June 1–7 -- Alma 5–7 -- “Have Ye Experienced This Mighty Change in Your Hearts?”

alma 5 is definitely iconic hahaha, but the statement that stood out to me the most was "have ye received his image in your countenance?" Are you just so happy and loving and good that people can see that smile and tell that there's something different about you? Or that the Israeli government has to be like "What are we going to do about the light in their eye??" 

lol. which is why I've lettered this verse. Enjoy!

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happy happy father's day!

Happy Father’s Day!! I know it’s not for like a month but I hate being caught by surprise by holidays, so I went ahead and put together the quotes for it.


And here they are! I just got the cutest hand lettered font so I’m excited to test it out & see how it goes.

Elder Christofferson gave a great talk on fatherhood, so it’s no surprise that this quote is coming from there! Purpose of fatherhood right there 😂👆


I think this second quote from him is the most Insta worthy 😂 and I’ll probably be sharing it there when the holiday approaches.

I love this quote! We are all royals and magnifying our earthly roles increases our resemblance to God.


When your brain is fried and you can’t think of any more colors for the palette, there’s always black, right? 😂 It is so great that, despite the earthly fathers we’ve been given, we all have a Heavenly Father who wants a relationship with us. When our earthly fathers emulate Him (like my amazing father does, just to clarify😂😂) it is such a blessing. 

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May 18–24 | Mosiah 25–28 | “They Were Called the People of God”

alright y'all! it is alma the younger time! as I reviewed the verses surrounding his repentance and conversion this one stood out to me. I think all the time (just like the "mote in the eye" story from last week) we might do some finger pointing whenever stories of change like this get told.

like "ya, alma the younger was an apostate. too bad for him. he really needed to repent."

or reading this verse, all like, "yep. my sister/in law/boss/friend/cousin/parents....etc etc need to read this" which destroys the exact meaning of the very verse. We ALL are imperfect. We ALL owe a debt to justice, even if we rationalize with our varying sizes. Therefore, we ALL need to come unto Christ daily and "retain a remission of our sins." Myself so, so included if I didn't make that clear!

I'm so excited to further study these topics around forgiveness and repentance this week. Yay!

Ok and the printables for Mosiah are finally finished! You can get all the printables for the verses we studied right here.

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a cute home church life hack!

I know we have a lot of Utah readers on the blog!! the painting in the background is of mapleton tehehe ;)

happy Sunday everyone!! here is just a little home church hack that we just started using.

you know that special ... thing ... in the chapels, with the hymn numbers on there... I don’t even know what it’s called and I certainly didn’t sit there during church thinking of my profound gratitude for it, but I only realized how much I missed it until we were doing church at home, and it wasn’t even there.

Before every song, there would be an awkward pause, to “what are we singing again?” None of us could really keep it straight, including me, the pianist 🤣🤣 until... this got set up. You can just set up a Letterboard like so it and works perfectly.

I truly think the idea for this was revelation 💡 Bc I never would have thought of this myself! But as I was prompted to set it up before church today the whole family was like 🤩 and our singing flowed much more smoothly.

and that’s it! Short and sweet. Good luck to all y’all with your own home church sessions! 💁🏻‍♀️

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how to plan a virtual girls camp!!

girls camp is cancelled!! aaaaaah I am literally so bummed...when putting it minorly, like seriously, this was going to be the year of camp. BUT with the resources that I have put together, this still can be an amazing and inspiring session of camp that will uplift your young women and help them get working on their goals!

we can't have regular camp... but virtual camp is definitely...cushier, right? Lol. It's so different that it can be tough to even know where to begin planning! That is exactly why I created the Virtual Girls Camp Starter Kit! It is designed to take all the overwhelm and confusion out of planning *probably the first in history* virtual girls camp. We are all in uncharted territory and this starter kit is the cutest + most curated that you can find to help you direct your planning, solving for all of the steps, which I write more about below.

While in part it's true that we have more time than we did before, often, the combinations of working from home, homeschooling others, and keeping the constantly occupied house afloat can actually create even less time to plan what we're wanting. Virtual camp can be edifying...but not for you if it is giving you stress!!! This is why I have created this starter kit, to set you in the right decision and get rid of the pressure to come up with it all.

here are some of the obstacles that arise when planning a virtual girls camp -- and the ways that they can be OVERCOME!

ta daaaaa! Insert the Girls Camp Box!!! As our ward has been doing activities we will sometimes bring by a special package to each yw with everything she needs for that activity. So I reasoned...why not make one of these for girls camp?

But it can't just be mediocre. It can't be expensive. It can't be ugly. It has to be appealing to the young women. I worked and designed for weeks and I can say that this girls camp box fills all those needs.

