how do you bulletin board?

Y'all!! The very first 2020 bulletin board packet is officially up and listed. I had so much fun creating this out of a simple poster - which if you like it, it is free, and you can grab it over here.

So if you can get that free poster, what else would you even need for a bulletin board? Omigosh so glad you asked ... oh wait, you didn't... mwahahaha advertising... but, either way, you are going to find out how awesome this packet is.

This, above, is the cliff notes of everything you'll find in here. Or, if you're from my generation...the shmoop! Okay, before I say anything else geeky, just, simply, the above picture is my attempt to put everything in there on one cute lil page. 

I did some research before I made this to see, what even goes in a bulletin board packet? I managed ours for a year, and it was pretty dang good, but mine was more of a craft-type bulletin board than a theme related one. I threw up a cute office calendar, Personal Progress quotes, and boom. Not my best work, but pretty good for the little kid I was at the time. As I was looking at other bulletin board packages, I realized that most of them only had like 2 or 3 things in them. A poster, banner, and maybe 2 or 3 things of clipart or whatever (if they were feeling generous.) 

So I promise y'all, there is a ton of value in this huge package, and a ton of content, even a bunch of stuff I just wasn't able to fit up there.

But seriously? How do you bulletin board?*

I'll show you each of the steps that come after the great choice of purchasing the packet, and then there's a demo bulletin board at the end.

1.Get yourself a poster.

This poster is pretty great imho. I even know the girl who designed it 🤣 ok I'm sorry I don't know why I have so much energy today...

What kind of bulletin board are you doing? Is it tiny or huge? Do you have little space to fill or is it a huge, vast wasteland that needs to be decorated NOW?

Everyone has different needs for poster size & preferences, so there are 5 sizes of the poster here.

The graphic above pretty simply explains all of the offerings we have in this product. 4 x 6 is just for a handout, maybe like "hey wassup yw this is a preview of the bulletin board I'm making" (I don't know that one wasn't my idea hahaha). 

The 8 x 10 one is great to fit in a frame maybe in the YW room or something, or as a binder cover, although I will be creating a binder inserts packet later in the year. 

For a small poster, if you don't have much space, there's an 11 x 14 one, and then for some nice mega posters you can use 16 x 20 or 20 x 24 sizes.

Honestly, as a reference, I just used the Costco photo sizes😂. It makes it easy to get your poster printed easily & cheaply without you having to do any editing of proportions to get that perfect size. I didn't want to waste 50 hours doing every poster size known to man, but if you purchase this packet and need a special size, of course I can create it and send it out to you if needed! 

2. Decide its purpose.

Obviously you want to make this bulletin board for a reason, right? Maybe it's just a pretty thing to pass in the hallway and that's fine! Maybe it's a control center in your Young Women's room that you use to convey information about what's going on. Maybe it's your way of conveying the new theme and teaching it to the young women.

No matter what the exact purpose of the bulletin board is, I think these posters would add a nice touch. I searched conference talks for ideas about HOW we go and do, why, and just any good messages that related to the topic. There were about 20 quotes at first, until we narrowed them down to these awesome top five. All of them are included in the packet, and you'll want them to serve as inspirational "go and do" messages and as decor!

What about if this is going to be a bulletin board chock-full of information for everyone? Gurl, I got your back. I created 4 adorable hand-lettered headers to use to talk about what is coming up in the group.

Here they are up close. Ignore the weird white gradient/glow around them and look at the cuteness! ugh. "Birthdays" is my absolute favorite for sure. These are a few of the headers I had on my original bulletin board and it was soooo helpful to have this information just there, in the YW room, available to quickly be glanced at. Some of the things on the old bulletin board wouldn't make sense to include in 2020 (stuff about the classes, Personal Progress, old stuff, etc) but this is still great. 

Under conducting, you can put the class of YW who is in charge of opening exercises for the month (which is just theme and prayer, but fun nonetheless, right?) Under "activities" you can write all of the fun things coming up and get everyone excited. Under "birthdays" you could write names, dates, or included photos of them. Or all of them above y'all!! Finally, for spotlight, feature an awesome Young Woman. 

