2020 : fly up and go and do it

Having trouble coming up with all these title variations, people! Anyways, this is going to count as your printspo, people, I am so sorry but I did not have time to letter a quote on vacation this week. It's an inspirational quote, y'all, even if it's from a prophet who lived 2600 years ago!

So. Here. Is. The 4th Print. So excited to share. #5 is being all finicky (or at least my editor is) so it is taking a little bit longer, but I am confident I'll be able to pull through with that design soon! 

But let's focus on this design we have in the present. Without further ado, here it is.

Isn't is so adorable? I love how it turned out, and the color scheme. The past 3 ones have been focused on telling a story, but this one is simply aesthetic for y'all. 

Not that I can't tie it back to the gospel! Heavenly Father has SO much more in store for us than we could imagine, and obviously, we don't know about that when we decide to go and do. Just like in a hot air balloon, you never know where it's going to take you. But we know that the Spirit will guide our travels.

Speaking of my others, you can check them out and follow my 2020 Go and Do Pinterest Board. I know there isn't much there at the moment, but I'm waiting to release all #5 and then add some other amazing pins. Patience, my friends!

On the board, you can find the Rosie the Riveter one, a Converse print, and a traffic light theme. Enjoy! And again, this is the second-to-last 2020 print, so get it free while you can.

Good luck with your 2020 planning!

the 2020 youth theme: for minimalists!

Okay, okay, is it just me or are we ROLLING in 2020 prints and designs? Lol, I had put my foot down and I was like, "I am only doing 5 designs!" and then my editor shared a design she had made with me and I was like, "ok. We can try this!"

After a couple minute of reworking the design, I thought, "why not share it with you guys?" 

I know that there are plenty of peeps out there whose "souls delighteth in plainness" and I am, sorry, not one of them. For me, it's all about bigger, and better, and being extra, and I know that isn't always good sometimes. 

So for my quieter, minimalistic friends (hopefully I didn't phrase that offensively? Come on, nonexistent copywriting skills...) here is one of the last 2020 theme designs.

This is why you accept other people's ideas and opinions! Love how this ended up turning out.

Also, just a warning, we are doing a little renovation on our Pinterest right now, so if you check it out and it looks like a hot mess, just hang tight and things should be back to normal quickly!!

To get the printable, click here, and hop on over to follow my 2020 Go and Do Pinterest board if you have a second. Happy planning!

He will help us through our problems

Just realizing -- after an hour or so of lettering -- that this quote is almost exactly the same as one I lettered earlier. But who cares?

Lol, ok so this week I have for you a quote by Brad Wilcox, going along with our trials theme! 

Since I already covered this quote a bit once before, I'm going on a bit of a different spin in its short accompanying message this time around. 🤣

Do you know what to do if you get caught under ice?

Y'all, I'm getting some Breakthrough vibes here, but the only reason I know this is because, of course, we had a discussion with the young members in our family after watching the movie. 

If you have no clue what I'm talking with, chill for a sec - in this AWESOME CHRISTIAN MOVIE with Chrissy Metz, John Smith (Chrissy Metz character's son) is being a dumb teenage boy. He gets yelled at for playing on ice, and, uh oh, he falls into it. Obviously, there is so much more to the movie than that, but after my family saw it we talked about not playing on the ice and what to do if you get stuck.

The natural response when you're in freezing cold water is to, well, freak out. But that won't do you much good! Instead, you start to hyperventilate, lose your breath, and slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwly sink to the bottom of the lake.

But it's really not that hard to survive when you chill, get horizontal, and just kick your legs until you are level with the ice. 

Not saying this from experience, but someone had to have figured that out lol.

So you kick your legs, slide onto the safe ice, and are scarred for life and never do stupid things again. Yay!

And how does this relate to the gospel? Or this Brad Wilcox quote?

Alright, so sometimes when we're in an un ideal situation, we start to kick and scream at least metaphorically, freaking out under the ice. Like, "AAAAAAH THIS IS UNCOMFORTABLE!" and "AAAAAAH I SHOULDN'T EVER HAVE ANY TRIALS IN MY LIFE!" and "AAAAAAH PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE!" and I'm not saying that asking our Heavenly Father to help us in trials is bad -- you just want to do it the right way.

Our Father in Heaven is a fair, merciful, just and powerful loving God. He's not a fairy who's going to wave a magic wand and make everything terrible go away. (Or control someone's agency - that's not cool!)