This whole packet (like ofc who else would be doing stuff for me, but if you're new to the site you may not know that I am just a young woman ✌ saving for my mission with my graphic design shop and trying to help young women leaders as I share printables in the blogosphere) is designed by a young woman, for young women!!

these are things that real young women would want to get, activities that real young women would want to do, devotionals that real young women won't fall asleep in! and in this box are things that would make camp fun for them.

This is how it turned out once I assembled it and took photos!! Doing this is even easier for you, because all you have to do is print and cut the tags, each of which are related to Go & Do and Children and Youth Goal setting, which I'll explain more later, use my buying guide to find the very best deals (I was able to find a way for y'all to get these items for $7 a young woman!!) and cover the boxes with the adorable covers I have made.

here's another closeup to the awesomeness of this box.

here are the treat tags of the items that end up going inside the box. Each is related to a Goal Setting focus and some go with a treat, some go with an activity. When you purchase the activity, you'll see how!

the theme of this whole packet ~ oh look it's super relevant 🤭😁

how can we let our yw know this happening? and get them excited about it? and remind the ones who haven't come?

Introduce textables! Talking to your young women has never been easier -- or cuter, with these 6 textable square images. All you do is screenshot and send. These 6 images all have different scenarios to be used in but they are all soooo cute, virtual girls camp themed, and yours when you purchase!!

take it from a young woman! we are on our phones (even if it is more than y'all would like) and sometimes, especially now, the is the best way to communicate with us is to meet us right there.

here are ALL six of the textables for you to preview and see how you might use them in conversations for camp!!

*wish you were here* for young women who haven't been participating

*no bugs* for an inside joke or pep talk with young women who aren't fans of the outdoors part of girls camp

*it may be different but there's no need to fear* for reassurance that yah, life is crazy, but we can still have fun at virtual camp!

*welcome* for the first day of camp, and also, like for the aesthetics. this is def one of my favorites out of the group. so many cute illustrations on there!

*virtual girls camp* a little visual to get your young women excited to read the info list abt camp!!

*we would love you to join us* lol this can be used as a *friendly reminder* about camp or just in advance when information is being shared

what are we going to do???

that question's a lil vague, but if you're looking for activities that go with go and do & the children and youth goals, I got you covered. Remember those mysterious camp boxes that we dropped by? They have treats and other things to get the young women super stoked for camp. 

But they also have everything they need for the activities!!

Ok *now* this is hypothetically if y'all purchase the packet *which is a digital download* and the accompanying items. Don't want to mislead anyone here! But you don't have to rack your brain coming up with activities because they, planned to match the goal setting focuses and with cute handouts to match, are in the packet. 

Each day has a a theme (social, physical, spiritual, intellectual) and activity handout and a challenge. Yas!

how do we teach things in virtual camp? and not make it boring?

Glad y'all asked! As I am the expert on what yw think is boring I think I'm pretty well equipped to share some strategies and ideas on making camp devotionals extra engaging and fun! Since young women can check out and go on other apps, during Zoom devotionals, some may. 

But not if I have anything to say design about it!

All of these resources are to make devotionals the best experience for everyone involved! Easy planning for you, an interactive experience for them, and devotionals centered on how to *go and do* and do the *spiritual* *social* *physical* *intellectual* stuff.

first of all, these devotional starters are where it's at!! All of these make the goal setting areas relevant for young women and can help the young women lead and plan! This makes it easy for your YCLs to take charge, giving them all the places, scriptures, quotes, questions, and more to make their devotional awesome! It also has multimedia resources like links to the Church's best relevant videos to make the concepts come to life.

and to make this extra fun...we have doodle notes!!! doesn't the picture below even make you excited? these are part coloring sheet, part note sheet, 100% fun, and something for the young women to do during the devotionals that keeps them listening and engaged. there is trendy bujo style paper and prompting questions on the notes sheets (like "what do I want to go and do???"") and while you can either print these in color or use the black and white coloring page versions. You can even have everyone text in their doodle notes at the end for some artsy gospel fun! 😂😂🤪

how do I do (xyz) virtually?

I've put together some creative ideas. And if your camp tradition isn't included in the "Go Virtual! Guide" (included with your purchase) then you can also message me and I will add it to the guide and help you come up with ideas for it!! this CAN be super creative and fun!

why should I purchase this packet for girls camp?