These do need to be changed monthly, so if you're hoping to have a low maintenance board or do a "one and done" setup, you should still purchase the packet, but maybe hold off on using these elements.

3. Make it cute

If it isn't going to be visually eye-catching and interesting and CUTE, what's the point?!? Maybe the visual side of things is more important to me than most people, but I have provided several things for you to up the cute factor on the bulletin board, make it pretty, and fill up any blank space.

First of all, let's talk the banners. There are TWO, one decorative and one with the actual "I will go & do" letters and they are both very cute!

 I made 4 symbols on the banner, and then I loved how amazingly they turned out so much that I made them as large illustrations that you can use. Then, I realized that each object correlated with the new theme! So I lettered matching phrases with each, included a second slogan, and oh, it is just so much content! 

There is a beautiful temple drawing, with the phrase "I will prepare to receive the ordinances of the holy temple." 

There are the scriptures, with the phrase "I am a beloved daughter of Heavenly Parents." 

There are footsteps, with "I will stand as a witness of God at all times and in all places."

Finally, there is a cute heart with the phrase "As a disciple of Jesus Christ, I will minister to others in His holy name."

Next, there are four photo backings in 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 sizes. They are slightly bigger than 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 inches so you can put them to the side of the photo if you want, or behind the photo if you want to do that.

Y'all! That's it! It's crazy, but somehow I managed to consolidate the 32 pages of content into this blog post. 

If you would like to purchase this packet, go here. To support what we do for free, favorite the shop or follow us on Pinterest.

Good luck with incorporating the new theme!

*I am a teenager, but I am not dumb, and of course, "bulletin board" is not a verb. But we're using it as one today. It's like "adulting." 😂

thanksgiving personal progress

While Halloween is over, (😭) let's not forget that we still have plenty of holidays coming up, including, Thanksgiving!

I've been doing pretty major redesigns for the other holidays, but I've finally caught up to the times when I became good at design. This isn't my best work, but it's a good Thanksgiving Personal Progress worksheet nonetheless and I hope y'all enjoy.

Thanksgiving Personal Progress

When I was looking for Thanksgiving Personal Progress ideas I realized there were none, and so, to the drawing boards I went.

I ended up coming up with a cute and easy Thanksgiving Personal Progress elective experience that would be fun to give to the Young Women. 

This holiday's free printout is a gratitude journal, with fourteen unique and interesting prompts. The elective experience is to gratitude journal for fourteen consecutive days (two weeks) and see how doing so affects their life, etc. 

I designed it so you can print it in 5 x 7, or just click the button that says "fit to page" when printing and it will magically become 8.5 x 11. Print out the papers, secure the top with some festive colored masking tape, and you're good to go! 

You can access the printout file HERE and please remember to link to THIS POST when sharing! ;)

And if you need a Thanksgiving themed *mutual* didn't say it YOUTH activity, CHECK OUT THIS BELOW! Maybe I'm a lil too excited about it but it's GOOD y'all. I'm pretty darn proud of it. It was fun to make. Check it out...

Thanksgiving Activity

This is a very fun product from my Etsy shop and only $2.99! 

The premise of this activity is...

This mystery/scavenger hunt will promote unity and teamwork among the youth and teach them about gratitude. 

In this activity, they'll compare gratitude to baking cookies. As the youth go to each room, they will receive an ingredient for the cookies, learn a little about gratitude, and receive a clue. The clue will have to be placed there ahead of time and will tell them where to go to next. 

This is a fun activity perfect for your Young Women or Activity Day girls, to teach them about gratitude, sneak some spiritual supplement into the activity, and have a fun time around Thanksgiving. If you don't live in the U.S., give the girls a brief explanation of the holiday this scavenger hunt is based on, and let them complete the fun activity. Gratitude can be understood universally! 

