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how much of life are we missing?

hey, y'all. happy friday.


Okie so welcome back to another printspo post - this time a quote from Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf. woohoo! I just love all of his general conference talks and there is just so much printspo gold stuffed in there. 

I know that every week I say the quote is my favorite, and the person who said it is the best, but I don't know, I just enjoy sharing things that I love. 😉

As the quote says, how much of life are we missing?

There are so many directions I could go into with this, but I just want to point out that joy is always an option. I remember at EFY in the revelation class, people talking about how sometimes in the craziest situations, after the death of a loved one, a crazy announcement, when everything was going wrong, they felt joy and peace. I know that we can find joy and peace in the gospel and especially after asking the Lord for help through prayer. I'm not dismissing being sad. It's okay to be sad at naturally unfortunate situations and you really want to feel your feelings! But it's very important to dust yourself off afterwords and realize that you really can choose joy.

How much of life are we really missing? We only have so much time on Earth. There truly are small tender mercies we can find in every trial and in every day. We are that we might have joy, and we always can take up that opportunity.

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I also have decided to try doing some themes in my content, so this August one is going to be trials. 

Aw yes. We just LOVE trials! Lol, no, but I'm very excited with some of the picture quotes I'm preparing they should be very inspirational for times of need.

Enjoy the weekend!

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