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May 18–24 | Mosiah 25–28 | “They Were Called the People of God”

alright y'all! it is alma the younger time! as I reviewed the verses surrounding his repentance and conversion this one stood out to me. I think all the time (just like the "mote in the eye" story from last week) we might do some finger pointing whenever stories of change like this get told.

like "ya, alma the younger was an apostate. too bad for him. he really needed to repent."

or reading this verse, all like, "yep. my sister/in law/boss/friend/cousin/parents....etc etc need to read this" which destroys the exact meaning of the very verse. We ALL are imperfect. We ALL owe a debt to justice, even if we rationalize with our varying sizes. Therefore, we ALL need to come unto Christ daily and "retain a remission of our sins." Myself so, so included if I didn't make that clear!

I'm so excited to further study these topics around forgiveness and repentance this week. Yay!

Ok and the printables for Mosiah are finally finished! You can get all the printables for the verses we studied right here.

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