There's clues, ciphers, riddles, puzzles, cryptograms, and more. But don't worry! All of the answers are listed at the end of the packet in case you need to give a hint to the girls. 

Here's the storyline of the Thanksgiving mystery:

"It's Thanksgiving at the Porter house, and Peggy Porter feels a little blue. Nothing seems to be going her way. She just turned 16, but no boys have asked her out. She tried out for the cross-country team, but didn't make it. She's failing Geometry, and on top of it all, her dreadful cousin Patty is going to come stay with them for Thanksgiving weekend.

How in the world is Peggy supposed to feel grateful? 

Peggy's mom wants her to bake some cookies for their ministering sisters, but she has hidden the cooking supplies and ingredients, leaving behind only a couple clues.

Can you find the missing items and mix them together? If so, you'll end up with a delicious treat -- and the answer to the question Peggy keeps asking herself: 

What is gratitude and how can I develop it in my life?"

While Peggy is a Young Woman and a little less relatable to the Activity Day Girls, she appears briefly and I still think the Activity Day Girls will be able to crack the case. Enjoy this with the teen girls, tween girls, or both! (And don't be afraid to make it a combined activity either.)

Be sure to stop by the shop, favorite, share, Pin, follow, and visit the our  Pinterest account for lots of good ideas and inspiration.
All purchases help fund my mission. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving! Look for a Black Friday Personal Progress reboot coming up soon. 

lds thanksgiving quote #1 - give & receive

Thank you.
It’s such a common phrase for some people, and so rare for others. It reminds me of in the Bible, with Moses, where all you had to do was look to live — it was so easy. But still, some people’s pride got in the way.
Do we sometimes forget how easy it is to send a thank you not or text? Or even just to say the two (or less) words? I love how easy it is to say thank you! You can toss your thanks around like candy, except for that the candy is free.
Y’all I always get tempted to sprint on into Christmas mode this time of year once Halloween is done, but I really am trying to not get in the Polar Express just yet and stay present in the season.
And it’s hard! I always have to be one jump ahead (by the time you read this I probably will be planning stuff for the New Year) Bc that’s how blogging & Pinterest works, but it is so important to me to enjoy all these holidays, even some of the less “all about me” ones maybe.
So this month I’ll be sharing 4 Thanksgiving quotes! Halloween was TOUGH to turn gospel related, but gratitude is such a big principle of the gospel so I see this being a piece of cake.
This one says “gratitude gives warmth to both the giver and receiver alike” and it is from, ...former?...late...previous Apostle Robert D. Hales. (Do I say former apostle? If I do does it sound bad? Lol)
But anyways, he was great and so are his words.
I like how he says warmth. If you’re genuinely grateful for something, it’s hard not to smile as you're giving thanks. God loves a cheerful giver, and in my opinion, a cheerful thanks-giver as well.

tertulia de la exelencia

¡hola mi amigas!

Primero, perdona mi mal español por favor. 

Me encanta español, y estoy estudiando la idioma en escuela ahora, pero no soy fluido en español o perfecto en eso. Mi idioma primero esta ingles.

Entonces, cuando creé el paquete "Hasta luego, adiós" para Tertulia de la Exelencia y he oído que ellos querían el paquete en español, dije "No puedo hacerlo; es muy dificil para mi cambiar el paquete a español." Incluso fue difícil para mí armar esta publicación de blog basada en mi conocimiento básico de español. No quería armar un paquete de "español roto".

¡Pero, gracias a un cliente muy amable, ahora nosotros tenemeos el paquete en español!

Digo esto porque quiero que todos sepan que no soy yo quien piensa que ella sabe traducir, sino una colaboración con un increíble hablante nativo de español. Y aquí estamos.

Ustedes puede comprar el paquete aqui, y leer mas a aprender mas sobre el paquete para la Tertulia de la Exelencia.

