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2020 mutual theme resources

The 2020 youth theme for the church is "Go & Do!" I love this theme and have created a LOT of designs to go with it...maybe I did go a little overboard! But now you have so many choices of items to help you incorporate, teach, display, and apply the theme in your group.


Last year there was 1...this year, how does 10 sound? To be honest, I am never making this many again!! It was crazy overwhelming to do so many, but I did, and this year you have so many options to choose from for a free little 8.5 x 11 mini poster, binder cover, or art print.

I've ranked them by their popularity. You'll want to keep scrolling to see them all!

This one has been so popular and wins the race by a long shot! I have never had a printable go as viral as this one has! I really love its classy color palette and its simple nature. We'll see if I do more to develop this one! For now, you can print a free copy (of which there are 2 versions).

This isn't my usual style, but it did turn out looking simply cute! It's great to use for youth groups because it has a gender-neutral color palette. I made a bulletin board kit and enhanced posters off of this one. You can check it out this original poster.

I am loving the extensive amount of cuteness!! This one is also great for young men and young women and can remind us of how the Spirit guides us to go and do. Go see this poster!

This has a pretty bright color palette (it kinda hurts my eyes) but it was cute and fun to make!! The design is modeled off of a popular t-shirt pattern I kept on seeing everywhere; now it's on this printout, which you can get for free.

This theme is soooooo whimsical and adorable and I love it a lot! You can get this for... gasp...free.


Rosie the Riveter was THE first thing that popped in my mind as I brainstormed ideas to go with the new theme. Check out that post from a lil while back!

I created these most recently, so it makes sense that it hasn't had as much time to be popular as the ones that came out in...you know...August. I'm really trying to market and share these more because they're free! They're pretty great! They're in French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Check out the last 3 posters.


Need a snazzy bulletin board? I have 2 options: a Rosie the Riveter and Minimalist theme.

Check out the Minimalist-themed kit here.

This packet is cute with bright colors! You can see it on my Etsy shop here.


This is finally here! Those 2 pictures convey the tip of the iceberg of all the good stuff in the 46 page teach the theme packet. You can check out a detailed blog post all about this and you can head straight to the product by going here.

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