2020 mutual theme roundup post

Well, well, well, y'all. It is finally time to wrap up all this crazy content creation and push out this awesome round-up post for the 2020 mutual theme.

The church let the cat out of the bag on August 1st, and since then I've been creating free mini posters, among other things, of course, to help you all with low-cost planning. How many did I make?

It started with 1, then spiraled into 3, 5, 7. So yes, not only are there 7 designs here (1 link has 2 designs in it) I've also rounded up pretty much everything else by the other awesome Latter-Day Saint designers on the 2020 Go and Do Pinterest board!

If you enjoy all of these free resources, please give me a follow. It would be so awesome, since we're just starting out on Pinterest.😉

Now enough...references and self promotion! Let's get to the post!

I've attempted to rank these by their popularity, but they are all pretty great.

7&6. the aesthetic go and do theme

This one was a lil bit of a toughie to design! I liked a certain thing, I had feedback to change other design elements, so I ended up including the original and the refined design for you to enjoy.

5. the minimalist's design

I really like how simple and clean this design became. It's especially good for those wanting the full 1 Nephi 3:7 on the printable. And I made it with a gender-neutral design, this could possibly be used put on display near where people hold mutual.

4. the shoes design

I felt so professional putting on my Converse, trying a bunch of different poses for the shoes, and then rendering them digitally on my computer. I mean, it's the thought -- and effort -- that counts in this design.

3. the hot air balloon design

I just love this color palette and the lettering on this hot air balloon. Stunning, I know. Lol, I just really am proud of how this one turned out.

2. the traffic light design

This one has been so popular! I mean, Latter-Day Saints love their traffic light baptism devotionals, so it only makes sense that they would like the related printable, right?

1. the woman. the myth. the legend... ROSIE THE RIVETER

This design is THE OG, the first 2020 print released, and I just love how it represents the Church's women. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves, and get to WORK.

Thanks for checking out this post! Hopefully it helps. It sure helped me make sense of all this chaos going on!!