Esta paquete para Tertulia de la Excelencia tiene toda que necesita usted a planifacador. Estoy segura de que este paquete será una experiencia divertida, fácil y memorable de Tertulia de la Excelencia. El paquete tiene 36 paginas total. Hay MUCHO recursos para la noche.

Un cliente dijo: "La calidad es excelente y todo fue tan querido y bien pensado. ¡Claire fue FABULOSO con quien trabajar!" Otro dijo: "¡Me encanta el tema! Ella hizo un gran trabajo con este kit. ¡No puedo esperar a (Tertulia de la Exelencia) ahora!" Se ha convertido rápidamente en un éxito de ventas, y realmente debería ayudarlo a planificar una gran Tertulia de la Exelencia.

Estas invitaciones y agendas editables hace Tertulia de la Exelencia facil. No necesita diseñar, o trabajar duro. Editar estos PDFS es fácil y gratuito. Todo lo que necesitas hacer es ...

1. Descarga una fuente, que es gratis (Quicksand Light: encuentralo aquí
2. Descargue Adobe Reader, que es gratis
3. ¡Complete su información!

Tambien, el paquete tiene mucho decoraciones. Hay una bandera, impresiones decorativas, adornos para los cupcakes, tarjetas para los postres, y mas. 

Finalmente, hay tres juegos de fiesta originales que seguramente te encantarán.

¡Otra vez, lo siento! Mi español no esta el mejor, entonces es muy bueno que el paquete no es mi español. Esta publicación de blog no debe ser una representación del español en el paquete, porque yo no hice la traducción.

Ustedes puede comprar el paquete aqui.

4 halloween quotes!!

well, look at all of these quotes released!

Halloween is actually around the CORNER y'all and I am so excited that I was able to letter all these in anticipation for the holiday.

I originally wanted the theme of the month to be anxiety, but I had trouble finding enough things about it. It's nothing wrong with the church, or the doctrine, but I think for a long time in the culture and just mainstream culture in America you didn't talk about mental health. 

I think this is why the talk "Thru Cloud and Sunshine..." by Reyna I. Aburto resonated so much with me and other church members. It clearly was not only my favorite talk; so many people had it on their top talk lists. Another recent thing from the church on anxiety is this New Era article: "Anxiety or the Spirit?" and to an outsider, this may seem dumb ("The Holy Ghost is like a blanket, anxiety is probably like a pit in your stomach...) but to those who actually experience it the line can be blurred, and they both kind of happen in your head. A psychologist wrote the article, the Church must have approved it, so here it is! So once I realized there wasn't much to draw on, I zoomed out a little bit, into... fear!! Yay!

There are so many quotes and scriptures and stuff about fear that it almost makes me think that anxiety stuff I wanted might have been there all along. 😉

(and I mean like I said only recently was anxiety a recognized condition, oh, and buzzword, so it's not like when they were translating things or the prophets were writing them they would have thought "oh, and let me drop in a one-liner on anxiety)

Enough ranting! Here are the quotes.

These are all great for handouts, or just simple inspiration and knowing that fear is not... good! Let's not do it!

Here they all are, in no order.

fear is pretty awful, gut-wrenching, and simply not good. But imagine if we took all that energy we were using to be afraid and used it to extend Christlike love? Check out this quote here.

Here I share a story from my life, and President Nelson's. Spoiler alert, mine is kind of lame, but his is not and it's an important thing to think about! Get an even closer look at those not-my-best-work-jack o' lanterns here.

When you get down to it, fear/anxiety are very primal responses. 

Not saying that those who experience them are bad, or insulting myself, in any way, but the point I'm trying to make is biological, when your life is in danger, everything takes over to make you freak out, get the adrenaline, and run/fight for your life. It's "helpful," but really just "helpful" like the natural man is helpful in you eating and responding to pain, and surviving and comes with a load of other things to overcome. 

Basically, if you followed what I'm trying to say at all fear is pretty much from the natural man, but faith, joy, confidence, humility, and these other things Dieter F. Uchtdorf is talking about is the higher way, the holier way, and Christ's way for us.

