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4 halloween quotes!!

well, look at all of these quotes released!

Halloween is actually around the CORNER y'all and I am so excited that I was able to letter all these in anticipation for the holiday.

I originally wanted the theme of the month to be anxiety, but I had trouble finding enough things about it. It's nothing wrong with the church, or the doctrine, but I think for a long time in the culture and just mainstream culture in America you didn't talk about mental health. 

I think this is why the talk "Thru Cloud and Sunshine..." by Reyna I. Aburto resonated so much with me and other church members. It clearly was not only my favorite talk; so many people had it on their top talk lists. Another recent thing from the church on anxiety is this New Era article: "Anxiety or the Spirit?" and to an outsider, this may seem dumb ("The Holy Ghost is like a blanket, anxiety is probably like a pit in your stomach...) but to those who actually experience it the line can be blurred, and they both kind of happen in your head. A psychologist wrote the article, the Church must have approved it, so here it is! So once I realized there wasn't much to draw on, I zoomed out a little bit, into... fear!! Yay!

There are so many quotes and scriptures and stuff about fear that it almost makes me think that anxiety stuff I wanted might have been there all along. 😉

(and I mean like I said only recently was anxiety a recognized condition, oh, and buzzword, so it's not like when they were translating things or the prophets were writing them they would have thought "oh, and let me drop in a one-liner on anxiety)

Enough ranting! Here are the quotes.

These are all great for handouts, or just simple inspiration and knowing that fear is not... good! Let's not do it!

Here they all are, in no order.

fear is pretty awful, gut-wrenching, and simply not good. But imagine if we took all that energy we were using to be afraid and used it to extend Christlike love? Check out this quote here.

Here I share a story from my life, and President Nelson's. Spoiler alert, mine is kind of lame, but his is not and it's an important thing to think about! Get an even closer look at those not-my-best-work-jack o' lanterns here.

When you get down to it, fear/anxiety are very primal responses. 

Not saying that those who experience them are bad, or insulting myself, in any way, but the point I'm trying to make is biological, when your life is in danger, everything takes over to make you freak out, get the adrenaline, and run/fight for your life. It's "helpful," but really just "helpful" like the natural man is helpful in you eating and responding to pain, and surviving and comes with a load of other things to overcome. 

Basically, if you followed what I'm trying to say at all fear is pretty much from the natural man, but faith, joy, confidence, humility, and these other things Dieter F. Uchtdorf is talking about is the higher way, the holier way, and Christ's way for us.

Check out this quote here.

The image this quote gives me is this group of high ranking executives in suits and fancy clothes, all talking about some business decision. Everyone gives their opinions, based on who they are and what they value and they decide based on what the consensus is. So. Do you think you want fears giving you all of your advice? Spoiler alert, the result probably won't be the greatest. So who should we take counsel from? That's where the gospel & revelation comes in! Check out this quote here.

Yay! Ok, enjoy your Halloween, print out the quotes for decor, and be sure to follow my account on Pinterest so you don't miss any more of this good stuff!


  1. I didn't see a way to download any of these cute Halloween themed handouts :(
    Is there a way to download them?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Mallory! 🙈 My bad! Right now I am about to launch some awesome new content for the blog & biz, but I should have time to add the link by Sunday. Thx for giving me grace! I'll have the link up soon. 👻

    2. Ok, they're up now! Thanks again for letting me know I still needed to add these. Happy Halloween! 💜🎃

  2. Do you have a way to print them each individually?

    1. Hi Rachel! I have done custom orders for those who want individual files or prints. Let me know if you're interested.

  3. I can’t seem to print these. Any suggestions?