Remember, the person who wanted everything to be controlled and perfect all the time is not Him... it's Satan... don't do it... anyways,

We have access to a much higher and holier way of help - the Atonement. 

If you just turn to Christ, and ask for the enabling power of the Atonement, and accept the situation you're in, stop resisting it, and pray through the whole thing, you are going to be helped through your trial in such a quicker and less painful way.

And it's not a perfect checkbox/recipe even though I did have to put it in a sentence to explain it. It's going to vary in every situation, but the way to is not to get lifted out by helicopter through the modern Red Sea, it's to be given the divine power and strength after all you can do to be able to swim to the other side.

I could go on and on about this amazing principle, but ofc I want to keep things short and sweet. If you have like five seconds, please follow my account on Pinterest. It would be so sweet if you could, and you'll be able to see all of my other awesome Latter-Day Saint resources.

And enjoy your friday!

check out our awesome ywie!

Well, well, well. I know I've been keeping up with my weekly printspo -- hey, I keep my commitments💁‍♀️ -- but I seriously haven't done a legit blog post in forever! 

Ok. Just kidding. I actually posted two weeks ago about the theme, I am now realizing, but still! I've missed blogging after some batch creation and then taking a break from the blog.

The reason I've been a bit busy as of late is that me and my editor-in-chief hehehe have been planning YWIE! and oh my goodness, it turned out so exciting and fun, I'm super excited to share.

Our theme is "So Long, Farewell" because we are saying BYE to Personal Progress!!! I am so sad, but mostly just curious about what the new thing is going to be. Come on, Salt Lake, pleaaaaaase spill those juicy deets for me! 😂

Anyways, because that's the theme, all of the games, invites, decorations, and more are centered around that theme. Because you might as well get it while you can, right? 😉

There are three superfun party games to make your YWIE a blast which were all very fun to create.

The first is some PP trivia, which would be boring, except for that it is in Two Truths and A Lie format, making it a super fun game. Y'all the old YW motto was "WOMANHO" and that is not one of the lies! Hands down, you'll be fascinated by this fun game.

The second is What's on Your Phone, YW Style, where you get fun points for all sorts of righteous things. There are lots of ways to get points, like having the app gospel library and following a general authority on Insta to name a few. I love this one and how its printout turned out.

The final game is Who Knows Personal Progress best, like the baby shower game, or whatever, and it is so adorable and fun, like all of the games! I feel like all of them allow for fun without straying from the purpose of YWIE!

And then there are the decorative prints. Luv these guys! They are all centered on the fact that PP is going away, we loved it, but it's going to be okay!

I wouldn't let my buyers go without some additional decorations, though. With your purchase, you also get a giant banner, some simply adorbs cupcake toppers representing the PP program (we have the torch, one that looks like the medallion, another looking like the book, and some cute designs that are a little more neutral to round things out.) And treat tags! You can put anything in them because we made them nice and cute, but chill, for y'all. 

And introducing some new technology...drumroll please... it comes with editable invitations. Lol, I just hate saying editable so much, I referred to them as "edible" the whole time I was making them. These are not edible, sadly, but you can type in all the fields in blue and fill in your own information.

Finally, there's the most adorable memory jar activity. Just get yourself a mason jar, purchase the sign (of course it's included with the product) and then have each girl write on a slip of paper what their best memory was of Personal Progress. Personal Progress is going away, but the jar won't have to!

And there you have it. We just had this, and it was SO fun! Seriously, everyone loved the party games, had a great time, and I even have a picture. Most of the pics we took I can’t share for privacy reasons, but this one has no YW in it and look!!

Our leaders bought coordinating balloons & a balloon sculpture kit, and then put together this bad boy! Aaah I love it!

Without further ado, check out this product here on my shop. If you just want to support this blog and what I do for free, please follow my account on Pinterest and/or favorite the shop! Good luck with YWIE. Who knows if it's going away....

the principle of compensation

I. Just. Love. This week’s quote!! 

This is from Joseph B. Wirthlin, who sadly passed away about a decade ago. I was a little kid while he was alive, but from looking at his talks and quotes it’s evident he was a great apostle. And in this quote of his, he explains and backs up the principle of compensation. 

I have been in the church for so long (lol, ok I’m guess I’m just a teenager) and I literally never heard of it until a lesson about a week ago. After I searched around General Conference talks to fact check it and saw that an apostle has said it, I was like “ok, this is legit!”