Check out this quote here.

The image this quote gives me is this group of high ranking executives in suits and fancy clothes, all talking about some business decision. Everyone gives their opinions, based on who they are and what they value and they decide based on what the consensus is. So. Do you think you want fears giving you all of your advice? Spoiler alert, the result probably won't be the greatest. So who should we take counsel from? That's where the gospel & revelation comes in! Check out this quote here.

Yay! Ok, enjoy your Halloween, print out the quotes for decor, and be sure to follow my account on Pinterest so you don't miss any more of this good stuff!

lds halloween quote #4 - let's set it all aside

Happy Halloween! Aaaaagh I am soooo excited as we get nearer and nearer to this super fun holiday, and ofc, I’m here with another Halloween quote.
This one says, “Let us set aside our fears and live instead with love, humility, hope, and a bold confidence that the Lord is with us.” — Dieter F. Uchtdorf
I love this because it differentiates between faith and fear, anxiety and peace, hate and love, just reinforcing the concept that in the gospel we find rest and relief from our burdens and trials.
This isn’t a suggestion, it’s a commandment that we see all over the scriptures. “Fear not,” “do not be afraid” and other anti-fear commandments occur 365 times in the Bible alone, along with the other works of scriptures.
Our Savior and Heavenly Father understand the fear and anxiety that is part of the human condition - and it’s not about saying that fearing is making you a sinner. It’s the Savior’s outstretched hand, the angel from above, the prophet with great news telling us that from we are see it looks rough but...
It will be okay.
Alright y’all! Part of blogging is living a little ahead of everyone with content creation, so don’t be surprised when the Thanksgiving quotes show up next week, and don’t forget about the other awesome Halloween LDS resources on the blog. 💕

lds halloween quote #3 - prepared = not scared

I love to run! It’s my sport of choice, and I run everyday except for the Sabbath and am constantly pushing myself further and further to run as long as I can. One day I was running and I was on the home stretch. My AirPods were in, my favorite running music blasting in my ears, I almost had made it, and I was on top of the world. I was quickly running the last little bit, then suddenly, felt this prompting.
For a minute, everything slowed down. “Look left!” I was prompted, and then there was a car. Adrenaline kicked in and I managed to sprint across the road to safety, but I realized I had made it by the skin of my teeth over there.
I couldn’t believe it. If not for the prompting, I might have been mush on the road. As I finished my run, it literally happened again. Not even joking! Ugh. As I crossed the road again to get out of the cul de sac, I again narrowly missed colliding with a car.
I suddenly remembered that people get hit by cars. And it hurts. And some people die. I couldn’t believe I was so stupid. I was running in the zone, my own little world, feeling invincible. But I easily could have had a much different result.
I thought about it. Should I give into fear and never go running again?
I then heard about an experience of the prophet — President Nelson. His is a LOT more serious and scary than me being a lil idiot, but hey, it applies!
He describes it as, “I was in a small airplane, and all of a sudden the engine on the wing caught fire," President Nelson says in a new Mormon Channel video called ‘Men's Hearts Shall Fail Them."It exploded, and burning oil sprayed all over the right side of the airplane." 
One woman was screaming and crying hysterically that it was the end, but President Nelson had peace. He was ready for it to be the end if it really was, and was good with his life.
Obviously, he was meant to be the prophet - and the situation ended up working out if he’s still alive to tell the story.
If it’s your time to go and meet your Maker, it’s going to happen. The point isn’t to not run, or fly on airplanes. Anytime you ever do anything, you’re taking a risk.
The point is that as Quentin L. Cook says, “If we are prepared we need not fear.”
I don’t know about y’all but I always feel like the Second Coming lessons are like horror stories or something! Like, um, let's not have that happen in my lifetime please. But if I maybe would be living more righteously (more righteously lets clarify it’s not like I’m doing any extra evil sins over here 😂) it wouldn’t be so scary.
Alma tells us that this life is the time to prepare to meet God.
We need to be prepared🦁 nah jk as much as this makes me want to belt the Lion King, the whole principle of this is about letting our faith overcome our fear.
It's having faith overcome our fear that we aren’t good enough. Having faith that we really can be cleansed by repentance. Having faith that we can really start to change — today.

our most recent most amazing yw activity!

mutual last week was such a party omigosh!🥳😂

hahaha ok, for the LONGEST time our mutual activities were not the greatest. My silence about them on the blog pretty much might have been me saying "uh, yeah, there was pretty much nothing to blog about without ranting" but finally, an amazing activity has occurred.

