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3 ways to minister virtually

alright y'all! we are here at post 2/3 in the ministering virtually series!! ❤❤

And let's jump right into it - three unique ways that you can minister in this unprecedented time. These are targeted towards ministering to your young women, but they can be adapted to your other ministering needs. Enjoy!

1. drive by

so drive-by bdays have officially become a cultural thing but who says that you have to wait until the anniversary of someone's birth to see your favorite peeps?!?

while following social distance guidlines ofc.

but a *ministering* drive-by is a super fun way to let your people know that you care. 

our ward did this and it was so successful! all the yw leaders coordinated with the yws' parents, giving any a chance to opt out if they were uncomfortable with it, and then did a surprise drive by.

it was so fun when they came by my house!

 they told me that it had been really fun seeing everyone and that some young women had started crying when they saw them (of joy, apparently. I'm just sitting here cackling thing about if it was the reverse. Hahahahaha!!) five stars, would recommend.

2. doorbell ditch

We could all use some treats right now... or something exciting ... and mysterious...this idea is a sweet blend of the three! 

update: ok this anecdote I heard just makes me want to change the directions a bit!! a family member told about someone who did a drop off of treats to everyone in the ward and then thought they had *the disease* and had spread it to everyone. don't do that! be careful!

grab a **packaged** treat and put it in a bag *with gloves* for triple protection from virus germs... or however all dat science works. 

in my ward a leader got a bunch of mini emoji piñatas for $10*slightly pricey but these are on sale, and what else are y'all gonna use your budgets on?* and is going to deliver them soon to the yw. it would be so cute with an emoji text all like "😉check outside your door!"

there are so many fun and cute ways that you can be creative with this!!

3. darling directive

Ok so this one is the easiest to do for sure - it take no planning and you don't even have to leave your house to do it!

Looking for the perfect way to let your people know you're thinking of them? A simple text can make all the difference. To make it less like a "hey hey wassup" and more like the closest thing to a ~card~ you can use these 4 textable images that I made for y'all. 

Share them with a (two deep ofc) text, group chat, Remind, GroupMe, Instagram, Cluster...however you and your young women (or ministering people) stay in touch!

There's a variety so you can choose the style that suits you and then send them off, starting conversations! Get them to screenshot and send right over here.

and that's it! stay healthy and safe and chill and I hope that you have success with these ideas for ministering! I'll be highlighting these quarantine ideas and more on Insta and Pinterest. see you there!

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