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may 4-10 -- mosiah 11-17 -- a light that can never be darkened

oh my GOODNESS these are some of my favorite Book of Mormon chapters out there!! And now the whole entire church is going to be taking them apart and analyzing them and applying that and aaaaah it just makes me so happy!!

This right here is totally a power verse and I have always wanted to letter it. Finally, it's here.

We get really concerned and stressed about a debt to big to pay, our nothingness and the fact that as humans, we fail. Until we get this interjection - representing not only the Resurrection from Christ overcoming death but also just the reality of the Atonement and the renewal, peace, and hope that it brings. 

Ok and the printables for Mosiah are finally finished! You can get all the printables for the verses we studied right here.

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