge to guess correctly quickly. (Like in Relative Race ;) Encourage the Young Women to do questions like "what sports does she like" rather than appearance based questions, since they know each other. 

19. Outdoor Survival Night
This was super fun activity in which we had three challenges and two teams. The girls had to build an outdoor shelter, build a fire without matches, and use a compass to get to a location. Then the reward at the end was roasting s'mores! Now that they got rid of Girls Camp certification you gotta get this stuff in, ya know? 

20. Internet Safety Night
The stake had a police officer come in and share about Internet Safety in a powerpoint, and we jumped right on board! All we had to do was show up so it was chill lolll.

21.Outdoor Games Night
This is very classic and easy to plan. Have the leaders teach everyone their favorite outdoor games (Spud, kickball, etc) and have a fun time outside!!

22.Temple Trip
If you live in Utah, this is a no-brainer. We're very blessed to live close to the Philly temple, of course, not everyone has a temple nearby.

23.Glow In the Dark Volleyball
This was a fun activity, much to my surprise! To do it, get a sports ball (maybe more like a kickball) and coat it with glow in the dark paint. Let it dry. Let everyone put on glowsticks in the gym, turn off the lights, and play.

24. Outdoor Yoga
In this activity, we had a sister from the ward who was a yoga instructor teach us some moves. And then we had healthy snacks! Very simple and great for summer-early fall when it's not too hot outside.

25.Duct Tape Wars
Divide youth into groups and complete challenges! Some include... walking on Duct Tape and taping someone to the wall. Here is the link we used for inspiration: click here.

26.Paint Night
One of the YW was very close with her old art teacher and she came in and taught us how to do a painting. We provided canvases and materials and she taught the lesson.

27.Cake Decorating Activity
Again, we love bringing experts in to showcase their skills. In this one, we brought in cupcakes and practiced icing techniques. You could do many things with this one, including decorating cakes to follow the mutual theme! Endless possibilities. ;)

28.Mental Health Speaker
A counselor in our ward shared tips for coping with stress and anxiety.

29.Christmas Lip Sync Battle
The YW and YM chose songs for each other to lip-sync to, performed, and enjoyed hot cocoa.

30.Caroling for the Elderly
This is a ward tradition! All that is needed is some hymnbooks and an appointment at a nursing home to come and sing carols.

31.Time Capsule Activity
What are your future goals? I've made printouts!

32. Heart Attack Activity
This went so well and was so easy and fun!

33.Making Secret Sister Gifts for Girls Camp
I'm honestly torn on this one because our gifts were made, but they weren't cute. At all. But again, you can always read the post and select your favorite ideas. Next year, I'll be sharing how to do Girls Camp Secret Sister Gifts on a $10 budget. That is, gifts that aren't total... trash. There will be better ideas and better graphic design so maybe wait until then! ;)

34.Make Scripture Canvas Bags
We love crafting!

35.Making Journal Jars
Did I mention we crafted a lot 2018?

36.Making Fun Flip Flops
Yes, the flip flops are trash but that's on purpose! In this activity, we made flip flops for girls camp that we didn't have to worry about getting dirty.

37. Teach the Theme activity
New year, new theme. And I always show up with really fun ideas your youth will enjoy and really have fun with, aligned with the church's focus for the year.

38. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt
All about gratitude. I may be biased but THIS IS SO CUTE!

39.Santa's Helpers Activity
In this activity we watched the Primary kids so their parents could go shopping. I can't remember the Pinterest prompt where I found this, I will link once I stumble across it again.

40.Sister Missionary Prep Night
Yas this was so fun! We got to talk about expectations and questions about serving a mission as a sister missionary, how to know if you go, practice scenarios, fake tracting, and then we watched the Errand of Angels at the end. Fun fun!

41.Valentine's Day Service Activity
We did cookies and cards that we decorated and gave to our Ministering sisters on Valentine's Day.

42.Cupcake Wars
Aaaah lol. This was... special. We didn't plan it super well so in the end we all were just decorating cupcakes and then trying to get each other to take them because we didn't want to eat a dozen ourselves. Hopefully someday we can retry this, but if you have the time and energy to put in the planning you could really make this fun!

43.Tie Dye Night
This was actually pretty easy. Everyone brought a white t-shirt and someone brought a tie dye kit to add in some colors.

44.Mother's Day Mommy + Me Minute To Win It Activities
As you can see this one kinda fell in that one stage where our presidency was really bad at working together in planning activities... I arrived like 30 minutes late to this one and the couple things we had prepared were already over! Again, it is a good idea and I hope we can remake it eventually.

45. Book of Mormon Murder Mystery
I love Pinterest too much.

46.Etiquette Dinner
This one was so so fun. It was a traveling etiquette several course dinner... thing. We did three kinds of etiquette lessons at different people's houses, and at each we enjoyed a course. The first was manners + appetizers. The second was the fancy utensils and place setting + dinner. The last was dating + dessert. Traveling to people's houses made it extra fun and interesting. I need to blog about this and will soon!

47.Book of Mormon Murder Mystery
See printouts here.

48. Young Women Escape Room
I made the group a St. Patrick's day escape room from scratch and aaaaah it was such a classic example of me taking on too much. I was so drained from putting it together and having it be the focus on top of everything, but it went well. My advice is to choose a pre-made escape room so you don't have as much strain as I did. Like this one or this one-- cute!

49. Friendship Dinner
This took place over 3 activity nights and was to minister to those that don't have as many built in friends in the ward. Will definitely require a blog post. We did it on Valentine's Day week and used that as our decor theme. Everyone invited their applicable ministering sisters and we mixed and matched the youth and adult tables. Fun!

50. Disney Lipsync Battle
This one was seriously one of our most fun activities ever -- young men versus young women -- and we both ended up choosing the same song!! The young women decided do to "I'll Make a Man Out of You" as a joke and the confident young men decided the song was applicable to them as well, all without us coordinating or anything lol. We totally won tho.

51. International Night
We have a very diverse and multicultural ward, and some of our own young women are first generation Americans. We set this up to give them an opportunity to talk about their old home + beautiful and amazing culture... and then it got postponed bc of corona. Literally it was like cancelled a couple days before this was gonna go down, which was a bummer!! I will blog once we make up the 50K activities that corona cancelled.

52.Mall Scavenger Hunt
This one was so, so fun. If not for privacy concerns I would upload all the hilarious photos from this night of fun. It was pretty easy too. We had a list of pictures we needed to take at our local mall, teams, team leaders, and a time limit. So funny and a good memory.

53. Friendship bracelets tutorial
This was cute to work on and I was so proud of myself for actually being able to do this! Basically we found the EASIEST friendship bracelet tutorial ever and talked while we "knitted" them together.

To all women in YW Leader callings, thank you for all of your work in planning youth activities.
I hope the resources on this blog help make it a little easier, and don't hesitate to share your good mutual activity ideas!

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