One night I took out my toothbrush and realized that there was no toothpaste left. Maybe one of my siblings would have shrugged it off and taken off of brushing their teeth for the night, but I was determined to find what I needed.

I searched in every nook and cranny of the bathrooms and where we stored some extra supplies and finally found a travel sized tube of toothpaste. It was about the size of the palm of my hand, but I was grateful to have any at all. I happily skipped off to my bathroom, proud of myself for my successful search, and went to bed for the night.

The next day went by. As routine went, I reached for the toothpaste. And it. Was. Gone.

Living with siblings I should be more used my stuff going missing but this made me a little extra mad. I had spent 30+ minutes (y’all irl it was probably only 5😂😂) finding toothpaste for myself and some PUNK - I also suspected which of the punks in my house it was - had mooched off all of my effort and took it.

Sure enough, my lovely brother admitted to taking it as I went up to his room. The only problem was that my mother was also. Right. There, prohibiting me from interrogating him or grabbing the toothpaste and sprinting away.  Ugh. I explained that I had found the toothpaste and would like it back to both of them. And then she explained that it he was leaving for Scout Camp and they couldn’t buy any since— of course —it was the lovely Sabbath day. I left the room angry at the precious toothpaste I had now lost. 

The next day, I found a huge brand new king sized tube of toothpaste on my bed. 

Ok, the first lesson learned was that I was a pretty big jerk through the whole thing, but also that my lovely mother who is just as stubborn as I am was determined to teach me a lesson. 

Hey, in this case it was about the principle I learned about above.

Alright, I guess missing your toothpaste for one night is not a trial, but I couldn’t miss the parallels to the principle of compensation. I had to let the toothpaste depart from my possession, but who knows if it even lasted my brother through the entire week of Scout Camp anyways! And in return, out of the whole situation, I got a gigantic tube of toothpaste that has lasted me to this day. 😉

Now, my parents are very kind and generous - so if they are like that and our Heavenly Father is infinitely more so, imagine how loving and merciful He will be.

Now, disclaimer time, nowhere in the quote does it say, “12 hours later you’ll be handsomely compensated for your loss.” Of course we have to have faith in the Lord’s timing, but the blessings will eventually come!

Love this new little principle I learned about! Pls Pin this quote and really look to see if you can find situations where you’ve been “compensated” in your life. If you want more quotes like this, follow my LDS Quotes Pinterest board. Talk to y’all next week!

your green light to go and do!

Here is 2020 print #3. I am so pleased with how this supercute print turned out. You can use it as a binder cover, mini poster, art print, or handout to share with the girls about the upcoming theme for next year.

And of course, you know how the theme relates to the graphic above. Through the Holy Ghost, we know when to go and do. We can be told when to not do something which will harm us in the long run. And we can also be told to stop doing this and that and take a break.

Don't pretend you haven't heard that devotional at every single Latter-Day Saint baptism! 🤣

I think there may be 1 or 2 2020 prints to come, so be sure to follow my 2020 theme board on Pinterest to stay up to date with all of the free resources coming out! You can also access my other 2020 mini posters with the links below.

We Can Go and Do It! Featuring Rosie the Riveter💪
Go and Do! With Converse 

Love you all and best of luck with planning for 2020. You can get the printable version of it here - so sorry I forget to add that lol!

just serve!

What's up, everyone? We're back again with another quote in the August trial series! Haha, isn't that such a fun topic? It's just a little party over here already.

This week's quote is short and sweet, it's from President Gordon B. Hinckley (also curious... do you still refer to the prophets as presidents after they pass away???) and I love it because it is so easy to implement! 

A lot of times in church we get told amazing things that are absolutely true - like "Come unto Christ" and I'm like "Yuss I totally want to do that... but how?" Like, how? Let's get some actual steps to get through our trials, right? 

This quote helps us with an actionable step to feel better instantly. 

I always try to make my illustrations a little representative of what's going on, not just cute graphics but really things that jive with what's going on with the text and narrative and tell a story, and this one is no exception.

 As you can see, no matter our age, gender, race, economic status, whatever, we all have trials happening to us as a part of being in this big crazy world. 

No matter how perfect someone's clothes, smile, family, and Instagram seem to be, we really can't always know what they are going through. Some trials are absolutely more externally obvious than others, but you really can't assume that with your current knowledge about other people, you're the only one suffering. 

I mean, just look at all those sad faces. They're a lil gloomy and creepy, imho.

