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lds halloween quote #2 - fear ≠ love

Hey, y’all! Happy Friday. I am back for y’all with another Halloween quote, all about, you guessed it, fear!
Last week I talked a little about haunted house/real life fear, but this week this bite size devo is going to be about a different kind of fear - the kind that we may not even know exists.
It can be so helpful to evaluate our motives when we take action in this life. A great question to ask ourselves is “was I acting out of love, or fear?”
And when others do things that hurt us - are they acting out of fear?
I can think of so many times when I think I’m being noble, but my actions aren’t. What’s missing in that alignment? Love.
Other times people think that I’m acting out of fear, but it’s the opposite. No, I don’t want to watch that horror movie with you or go to the Halloween haunted farm - because I love to have the Spirit with me, not images of grisly gory scenes of carnage in my mind. (I’m not judging anyone who enjoys those things! It’s just a personal preference for me.)
And it’s okay. People can be wrong about me, and I can be wrong about them because no one but God knows everything in this life.
Nor can I make people act out of love, but I can try to do it myself.
Think of that one tough thing and try out the amazing Elder Uchtdorf’s advice. Are you acting with Christlike love in this situation?
Just some thoughts that were floating around in my head as I prepared this quote.
Enjoy your weekend!!

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