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He will always help you climb them

Heyyyyy, y'all, this lovely Friday I'm here with a quote from the ahhhmazing Sheri Dew! 
I just knew it was a matter of time before I ended up lettering a quote from her, she is just such a bossgirl and totally killing it as an awesome Latter-Day Saint woman😇😂. 

So, in her own words...

I love this statement!

It's so comforting to know exactly how things like this work. I saw a few similar quotes to this on Pinterest, but one I really loved is "the bird is sitting on a branch is not afraid of it breaking because its trust is not in the branch. It's in its own wings."

And I love this! Believe in yourself. It's amazing.


Sometimes I run into problems when I, as a valuable but imperfect human, make mistakes and issues for myself. And what I love is the belief, faith, and testimony of God that I have that helps me know that, with Him, things will be okay. 

I mess up. I do dumb things, say stupid stuff, and things happen in life that have nothing to do with me! But yet I know that He is there and He will help me get through it.

Just think about this amazing quote and analogy. 💖

Adding into the mountain/rock-climbing figure, it reminds me of this lil' video below. 

When faced with a mega hurdle of a trial, we can do it like that...supersmart guy that gets shown first, scaling it without any help and making things miserable for ourselves.

Or we can do it the better, higher, safer way - with the help of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

This quote + your own personal experiences & thoughts could also be fun to use as a mini-devo for a girls camp hike. Aaagh! Speaking of girls camp - be sure to head over there for the big library of girls camp resources!

Yay! Just a cutesy quote for y'all, hopefully, you were inspired by the message and Sheri Dew's cool words, and enjoy be sure to enjoy your weekend!

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