And Satan would like us to stay in a miserable state like he is in. So what's the opposite of that? 

Simple acts of service. 

It's great when you do huge favors that are very obvious and that everyone can see, but sometimes even better than that are those acts of simple secret service. 

Suddenly the faces on the bottom all contain a cute smile. I wonder what acts of service they added into the world!!

Speaking of little, quick things you can do, would you consider following my Pinterest account? (Shameless self promotion, I know.😂😂) Then after you're done with that 5-second task, go get off your phone/computer/tablet/screen and serve someone! Really look around and see where you can direct some love and kindness, because trust me, there are so many opportunities. Also I just realized that the Church has a website called JustServe so be sure to see if there is anything good on there and enjoy your weekend.

put on your big girl shoes and do it!!

Hey, y'all... whoa, is this yet another 2020 theme print?

This is just another 2020 theme poster I've made and don't worry, I'll keep cranking 'em out for a lil while longer. My main focus is on providing an amazing resource library for you, and the best stores and libraries have more than one of things. Like... how weird would it be if your local library advertised, "Come over because we have a Dystopian book. And a Fantasy book. And, oh, we also have one Mystery book as well." Just no. So, I'm super focused on making a big free resource library as well as expanding my shop. 😉

This one turned out so cute. I spent a lot of time figuring out a cute object that related to the idea of "go and do" and testing out different posing of the feet, and I finally decided on the lovely image you see above. 

You can get the printable here, and you can use it as a mini-poster, binder cover, handout, or art print and be sure to follow my Pinterest account and stay tuned for more resources coming soon.

we can go & do it!

hey hey my friends!! It's August -- again, and so the church has released next year's mutual theme -- again, and oh, I'm so excited to share it with y'all!!

Whether you're an average human or sweet lil nerd like I am, hopefully, you have heard of Rosie the Riveter.

As I learned that the theme was "Go and Do," I was brainstorming aesthetics and ideas with one of my biggest partners in crime and suddenly one of us thought of the idea to incorporate the simply famous "We Can Do It" poster.

I've seen it used everywhere from Bright Idea Posters (the Friend equivalent of Mormonads, its famous cousin) to political campaigns - I mean, the question is who doesn't love this hardworking girl?

The rest is history. Ugh, I am just so excited to put this out there, and even more excited to rework the design to go with the 2020 theme. 

Tbh, I'm mostly just sitting on the edge of my seat just like the rest of y'all to see what we're even going to be doing next year! Once we find out some more details, I'll be able to know what leaders will need to plan for and will be able to release helpful and cute resources.

Get the printable for free here - but wait, don't close the tab just yet!

I'm absolutely going to be sharing more resources to go with the 2020 theme - bulletin board kits, binder inserts, special event kit offerings, and even more designs to go with it as time goes on. To stay up to date with everything happening on the blog and learn of new freebies, be sure to give my Pinterest account a follow. 

If you love this design, please share it with just 1 other yw leader you know! 

That's all folks. Stay tuned for some more 2020 designs!!

how much of life are we missing?

hey, y'all. happy friday.


Okie so welcome back to another printspo post - this time a quote from Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf. woohoo! I just love all of his general conference talks and there is just so much printspo gold stuffed in there. 

I know that every week I say the quote is my favorite, and the person who said it is the best, but I don't know, I just enjoy sharing things that I love. 😉

As the quote says, how much of life are we missing?

There are so many directions I could go into with this, but I just want to point out that joy is always an option. I remember at EFY in the revelation class, people talking about how sometimes in the craziest situations, after the death of a loved one, a crazy announcement, when everything was going wrong, they felt joy and peace. I know that we can find joy and peace in the gospel and especially after asking the Lord for help through prayer. I'm not dismissing being sad. It's okay to be sad at naturally unfortunate situations and you really want to feel your feelings! But it's very important to dust yourself off afterwords and realize that you really can choose joy.

How much of life are we really missing? We only have so much time on Earth. There truly are small tender mercies we can find in every trial and in every day. We are that we might have joy, and we always can take up that opportunity.

If you have about 5 seconds, it would mean so much for you to follow my account on Pinterest or just follow the Printspo board for some more related content. 💕💕

I also have decided to try doing some themes in my content, so this August one is going to be trials. 

Aw yes. We just LOVE trials! Lol, no, but I'm very excited with some of the picture quotes I'm preparing they should be very inspirational for times of need.

Enjoy the weekend!