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My Personal Progress Binder

Does anyone else love binders? I love how they're very forgiving -- remove, add, and reorganize your pages at any time. They're pretty inexpensive, and can be a great organizational tool. So are you ready to add a Personal Progress binder to your library?

Look below to get each section of the binder. Obviously, most of this isn't new content, I've just compiled all of the worksheets to make them easier for YOU!!

How To Assemble Your Personal Progress Binder

The things you will need will be...

Print out the first three pages and the dividers/tabs. Fill out the All About Me Page and Tracker, and put a picture of yourself where prompted to do so. Yep. That's me down there. ;) Face reveal! ;)

Next you'll want to cut out the dividers and get all of the value pages. Hey, don't the tabs look nice when arranged in RAINBOW order? Ugh. Come on. 

Hole-punch each divider.

Tape the tabs onto the dividers.

There you go! A beautiful PP binder. Now if you knew how to use it...

Print out all of the PP worksheets you still have to complete. To finish the program, I need to start Integrity 1 and my Integrity Project, finish my Divine Nature Project, and hey, what do you know? I finished my Divine Nature elective!

Since I completed it,  I will put it under the "done" tab, and pat myself on the back.

Since I've started the Divine Nature project and am still working on it, I'm going to file it under "doing."

And since I haven't started my Integrity project or Integrity 1, they go under the Integrity divider, to be done later.

Got it? Worksheets you haven't started are organized by their value, worksheets you're working on right now go in "doing" and once you finish them they go under "done."

Hopefully the assembly takes you less time than it did for me -- however, I was a little preoccupied with photography!



That's a lot of paper. What if I can't afford to print it?

If you want to try to do it digitally, try using Kami! I've explained the process here. Also consider printing two-sided and in black and white.

Do I have to buy it?

Of course, as always these resources are free! Hope you enjoy, and look forward to Leader Personal Progress coming out soon.

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon

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