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free 2021 theme bookmarks for your young women

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😍There is SO much good stuff to dive into in the two verses of the 2021 theme--which brings the need for a supercute bookmark with the full scripture, which I have to gift to you! 💛 

Print out the bookmark and you can easily: introduce the new scripture to your young women 👩🏻‍🏫,help them see & memorize the full two verses 🕵🏻‍♀️, give them a theme related bookmark to use when & wherever they read📚, cut it into strips & use as a puzzle to unscramble the theme🧩, give the fancy bookmark as an inexpensive gift to your young women 🎁!

All from just one free kit! How can my other theme kits help you this year?

Camp the Theme: 2021 Girls Camp Starter Kit

This amazing girls camp starter kit includes beautiful treat tags and resources to enhance your girls camp, whatever your theme!

Display the Theme: Bulletin Board Kit

Setting up a cute bulletin board has never been easier than print 🖨, cut ✂️ and staple ✨ Your young women will love the minimalist & trendy design of this year’s bulletin board prints!

Plan for the Theme: Planner Kit

Plan simply + in style with this planner kit. ✍ Print + go or use the editable PDFs with theme-coordinating designs to supercharge planning this year! ⚡

Celebrate the Theme: Birthday Kit

Keep the theme relevant all year round with these supercute gift tags for young woman birthdays & special events! 🥳 Cards + tags included for many types of gift givers. 🎁

Bundle the Theme: Four Kits in One

All of the above kits + exclusive cards to minister to your YW are included in the 2021 YW Ultimate Bundle! 💛 Save $, time + sanity with these four kits in your arsenal. 😉

Are you ready for the bookmark kit download link? It's coming up soon. 👉 Before I sign off, I just want to make sure you know this is NOT the only resource I have to make your life easier as a busy Latter-Day Saint! To see & have all my free resources at your fingertips, follow me on Pinterest! 📌Now here's the promised PDF! 💝 

🌎 Don’t forget to scroll to the top for multilingual support. 🇪🇸 🇧🇷 Happy theme planning!

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