I tried to map all of the value onto one lil pic...and all the different resources really didn't fit!! That is because there are SO many helpful printables and downloads in this packet, all beautifully designed. 😂 this really will make planning virtual camp stress free!!

and if your theme isn't "go and do?" or you need to change the packet in some way? I am here to help you make all your camp design wishes come true!! If you need something small changed, I'm happy to step in and help you for free. If you have a larger hope for customization, for a small fee, I can help make this packet totally personalized to your ward/stakes/ needs!!

wow! that was a lot of info!! but I am so excited to be able to share this and help leaders be less stressed as they plan virtual camp. thank you for all that y'all do!

may 11–17 -- mosiah 18–24 -- we have entered into a covenant with Him

hey hey y'all! this is another week of come follow me, wahoo I'm so excited. And all of these verses 🤩🤩🤩

This scripture has probably been one of the easiest to memorize. You know - reciting it with your churchies every week for four straight years will do the trick! I'm so glad it is still part of our *updated* young womens' theme and that I was able to letter it for y'all this week!

As I lettered what I remembered of the theme, I realized that the pronouns were slightly modified from the actual scripture verse. For this reason, I made two quotes for this week.

 one with the exact scripture wording....

 one with a more personalized approach like is in the new YW theme...

Ok and the printables for Mosiah are finally finished! You can get all the printables for the verses we studied right here.

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may ministering printable

alright y'all! just showing up with a quick ministering idea for the month of *may.*

I try to provide cute little printouts that can be used for ministering monthly, and this month's holiday was Mother's Day, but I was like... the idea of the leaders bringing the young women something on mothers day just seems really wrong... so we're mixing it up and doing a monthly theme this time around.

this printable is all like "come what MAY and love it," and so it is officially perfect for this month. I hope that y'all enjoy using it, it would go great with some flowers and it can be found right here.

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4 lds mother's day quotes for the women in your life

y'all! it's going to be mother's day in ~like~ not that much time and aaaaah oh my goodness...this definitely isn't catching me off guard or anything. No. I've just been so busy spending every minute of the day planning mother's day festivities for my own mother that I haven't had time to eat, breathe, or do anything else. Truth...

anyways, I just rounded up four lds mother's day quotes that you can send to those applicable (along with your gifts ofc!!) and I hope y'all enjoy.

thank you to all you angels  extreme athletes superheroes saints  oh, I recall, the word is "mothers" everywhere. these quotes are for you!

for the mother who doesn't see herself as one

question: am I a mother?


{if you're a woman, then yass!}for anyone with any imposter syndrome or any insecurity or anything, myth busted. to all women, the quotes about motherhood (and most of all, the church and RS) do not exclude you.

for the mother who thinks she isn't enough

question: am I doing a good enough job?


motherhood is tough...and I don't know that from experience. I just have babysat before and it is so much more chill to be able to hand back the kid at a certain point. but...y'all know who DOES really know about the...dirty diapers, messy kitchens, stacks of dishes...and EVERYTHING? 💖Jesus💖and one of His apostles wants to bring this reminder to you.

for the mother who is in a trial

question: how can I get through my struggles?


you are a righteous mother in the kingdom of God and you have *every* right to draw upon His healing, strengthening and priesthood power. and guess what? as a mother, one not ordained to the priesthood, yes, you actually have increased power in your prayers. so start talking to Him today!

for the mother who wonders if she's important

question: is motherhood really an important calling in life?


lol. hmmmmmmm. I think that everyone in the church sits thinking about this all of the time because the importance of motherhood is just never stressed. 😂😂 no I'm kidding, I will just let this quote speak for itself as a reminder of the magnitude and scope of mothers' amazing roles.

and that's it y'all! I've added these as printables and I hope you enjoy pampering your mothers this Sunday. I'll be highlighting these on Insta (if you could follow my acct I would love that!) thru the week.

apr '20 | historical general conference

Hey y'all!! So insane that the historical general conference has come, and gone, and ugh, it was so amazing. I even made an infographic about everything that went down! This was unique for sure.

conference summary

A lot went down! I made an infographic to cover it all. You can find content and recaps of this conference PLUS a PDF with short summaries of all the talks -- gold!! -- at the Church News site.

talk study

I've created two worksheets to help your general conference study. 

The first is designed for you to study ALL of the General Conference talks. I wish there were 24 talks!! Or we had more weeks in between conferences. 

Because there are more talks than weeks, it means that doubling up has to occur. ☹️ However, with coronavirus cancelling life, we have extra time to study, right? 😉

If you’re too busy to study more than one conference talk a week, simply choose your favorites and create your own personalized plan! This worksheet makes it so easy to do within minutes.  

Get the worksheets for free here!!

If you need a medium by which to study the talks, Work + Wonder Co. has a free PDF (with wide margins 🥰🤩) of all the talks! Along with beautiful study journals in their shop!! Check that out here.

inspiring quotes

I'll be posting the best quotes on Insta as they come!

You can grab all of these quotes as printables here. If you have a second, can you follow me on Pinterest, where I share more inspirational church quotes like these? Just doing my best to grow my following over there. 😉

yass and that's it for april 2020! Loved this conference so much, truly was historic.