children and youth goal setting motivational quotes

well, we're about a week into january at this point! 

are things getting hard yet? needing any inspiration to push forward and keep going? 

It's a fast sunday, and as I aim to distract myself from food (nooo I said it) I rounded up some lds goal quotes and lettered them. yay.

And now, here they are, 2 cute goal setting motivational quotes to inspire as you seek to set goals in the Children and Youth program. I've even formatted them so you can give them out as handouts to your Young Women or Activity Day girls. 

(Or dudes. These are gender neutral color schemes and ideas so they can use these too!)

I like this quote because even if you fail at a really hard goal, you'll likely have still grown a lot. Thx, President Kimball!

And then this one -- all about being doers of the word and making it a part of our lives.

Keep doing, keep aiming, keep trying, keep shooting for the stars! Y'all got this.

Get these as printables, 2 to a page, here. 

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