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pioneer day quotes!

July 24th is coming UP! Here are four quotes to inspire modern latter-day saints today of all heritages/histories.

On Church Newsroom statistics pages, you can learn about modern pioneers all over the world. The stories there testify of this quote's principle!

Some of the pioneers' wagons were pulled with oxen. Others used strength and determination to pull their own handcarts. Both worked hard to pull a load, and while the oxen had literal yokes, the other Saints were literally pulling burdens across the plains. 

The purpose of the yokes was to allow the oxen to pull two or more at a time, not to burden them. Them pulling together actually allowed them to pull even more weight. The same principle is true for us today. The Savior's yoke is easy and His burden is light (Matthew 11:30). With Him, we can find rest.

Maybe more so. These other quotes tell us how to be a pioneer, this one explains why we should each strive to be a pioneer.

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This can totally apply to our own pioneer sized trials in life. Will we settle where we are, or step into the unknown with faith? It's all part of the challenge to become, right?

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