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one prayer at a time

Omigosh this is literally so random and bad, but, ok, I'm showing up with some printspo for y'all this week!!

I love how the lettering turned out, but then I stood back and blinked and was like "dang this looks like a Christmas quote" and then slapped on some strawberries to kinda fix the aesthetic(?) and ew, I tried, okay, anways, let's jump right into the quote.

I really loved last week's, so of course this week I gotta disappoint haha. No, if I never made bad ones the good ones wouldn't be as amazing. That's a better mindset. 😂

But this quote is still amazing. Heavenly Father really does want to help you, but He can't if you don't ask! It also shows how He and the Savior minister one by one. They are really going to not rush their blessings, timings, and methods to really help you in your life.

Maybe you'll have to wait a while to get that answer. Maybe you'll have to wait a while for the end of that trial. Maybe it's all part of the system. 😉

Enjoy your Friday!

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