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apr '20 | historical general conference

Hey y'all!! So insane that the historical general conference has come, and gone, and ugh, it was so amazing. I even made an infographic about everything that went down! This was unique for sure.

conference summary

A lot went down! I made an infographic to cover it all. You can find content and recaps of this conference PLUS a PDF with short summaries of all the talks -- gold!! -- at the Church News site.

talk study

I've created two worksheets to help your general conference study. 

The first is designed for you to study ALL of the General Conference talks. I wish there were 24 talks!! Or we had more weeks in between conferences. 

Because there are more talks than weeks, it means that doubling up has to occur. ☹️ However, with coronavirus cancelling life, we have extra time to study, right? 😉

If you’re too busy to study more than one conference talk a week, simply choose your favorites and create your own personalized plan! This worksheet makes it so easy to do within minutes.  

Get the worksheets for free here!!

If you need a medium by which to study the talks, Work + Wonder Co. has a free PDF (with wide margins 🥰🤩) of all the talks! Along with beautiful study journals in their shop!! Check that out here.

inspiring quotes

I'll be posting the best quotes on Insta as they come!

You can grab all of these quotes as printables here. If you have a second, can you follow me on Pinterest, where I share more inspirational church quotes like these? Just doing my best to grow my following over there. 😉

yass and that's it for april 2020! Loved this conference so much, truly was historic. 

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