the 2020 youth theme: for minimalists!

Okay, okay, is it just me or are we ROLLING in 2020 prints and designs? Lol, I had put my foot down and I was like, "I am only doing 5 designs!" and then my editor shared a design she had made with me and I was like, "ok. We can try this!"

After a couple minute of reworking the design, I thought, "why not share it with you guys?" 

I know that there are plenty of peeps out there whose "souls delighteth in plainness" and I am, sorry, not one of them. For me, it's all about bigger, and better, and being extra, and I know that isn't always good sometimes. 

So for my quieter, minimalistic friends (hopefully I didn't phrase that offensively? Come on, nonexistent copywriting skills...) here is one of the last 2020 theme designs.

This is why you accept other people's ideas and opinions! Love how this ended up turning out.

Also, just a warning, we are doing a little renovation on our Pinterest right now, so if you check it out and it looks like a hot mess, just hang tight and things should be back to normal quickly!!

To get the printable, click here, and hop on over to follow my 2020 Go and Do Pinterest board if you have a second. Happy planning!

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