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come, follow me for yw -- why are marriage and family important?

Why are marriage and family important? 

Oh my goodness, this is such an in-depth question!! As I read over the lesson outline and pondered which quote to letter, I found so many different spins you could take on this topic. I also saw a lot of negative statements, and while I'm not blind to problems that exist, I wanted to find a positive message to letter in a quote.

I finally settled with this quote from Carole M. Stephens. I love it because it reminds us that we are all one big family. There is so much diversity in this world, and everyone in it is loved and cherished by God. As we minister, we invite everyone to the fold as well.

 I'll feature this on Instagram a little sooner to the lesson as a reminder, just wanted it to be up and available!

Oh yeah lowkey forgot to mention that! The blog is on Insta now. 

Be sure to check out the acct and give it a follow. 😁 We're like just just starting out on that platform, so don't judge the few posts that are up there, but I've been planning out lots of cute lil things to post and there's going to be some good stuff up there! There may be a few shop items sprinkled in, but there's mostly going to be lots of inspirational quotes and scriptures. 

I converted it into a 8.5 x 11 printable, which you can get for free here. 

Best of luck as you teach your lesson!!

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