5 reasons to use the church's general conference notebook

Y'all we are officially at T minus 1 week til General Conference! Ughhhh it is totally sneaking up on us! But I am so excited.

Remember last time when everyone thought President Nelson was going to allow coffee and tea, and half tithing? Omigosh, I was smh the whole time! Like, lol it's literally doctrine, not gonna change. 
Like some wise person said with the #generalconference handle, the "big announcement" was that our Savior loves us. Yay! 

This probably isn't going to be the most monumental blog post ever, lol. But it's not about pretending I'm a famous person taking stances on issues and convincing the many readers on my blog. Haha, no, maybe this is just my explanation as to why I'm not making one this year. ;)

After realizing all of these 5 reasons that this notebook is pretty amazing, I thought I might as well lay off making my own and link to this one instead.

1. It's all printed out for you!

Don't you love having things in color? It's awesome, but not when you have to constantly replace the color ink. I think color printing is a necessary evil, but if you have a New Era subscription, you get to skip that step and just enjoy the book. 

2. It's free!

If you don't subscribe to the magazine, there's no need to worry. I think it's pretty obvious that it only costs money to pay for them to produce the magazine, as you can access all of the magazines for free online. The church has some really convenient options for you to print out your own copies for free - no strings attached. If you don't want to print in color, they have one optimized for black and white printing. If you want to fold it, they have that for you, and if you aren't into origami, just print out their other option. 😂 Grab that free copy here.

3. It's well designed!

Graphic design has evolved so much over the years, and the church has gone right with it. Maybe I appreciate how good their resources look because I know it's a tough job, but honestly, they really do an excellent job on the fonts, colors, and design. It's simple but really nice. 

Honestly, I've noticed that their Ensign design differs from the New Era mostly in that the New Era has so much more pictures, fonts, illustrations, and designs supplementing the great articles. I think it's sweet that they would have people take the time to make such a cute notebook to use.

4. The church made it!

I think that we can assume that if it's made by a church magazine, some general authorities were probably involved with directing it somehow. I'm not discrediting resources made by those awesome Latter-Day Saint bloggers because I am literally one of them lol and we are just sharing our talents -- BUT I'm just pointing out that it is cool that this is pointing us in the direction of what the Salt Lake people want us to do.

5. It guides you to get the most out of general conference!

This is it. It's so simple, but really helpful in the pre, during, and post general conference process. It has a "fantasy football" General Conference game for you (though they don't call it that.) It has a handy lil chart of all the 12 Apostles so you can know who is talking even when you miss their 30-second name flash on the screen. And it guides you to ask some questions before it, take notes and receive revelation during it, and then go and do after the event. 

So if you're looking for an updated notebook on my blog, you won't find one (tbh my first one was pretty terrible) but what if there was an amazing general conference notebook right under your nose the whole time?

lds halloween quote #1 - never let fear decide your future

Y'all..... do you FEEL that awesome Halloween vibe? Omigosh, I'm soooo excited for it to be October, and maybe we have like 31 days or smth to go, but I am so incredibly here for it and I'll be releasing a Halloween quote every Friday.

The gospel doctrine I decided to pull from Halloween was all about fear. Just think about it - Fright Fest, Haunted Houses, scary peeps, horror movies, I mean somehow, there are people who actually love that fear in their system.

Haha, nope, I think I fall into the other category of those who just struggle with fear and anxiety as a part of life. I'm super creative and imaginative, but that can easily fall into catastrophizing when trouble is near.

Whether you avoid fear like the plague or actively go and seek it, this theme of quotes all about fear is for you. The first in the series is from James E. Faust. He says, "Never take counsel from your fears."

Who is that ... ew, creature... that always whispers to you "you're not good enough," and "you need to look out" and "danger is behind every corner" and idk all these lies?

Maybe Satan? And just a good idea in life is NOT to listen or make decisions based on him.

Our Savior, Father, and the Spirit on the other hand are the opposite in Their love and actions, and we can really go to prayer and ask them about what we need to do in things.