But this activity didn't just fall out of the sky. We did have to do a lot of planning and work in advance, but finally, we were able to hold such an amazing and unifying activity.

I won't go into specifics about our ward, but I'm a Young Woman, I've visited lots of wards, I'm in one, and I think soooo many of us are longing for more unity. I see this as the Lord has prompted revelation, and we saw President Nelson delegate the announcement of "bye-bye" to Beehives, Mia Maids,+Laurels to Sister Cordon.

 All of these inspired changes are amazing. And in my completely biased opinion, this activity is amazing! But, there is no one-time fix where everyone starts holding hands, singing kum ba yah, and never is cliqueish again. The perfect YW group wasn't built in a day! If I claimed this packet solved everything, maybe I'd be a better marketer but I'd be a liar as well. 

Even though I won't claim that with the purchase of this amazing activity, all about unity, and diversity, every issue will be gone, I will honestly say that doing this activity was a great step on the path to unity. 

Aaagh, I'm sorry, and I hope y'all don't think I'm just riding on the tail of the buzzword, but I have to keep saying it because in honesty, that's what this activity is about!

The outline of this is for the Young Women to learn about themselves and others, notice the differences between themselves and others, and celebrate them. One of the steps in this was the Princess Posters. No one's unique personality can ever be captured in the Myers-Briggs 4 letters, but it's an easy way to talk about the different types of people in the world. 

So, I made a Princess poster for each one. All of these princesses are so fun and amazing, and that's the point. There simply isn't a bad personality type. 

I know it's a lil hard to see; I apologize, but do you see this in all its glory? We had so much fun taking Post-It notes and slapping them under our personality types and it was so eye-opening to see the diversity (or lack thereof hehehehe) of personalities in the group.

We had 1 Campaigner, 1 Adventurer, 1 Architect, 2 Advocates....and everyone else was a Defender!

Additionally, we rounded up and planned a bunch of activities to go with the results of the personality tests. There's enough to get you through the 1-hour block of "youth activity night" (still shaking off the death of mutual😂) but not so much that you get overwhelmed.

There's scenario cards about certain church situations -- lessons, activities, dances, girls camp, and more. All these questions are designed to help you learn more about the YW and what makes them tick, especially in certain situations. We had some good discussions on those.

Others involve talking & learning about others, walking around the room, and really, there's just a lot of good lessons to be learned from this.

One of this was that I was so surprised when my close friend slapped her Post-It under Introvert. We're opposites, it seems like, and she is super outgoing, and I just assumed she would be an Extravert. Maybe she answered some questions wrong, I thought to myself. Everyone else in the group continued talking about their results, how accurate they seemed to be, etc, and then one of my leaders said, "I was shocked that YOU weren't an extravert."

I was shocked at her shock tbh hahahaha, and then I realized that if my leader could be so wrong about my true personality, then of course I may be prone to misjudge what others are really like.

This was just one lesson that I learned, but there are really so many more opportunities to discover these types of things in this activity.

You can check out this activity packet on my Etsy shop and grab it for only $3.99. We spent a few weeks planning and creating the material, so y'all can know you're getting the maximum value with your purchase.

If you're wanting to support the blog & what we do for free, be sure to favorite the shop on Etsy or follow us on Pinterest. And don't worry -- there are tons more mutual ideas (dang it I said it again!) freebies on the blog, which you can find the biggest comprehensive list of here.

