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Well, well, well. I know I've been keeping up with my weekly printspo -- hey, I keep my commitments💁‍♀️ -- but I seriously haven't done a legit blog post in forever! 

Ok. Just kidding. I actually posted two weeks ago about the theme, I am now realizing, but still! I've missed blogging after some batch creation and then taking a break from the blog.

The reason I've been a bit busy as of late is that me and my editor-in-chief hehehe have been planning YWIE! and oh my goodness, it turned out so exciting and fun, I'm super excited to share.

Our theme is "So Long, Farewell" because we are saying BYE to Personal Progress!!! I am so sad, but mostly just curious about what the new thing is going to be. Come on, Salt Lake, pleaaaaaase spill those juicy deets for me! 😂

Anyways, because that's the theme, all of the games, invites, decorations, and more are centered around that theme. Because you might as well get it while you can, right? 😉

There are three superfun party games to make your YWIE a blast which were all very fun to create.

The first is some PP trivia, which would be boring, except for that it is in Two Truths and A Lie format, making it a super fun game. Y'all the old YW motto was "WOMANHO" and that is not one of the lies! Hands down, you'll be fascinated by this fun game.

The second is What's on Your Phone, YW Style, where you get fun points for all sorts of righteous things. There are lots of ways to get points, like having the app gospel library and following a general authority on Insta to name a few. I love this one and how its printout turned out.

The final game is Who Knows Personal Progress best, like the baby shower game, or whatever, and it is so adorable and fun, like all of the games! I feel like all of them allow for fun without straying from the purpose of YWIE!

And then there are the decorative prints. Luv these guys! They are all centered on the fact that PP is going away, we loved it, but it's going to be okay!

I wouldn't let my buyers go without some additional decorations, though. With your purchase, you also get a giant banner, some simply adorbs cupcake toppers representing the PP program (we have the torch, one that looks like the medallion, another looking like the book, and some cute designs that are a little more neutral to round things out.) And treat tags! You can put anything in them because we made them nice and cute, but chill, for y'all. 

And introducing some new technology...drumroll please... it comes with editable invitations. Lol, I just hate saying editable so much, I referred to them as "edible" the whole time I was making them. These are not edible, sadly, but you can type in all the fields in blue and fill in your own information.

Finally, there's the most adorable memory jar activity. Just get yourself a mason jar, purchase the sign (of course it's included with the product) and then have each girl write on a slip of paper what their best memory was of Personal Progress. Personal Progress is going away, but the jar won't have to!

And there you have it. We just had this, and it was SO fun! Seriously, everyone loved the party games, had a great time, and I even have a picture. Most of the pics we took I can’t share for privacy reasons, but this one has no YW in it and look!!

Our leaders bought coordinating balloons & a balloon sculpture kit, and then put together this bad boy! Aaah I love it!

Without further ado, check out this product here on my shop. If you just want to support this blog and what I do for free, please follow my account on Pinterest and/or favorite the shop! Good luck with YWIE. Who knows if it's going away....

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