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patriotic usa lds quotes!

hey hey y'all! I've rounded up a few quotes about the us of a especially for the fourth of july coming soon, but these are great for memorial day and other patriotic holidays as well.

what I like about these quotes is that they are applicable to anyone in any nation of the world. we are a global church from so many amazing countries. I'm excited to share these quotes as I celebrate mine!

Love it! The natural man may feel like we're restricted in the church...but our agency doesn't go away after baptism. We are always free to choose the easier wrong, but it won't lead to the joy of freedom.

I like how President Monson says freedom is a heavenly virtue. Galatians 5:1 says that "Christ hath made us free," so it makes sense that it is a characteristic of the Divine.

I worried I had misattributed this, until I realized Elder Hales had put his own spin on these classic words from 2 Corinthians 6:12. So many gems from the writings of Paul! And general conference.

And this is the very best quote of all! There are good people in every nation of the world, and I love how the last bit of the quote says "striving to do what is right." We're humans. Not quite perfect yet. But too many of us are trying! And that deserves credit.

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