That was just so fun to create & host, and I'm beyond excited to share it with the world.

halloween personal progress

It's literally been forever since I've done a holiday Personal Progress!!

And here is the one for this month. Isn't it adorable? 

It's all about being a light to others, and it has the girls study a talk by President Thomas S. Monson. I involved Halloween symbols & colors with it and it really brought the two together quite nicely. Integrity is a little hard to complete, so I thought this would help as one of its electives. 

Standing out and being a light & being a witness of God @ all times and all things and all places go together really nicely, so hopefully y'all enjoy this worksheet you can give to them maybe as a prerequisite to a Halloween treat.

You'll want to go here to follow my account on Pinterest, here to check out my LDS Halloween board, and here to get the worksheets for free. Happy Halloween and good luck with your planning!!

lds halloween quote #2 - fear ≠ love

Hey, y’all! Happy Friday. I am back for y’all with another Halloween quote, all about, you guessed it, fear!
Last week I talked a little about haunted house/real life fear, but this week this bite size devo is going to be about a different kind of fear - the kind that we may not even know exists.
It can be so helpful to evaluate our motives when we take action in this life. A great question to ask ourselves is “was I acting out of love, or fear?”
And when others do things that hurt us - are they acting out of fear?
I can think of so many times when I think I’m being noble, but my actions aren’t. What’s missing in that alignment? Love.
Other times people think that I’m acting out of fear, but it’s the opposite. No, I don’t want to watch that horror movie with you or go to the Halloween haunted farm - because I love to have the Spirit with me, not images of grisly gory scenes of carnage in my mind. (I’m not judging anyone who enjoys those things! It’s just a personal preference for me.)
And it’s okay. People can be wrong about me, and I can be wrong about them because no one but God knows everything in this life.
Nor can I make people act out of love, but I can try to do it myself.
Think of that one tough thing and try out the amazing Elder Uchtdorf’s advice. Are you acting with Christlike love in this situation?
Just some thoughts that were floating around in my head as I prepared this quote.
Enjoy your weekend!!

halloween ministering handout/gift for young women

I will openly admit that I was banging my head against a wall on this one.

Omigosh!! I'm so excited it finally came together, but for days, I was just like "how in the WORLD am I supposed to make all this work?"

There isn't really anything spiritual to pull from Halloween, so you have to just start coming up with ideas that are related, even if they're a stretch, and I had nothing.

And then one day the inspiration came.

I stopped thinking about the holiday of Halloween, all like "how am I supposed to do this..." and just started thinking about elements of it and how to tie it back to the gospel.

And here we are.

Let's be honest, a huge part of Halloween is the receiving of candy! Maybe that's why it's so big here in the U.S. So much to commercialize on 😂

This adorable printable has candy, and says "sweet is the work." Adorable, right? You can put any candy with it that you see fit. 

As to how to give it out, this would be perfect for Activity Day girls, Young Women, or Relief Society sisters, along with some Halloween candy possibly. It's a 5 x 7 handout, which you can staple to the bag you're using or just give out.

 I want to clarify, this is not for the women to give to their ministering sisters!! It is a cute Halloween gift idea that you can give to the women/yw/girls to REMIND them to minister, and they don't have to have an assignment! 😂It just says the word minister in the darling little quote, but obviously, anyone can show Christlike love and service to anyone.

You can get this free Halloween YWs/AD/RS gift printable here, and just a reminder that if you love it, be sure to Pin the image above. Just hover your mouse over it or click on it on mobile for the handy Pin button to appear. Conversely, please do not claim it as your own, Pin/link to the PDF file, sell it, modify it, all that not-so-nice stuff. 😉 

Ok!!! I know I'm posting a lot of Halloween stuff at once, but I am so in the mood (decorated for Halloween today!!) and I realized I had gotten so behind on posting stuff for the holidays. Like, ofc no one is going to want my weird back to school stuff in late September.

Please follow my account on Pinterest! I've rounded up lots of awesome LDS ideas over there for y'all.