As the Bible says, "I was not given the spirit of fear." Fear is just not of Him. Period. As we really know the gospel, we'll see it's the gospel of hope, peace, joy, and love.

Well, I'm super ready to go put up my Halloween decorations and smell that pumpkin spice in the air. Ughhhhh omigosh I love this time of the year, and with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the way, there's good things to come.

If you have a sec, go check out and follow my Printspiration board on Pinterest. It's chock full of other Latter Day Saint quotes like this.

Enjoy your weekend!

one prayer at a time

Omigosh this is literally so random and bad, but, ok, I'm showing up with some printspo for y'all this week!!

I love how the lettering turned out, but then I stood back and blinked and was like "dang this looks like a Christmas quote" and then slapped on some strawberries to kinda fix the aesthetic(?) and ew, I tried, okay, anways, let's jump right into the quote.

I really loved last week's, so of course this week I gotta disappoint haha. No, if I never made bad ones the good ones wouldn't be as amazing. That's a better mindset. 😂

But this quote is still amazing. Heavenly Father really does want to help you, but He can't if you don't ask! It also shows how He and the Savior minister one by one. They are really going to not rush their blessings, timings, and methods to really help you in your life.

Maybe you'll have to wait a while to get that answer. Maybe you'll have to wait a while for the end of that trial. Maybe it's all part of the system. 😉

Enjoy your Friday!

kneel, stand, do

Woah. Another Gordon B. Hinckley quote. Yayyyyyy!

Okay. I know I missed last week's and a few others, and just, I am so sorry -- life is just so much more busy now that school is back in session.

Which is kinda related to this quote! Life is so crazy, but for just a few minutes, we can set aside it all as we commune with God and pray.

It's a good pattern for what to do. Heavenly Father ALWAYS answers! Maybe it isn't right away. Maybe most of the time it isn't right away. And, yes, sometimes it isn't the answer we want to hear. But if we aren't willing to go and do what He really wants or accept what He knows best, why/how dare we even ask Him anyway?

Heavenly Father really wants to hear it from you. He knows it all, but He also will shower down blessings and revelation as you seek to pray more often with more meaningful prayers. ;)

And don't just beg for things. He always wants to hear our requests and is anxious to help out, but maybe show a lil bit of gratitude as well.

Prayer is such a great gift to us, and I really enjoyed lettering this quote. Happy Friday!!

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I'll be back with another quote on prayer (so glad our trials theme is behind us) next week.

choose to be kind - young women back to school gift

So, what exactly do you give the Young Women when it's back to school time?

No matter what your philosophy is on rewards and treats for the girls, all opinions are respected here, I just am trying to cater to lots of different types of YW leaders and their needs!

Before, if you weren't super into that sort of thing, well I didn't share it. 😂 But now I am giving away this adorable back to school gift printable.

Do any of y'all know about KIND bars? Omigosh, I love them so much. They are a tad expensive, so I'm not exactly eating them around the clock, but they are just so cool with incorporating healthy ingredients. When I was thinking about lil treats that would be appropriate for back to school, these came to mind. 

I whipped up a printable and a General Conference quote, but kept it vague so that any Latter-Day Saint could give it to anyone. I mean, honestly, any nonmember human who isn't somehow weirdly against quoting the amazing President Eyring could even use this for back to school. 

The bottom line of this 5 x 7 printable? Have courage and be kind. This line comes from the Cinderella movie (new one) and intersects with this cute treat and I just thought it was especially appropriate for going back to school. 

Choosing to be the one who reaches out, who loves instead of pushes away, like the Savior was, can really be scary. But we really can do it and challenge our "people" to do it this school year, whoever they may be. 

If you're not wanting to purchase KIND bars for each of the Young Women - auxiliary budgets can be tight ;) I also found a DIY recipe to make copycat versions of the bars.

You can get the 5 x 7 treat tag in a moment, but before you dash off, would you follow my Pinterest account? I'm just starting out, so your support is awesome. To see similar things like this, you could also follow my LDS Back to School (all back to school things LDS) and Celebrate the Young Women  (round-ups of the best gifts for yw) Pinterest boards. Head over to get the free download here. 

