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👉Do you get overwhelmed by your responsibilities in your calling? 👉Do you wish you could have more time for the "fun stuff" that...

put on your big girl shoes and do it!!

Hey, y'all... whoa, is this yet another 2020 theme print?

This is just another 2020 theme poster I've made and don't worry, I'll keep cranking 'em out for a lil while longer. My main focus is on providing an amazing resource library for you, and the best stores and libraries have more than one of things. Like... how weird would it be if your local library advertised, "Come over because we have a Dystopian book. And a Fantasy book. And, oh, we also have one Mystery book as well." Just no. So, I'm super focused on making a big free resource library as well as expanding my shop. 😉

This one turned out so cute. I spent a lot of time figuring out a cute object that related to the idea of "go and do" and testing out different posing of the feet, and I finally decided on the lovely image you see above. 

You can get the printable here, and you can use it as a mini-poster, binder cover, handout, or art print and be sure to follow my Pinterest account and stay tuned for more resources coming soon.


  1. The link for the shoes is showing the traffic light

    1. Aaaaaah! That's kind of a problem, right? 😂 Just fixed it. Thank you SO much for helping me out, Dawnya!