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2020 mutual theme -- in other languages

I love my ward YW group, and our diversity, one aspect being the multitude of languages we speak. Many of us speak English, and we have several Spanish and Portuguese speakers as well. 

It's hard to find posters and things online in Spanish -- and if it's hard to find those, it's nearly impossible to find lds printables in Portuguese, so to fill in the gaps, we'll make our own sometimes!

It's just the best feeling, though, whenever we'll be searching online and we see that someone has already made an amazing poster in the language that we are searching for. So to pay it forward, I am so excited to share these free posters with y'all.

I made 3 minimalist style "Go and Do" posters for anyone living in Spanish/Portuguese/French-speaking countries, or in the same situation as we are in with several spoken languages in their ward.

I wanted there to be a handout of the theme for our Spanish and Portuguese speakers in their native language so they can understand and internalize the theme.

If I lived in Switzerland again, and someone gave me a handout saying "J'irai et je ferai" I may be able to understand what it was saying, but I would have to translate it and it wouldn't be as personal and meaningful as a poster of my own in English.

And, honestly, it is just so worth it to do the translating! We all smile in the same language, and it almost brings me to tears thinking of the extreme surprise, joy, and gratitude that shows up on the amazing young womens' faces whenever we have a translation for them. And the amazing people that we are so lucky to live in the same ward with? That is really the reason behind all of the translating we end up doing. Our encounters in my broken Spanish and their English always end up with laughter and smiles, and although maybe half of the time we don't understand the words that each other are saying, the sisterly & Christlike love is there.

I made Spanish and Portuguese versions because we want to have them for our ward, and I added in French since I've lived in a French-speaking country, and so I'm a lil partial to the language and my memories there. If I don't have it in your language, please don't be offended or think it means I am saying that yours is insignificant.

Obviously, 3 languages are not supposed to represent every one in the world, and I just chose some I was a little familiar with. Let me know and I can add a free poster in your language if needed.

Get the 8 x 10 "Go and Do" poster in Spanish here!

Get the 8 x 10 "Go and Do" poster in Portuguese here!

Get the 8 x 10 "Go and Do" poster in French here!

Happy planning!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your work!! Thank you.
    One question, would you be making a youth theme kit/yw kit in Spanish as well? I would definitely get it. I look forward to more of your work :)

    1. Just a heads up that my 2020 bulletin board kit is now available in Spanish here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/754140580/lema-para-los-jovenes-2020-ire-y-hare-1?ref=shop_home_active_2 Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!