There are different sizes of KIND bars, so I just made one that you could give out alongside any bar, not necessarily attached to it. ;)

Y'all, I know this is super late, but better now than... October or smth right? Lol. I'm trying! 

It's still that magical month of September!

new come follow me agenda

hey everyone! I am so excited to share this little freebie with you.

It originally comes from our 2019 presidency planning packet (I'm waiting to make the 2020 one until we have more 2020 information) but I figured, why hold it back from y'all?

It may be only one page, but it is one pretty awesome resource. Without further ado.

The come follow me agenda for free!

I hope this YW conducting sheet helps make your Sundays a little easier.

Some ideas for this include: printing out a bunch of copies and putting them in the YW room, or covering this with contact paper or some sort of way to make it compatible with dry-erase markers.

I think the second option is a little more hassle-free and earth friendly,😇🌎 but it's totally your call!
If you choose to go with the dry erase option, I found a helpful tutorial for that on my very favorite thing ever, Pinterest. Just thought this idea was soooo genius!!

The very reason that we have this new agenda is another Salt Lake change, and I am pretty big on being current, so I am super excited to share this and finally have the appropriate agenda for y'all. I know my old agendas have been out way too long, so my apologies.

I hope you enjoy this new one. Before you grab it and go, please follow our Pinterest! It would be so awesome. Now, go ahead and print yourself a copy of this for free.

new product in the come follow me lineup!!

well, you all excited to see what I've been working on the past few weeks?

I'm so ready to share the latest lesson help bundle I've made -- "Why Do We Need the Book of Mormon?" and can confidently say that it is the best one yet.

I know the creation of these has been a lil slow, but I'm pretty busy so I usually only make these when I am teaching the lesson in class!

It's convenient for that reason, but also because it lets me test out the activities that I am planning and see if the girls really like them or get them. I also set pretty high standards for my lessons - they have to be cute and fun - so you can know that I am really planning and sharing these activities.

If I thought of an activity idea that was cringey or dumb, then I wouldn't share it with the class or, conversely, put it in the packet. Period.

So, after teaching the lesson two weeks ago, it is finally up on the shop, ready for anyone needing a little extra help on the lesson, and you can instantly access lots of helpful resources with your purchase.


I know I'm pretty big on things being free! And that is why I have so many freebies on this blog. You can pretty much find freebies in every category, and freebies for things other people would probably make you shell out a lil cash for.

But when it comes to planning lessons, I don't want to give you a half-baked idea, or a little lame handout that I wasn't super motivated to create. I usually spend 2-3 weeks on these, and I'm happy to list them at affordable prices ($3) but some things are so amazing that there's no way I could just give them away!

Most lesson kits are $5-6, and mine are $3 with even more content and ideas than the average one, so I think it's a pretty fair bargain! When you purchase anything from my shop, I want you to know that I pack value into every listing I create. The more expensive, the more time and labor went into it and (consequently) it is just that much more amazing!😁

Now enough polite ranting. I'm excited to have this in the shop, and I will release a few free lesson helps eventually to help you get a taste of how much is in each of the kits.

After a while of poring over every church resource, I could find about this subject, I realized that every idea they had fell under five categories.

It is another testament of Jesus Christ, it is a firm foundation for our testimonies, it has principles that can help us every day in our lives, it is a true book written especially for our day, and it contains the fullness of the gospel and truths that other religions have lost or never gotten their hands on! 

I then, with some guidance and prayer, created fun activities for each one and the packet you see below! 😉

Check out the pictures below to get an idea of what comes in the packet.

An overview of what you get, and don't think everything in the packet is limited to that little picture! There are lots of pages, and detailed instructions so you understand everything about the awesome ideas.

I just have to say, these activities are all SO fun and amazing! Maybe I'm biased, but I loved creating them all. And, idk, maybe what one young woman thinks is fun another young woman will also think is fun? 😉 When I taught, we have time to do two activities, you probably won't have time for all of them either. It's awesome because there are so many activities, you have to choose which ones NOT to do!

