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how do you bulletin board?

Y'all!! The very first 2020 bulletin board packet is officially up and listed. I had so much fun creating this out of a simple poster - which if you like it, it is free, and you can grab it over here.

So if you can get that free poster, what else would you even need for a bulletin board? Omigosh so glad you asked ... oh wait, you didn't... mwahahaha advertising... but, either way, you are going to find out how awesome this packet is.

This, above, is the cliff notes of everything you'll find in here. Or, if you're from my generation...the shmoop! Okay, before I say anything else geeky, just, simply, the above picture is my attempt to put everything in there on one cute lil page. 

I did some research before I made this to see, what even goes in a bulletin board packet? I managed ours for a year, and it was pretty dang good, but mine was more of a craft-type bulletin board than a theme related one. I threw up a cute office calendar, Personal Progress quotes, and boom. Not my best work, but pretty good for the little kid I was at the time. As I was looking at other bulletin board packages, I realized that most of them only had like 2 or 3 things in them. A poster, banner, and maybe 2 or 3 things of clipart or whatever (if they were feeling generous.) 

So I promise y'all, there is a ton of value in this huge package, and a ton of content, even a bunch of stuff I just wasn't able to fit up there.

But seriously? How do you bulletin board?*

I'll show you each of the steps that come after the great choice of purchasing the packet, and then there's a demo bulletin board at the end.

1.Get yourself a poster.

This poster is pretty great imho. I even know the girl who designed it 🤣 ok I'm sorry I don't know why I have so much energy today...

What kind of bulletin board are you doing? Is it tiny or huge? Do you have little space to fill or is it a huge, vast wasteland that needs to be decorated NOW?

Everyone has different needs for poster size & preferences, so there are 5 sizes of the poster here.

The graphic above pretty simply explains all of the offerings we have in this product. 4 x 6 is just for a handout, maybe like "hey wassup yw this is a preview of the bulletin board I'm making" (I don't know that one wasn't my idea hahaha). 

The 8 x 10 one is great to fit in a frame maybe in the YW room or something, or as a binder cover, although I will be creating a binder inserts packet later in the year. 

For a small poster, if you don't have much space, there's an 11 x 14 one, and then for some nice mega posters you can use 16 x 20 or 20 x 24 sizes.

Honestly, as a reference, I just used the Costco photo sizes😂. It makes it easy to get your poster printed easily & cheaply without you having to do any editing of proportions to get that perfect size. I didn't want to waste 50 hours doing every poster size known to man, but if you purchase this packet and need a special size, of course I can create it and send it out to you if needed! 

2. Decide its purpose.

Obviously you want to make this bulletin board for a reason, right? Maybe it's just a pretty thing to pass in the hallway and that's fine! Maybe it's a control center in your Young Women's room that you use to convey information about what's going on. Maybe it's your way of conveying the new theme and teaching it to the young women.

No matter what the exact purpose of the bulletin board is, I think these posters would add a nice touch. I searched conference talks for ideas about HOW we go and do, why, and just any good messages that related to the topic. There were about 20 quotes at first, until we narrowed them down to these awesome top five. All of them are included in the packet, and you'll want them to serve as inspirational "go and do" messages and as decor!

What about if this is going to be a bulletin board chock-full of information for everyone? Gurl, I got your back. I created 4 adorable hand-lettered headers to use to talk about what is coming up in the group.

Here they are up close. Ignore the weird white gradient/glow around them and look at the cuteness! ugh. "Birthdays" is my absolute favorite for sure. These are a few of the headers I had on my original bulletin board and it was soooo helpful to have this information just there, in the YW room, available to quickly be glanced at. Some of the things on the old bulletin board wouldn't make sense to include in 2020 (stuff about the classes, Personal Progress, old stuff, etc) but this is still great. 

Under conducting, you can put the class of YW who is in charge of opening exercises for the month (which is just theme and prayer, but fun nonetheless, right?) Under "activities" you can write all of the fun things coming up and get everyone excited. Under "birthdays" you could write names, dates, or included photos of them. Or all of them above y'all!! Finally, for spotlight, feature an awesome Young Woman. 

These do need to be changed monthly, so if you're hoping to have a low maintenance board or do a "one and done" setup, you should still purchase the packet, but maybe hold off on using these elements.

3. Make it cute

If it isn't going to be visually eye-catching and interesting and CUTE, what's the point?!? Maybe the visual side of things is more important to me than most people, but I have provided several things for you to up the cute factor on the bulletin board, make it pretty, and fill up any blank space.

First of all, let's talk the banners. There are TWO, one decorative and one with the actual "I will go & do" letters and they are both very cute!

 I made 4 symbols on the banner, and then I loved how amazingly they turned out so much that I made them as large illustrations that you can use. Then, I realized that each object correlated with the new theme! So I lettered matching phrases with each, included a second slogan, and oh, it is just so much content! 

There is a beautiful temple drawing, with the phrase "I will prepare to receive the ordinances of the holy temple." 

There are the scriptures, with the phrase "I am a beloved daughter of Heavenly Parents." 

There are footsteps, with "I will stand as a witness of God at all times and in all places."

Finally, there is a cute heart with the phrase "As a disciple of Jesus Christ, I will minister to others in His holy name."

Next, there are four photo backings in 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 sizes. They are slightly bigger than 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 inches so you can put them to the side of the photo if you want, or behind the photo if you want to do that.

Y'all! That's it! It's crazy, but somehow I managed to consolidate the 32 pages of content into this blog post. 

If you would like to purchase this packet, go here. To support what we do for free, favorite the shop or follow us on Pinterest.

Good luck with incorporating the new theme!

*I am a teenager, but I am not dumb, and of course, "bulletin board" is not a verb. But we're using it as one today. It's like "adulting." 😂

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