children + youth activity ideas

👉With the help of an amazing activity idea list, frameworks for planning each month, and the blogs with the best ideas, have amazing children & youth activities. 🎉


🤷🏻‍♀️ Don’t know what to do on your activity nights? 😎 I’ve got 52+ ideas for your group, sorted by the 4 areas of growth in the Children + Youth program.


😌Planning your activities doesn’t get much less no-fuss, low-maintenance and collaborative than this! After this coronavirus crisis is over and activities go back to normal, I want to share my ward’s activity planning framework.👥


These bloggers love holding amazing activities 🥳& then sharing how to pull them off, for us. 🤩

Deb @ Value-able Ideas has SO many great and creative ideas for activities!

The Youth Group Collective are Christians with ideas for youth ministry--great for combined activities.

The Idea Door is all about sharing good ideas. They have a ton for fun activities!

The Jolly Roger Young Women's Blog has so many cute ideas.

Kara from Life with Fingerprints is a creative genius. She's served with youth + planned some great events + her party planning ideas are also useful for themed activities. 

Little Miss Suzy Q is such an activity rockstar with supercute activity posts.

AND as always, Pinterest is your best friend. I pin all the best activity ideas on my Activity board. Want them + all my Latter-Day Saint resources at your fingertips? Follow me on Pinterest! 📌

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