I have included a lesson notes sheet, the agenda I used, and some planning pages for you to study the resources, plan what exactly to do and when, make your own lesson outline, and get those creative juices flowing! Now, I must say, you don't have to do any of the personal study activities to enjoy the packet. Anyone needing last-minute help with a lesson will be totally fine. But if you want to or have time to, I've provided ways for you to study beforehand.

And I have adorable fun things to make the lesson supercute. That's it, y'all. Hopefully, I am able to share some more lesson helps soon, but that is all. 

Check out the listing I've rambled on about right here, on my Etsy shop. If you want to help support what we do for free, please favorite the shop or follow our Pinterest. It should take 2-5 seconds!

Good luck with any lessons in your future!

when you're given more than you can stand, kneel

Hey, everyone, I'm back with another hand-lettered quote. I love this one because you really can't control what things life throws your way. Like, "Oh, no, I don't want this trial, you go ahead and take it back, thanks." 

There are two things that are constant in our lives: trials, and Heavenly Father's presence and love. And it's a good thing that we have both, because without trials we would never learn and grow, and without our Father in Heaven we wouldn't able to get through the said trials.

He is always there, and it's never too late to start contacting Him now. 

When trials come our way, we can cross our arms, or fold them. But don't take my word for it! Pin this quote, share it with anyone who is going through a tough spot, and most importantly, try it for yourself.

2020 mutual theme roundup post

Well, well, well, y'all. It is finally time to wrap up all this crazy content creation and push out this awesome round-up post for the 2020 mutual theme.

The church let the cat out of the bag on August 1st, and since then I've been creating free mini posters, among other things, of course, to help you all with low-cost planning. How many did I make?

It started with 1, then spiraled into 3, 5, 7. So yes, not only are there 7 designs here (1 link has 2 designs in it) I've also rounded up pretty much everything else by the other awesome Latter-Day Saint designers on the 2020 Go and Do Pinterest board!

If you enjoy all of these free resources, please give me a follow. It would be so awesome, since we're just starting out on Pinterest.😉

Now enough...references and self promotion! Let's get to the post!

I've attempted to rank these by their popularity, but they are all pretty great.

7&6. the aesthetic go and do theme

This one was a lil bit of a toughie to design! I liked a certain thing, I had feedback to change other design elements, so I ended up including the original and the refined design for you to enjoy.

5. the minimalist's design

I really like how simple and clean this design became. It's especially good for those wanting the full 1 Nephi 3:7 on the printable. And I made it with a gender-neutral design, this could possibly be used put on display near where people hold mutual.

4. the shoes design

I felt so professional putting on my Converse, trying a bunch of different poses for the shoes, and then rendering them digitally on my computer. I mean, it's the thought -- and effort -- that counts in this design.

3. the hot air balloon design

I just love this color palette and the lettering on this hot air balloon. Stunning, I know. Lol, I just really am proud of how this one turned out.

2. the traffic light design

This one has been so popular! I mean, Latter-Day Saints love their traffic light baptism devotionals, so it only makes sense that they would like the related printable, right?

1. the woman. the myth. the legend... ROSIE THE RIVETER

This design is THE OG, the first 2020 print released, and I just love how it represents the Church's women. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves, and get to WORK.

Thanks for checking out this post! Hopefully it helps. It sure helped me make sense of all this chaos going on!!

i promise this is the final 2020 theme post

Well, hallelujah, I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Y'all I am so excited to share this adorable aesthetic design... featured below.

 I may do a roundup post, but other than, I think we are good for the new year. Stay tuned for -- finally -- some new content on the blog.

And be sure to follow my 2020 board on Pinterest. With it being so early in the 2020 year (because we aren't even there yet) searches for the 2020 mutual theme won't produce relevant options because so little content has been created yet. But I've cherry picked the best free or inexpensive 2020 options for you, all on this 2020 themed board.

There are actually two designs, so print whichever you prefer here, and this is it for the 2020 mini poster posts! Just, passively, I would love to hear from you all in the comments - which out of the two appeals to you more?

Ok, signing off for now...