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a cute home church life hack!

I know we have a lot of Utah readers on the blog!! the painting in the background is of mapleton tehehe ;)

happy Sunday everyone!! here is just a little home church hack that we just started using.

you know that special ... thing ... in the chapels, with the hymn numbers on there... I don’t even know what it’s called and I certainly didn’t sit there during church thinking of my profound gratitude for it, but I only realized how much I missed it until we were doing church at home, and it wasn’t even there.

Before every song, there would be an awkward pause, to “what are we singing again?” None of us could really keep it straight, including me, the pianist 🤣🤣 until... this got set up. You can just set up a Letterboard like so it and works perfectly.

I truly think the idea for this was revelation 💡 Bc I never would have thought of this myself! But as I was prompted to set it up before church today the whole family was like 🤩 and our singing flowed much more smoothly.

and that’s it! Short and sweet. Good luck to all y’all with your own home church sessions! 💁🏻‍♀️

you can find more lds tips + freebies like this on my Pinterest and Insta accounts!

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