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lds halloween quote #4 - let's set it all aside

Happy Halloween! Aaaaagh I am soooo excited as we get nearer and nearer to this super fun holiday, and ofc, I’m here with another Halloween quote.
This one says, “Let us set aside our fears and live instead with love, humility, hope, and a bold confidence that the Lord is with us.” — Dieter F. Uchtdorf
I love this because it differentiates between faith and fear, anxiety and peace, hate and love, just reinforcing the concept that in the gospel we find rest and relief from our burdens and trials.
This isn’t a suggestion, it’s a commandment that we see all over the scriptures. “Fear not,” “do not be afraid” and other anti-fear commandments occur 365 times in the Bible alone, along with the other works of scriptures.
Our Savior and Heavenly Father understand the fear and anxiety that is part of the human condition - and it’s not about saying that fearing is making you a sinner. It’s the Savior’s outstretched hand, the angel from above, the prophet with great news telling us that from we are see it looks rough but...
It will be okay.
Alright y’all! Part of blogging is living a little ahead of everyone with content creation, so don’t be surprised when the Thanksgiving quotes show up next week, and don’t forget about the other awesome Halloween LDS resources on the blog. 💕

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