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Okay, this picture quote is like, featuring AirPods. You can't get much better than that!

Aaaagh, okay, I love this quote because it can be hard to hear, but it's so much better than the simple "get off your phone."

If you're reading this when it's published, I'll be... not on my phone, (shocker) at... Girls Camp.

I used to get so angry when remembering that we would be robbed of our cell phones, for, like, ugh omigosh a whole week. 

It wasn't fair. The leaders walked around camp, with their phones in their back pockets, plugged into massive solar portable chargers, just to rub it in our faces. The weird employees of the camp we rented at sat in the mess hall, their phones tantalizingly sitting on the tables charging. A phone. Could I even remember what it was like to hold one?

Why did I have to be so deprived??

Then, suddenly, I had a thought.

What if the people with cell phones are deprived?

Suddenly, everything shifted 360 degrees as I thought about the masses of people lying or sitting down, their eyes cast downward on the hazy lights of their screens, then contrasted that with the giggling and laughing of running around with my friends. I thought of our school slideshow, my friends and I laughing, smiling, and posing for the camera while the next photo showed students, all next to each other, none of them looking at each other and all staring at their devices. I'm sure everyone could think of their own little horror story when the technology took over.

Y'all, I run a blog, so clearly I'm not against technology of all kinds. Blogs are good! The Internet is good! E-books are good! Texting is so. fun. And... Pinterest? 😍

But too much of anything can go awry.

Get ready for the stats!


(these are averages so don't get offended - use the screen time tracking apps on your phone to see how you measure up! the sources are at the end of the post.)

Americans browse their devices for 5 hours a day. (okay, so for teenagers, that's like almost the whole time they're not at school)

iPhone users check their phone once every ten minutes. (Android peeps, I'm sure you're not angels either - the source said that iPhone users unlock their phones 80x a day while the...other people do it 110x.)

50% of Americans have cell phone addiction (which is the formal term for it.)

87% of smartphone users check their phone before bed and 69% within 5 minutes of waking up.

85% of users will check their device while talking with friends and family.

Teens who spend 5 hours a day or more on their phones have 71% higher risk of suicide than those who use it 1 hour daily. They also have a 51% higher risk of not getting enough sleep than their 1-hour-a-day peers. 

8th graders who often use social media have a 27% higher risk of depression.

But, then again, random percentages don't always mean anything and data can be swayed or unreliable!

My main source for the stats was a site where you sell your phone to them - so obviously they'd be motivated to round up facts causing you to do so.

A bunch of big news sites came out with a story saying that smartphones were causing people to grow horns, which everyone shook their heads at until some science peeps looked into it and realized that there was no actual evidence that this claim was true.

But we know that the apostles of the church (in this case, President M. Russell Ballard😉) are an excellent source of information, with no ulterior motives and their own revelation for what to talk about. His quote is really good! We need opportunities to hear His voice, our testimony won't be able to survive without it. 

So what if we wake up from our phone-induced-partially-awake state? Who know's what's waiting in the real world?
Searching for an awesome talk on this topic? Look no further than Hank Smith, an amazing and super amazing youth speaker! Check out his talk "Wake Up From Your Phone" which is not an affiliate link aaaah I wish lol!


(ew I've never had to list that in one of my posts before)

He will always help you climb them

Heyyyyy, y'all, this lovely Friday I'm here with a quote from the ahhhmazing Sheri Dew! 
I just knew it was a matter of time before I ended up lettering a quote from her, she is just such a bossgirl and totally killing it as an awesome Latter-Day Saint woman😇😂. 

So, in her own words...

I love this statement!

It's so comforting to know exactly how things like this work. I saw a few similar quotes to this on Pinterest, but one I really loved is "the bird is sitting on a branch is not afraid of it breaking because its trust is not in the branch. It's in its own wings."

And I love this! Believe in yourself. It's amazing.


Sometimes I run into problems when I, as a valuable but imperfect human, make mistakes and issues for myself. And what I love is the belief, faith, and testimony of God that I have that helps me know that, with Him, things will be okay. 

I mess up. I do dumb things, say stupid stuff, and things happen in life that have nothing to do with me! But yet I know that He is there and He will help me get through it.

Just think about this amazing quote and analogy. 💖

Adding into the mountain/rock-climbing figure, it reminds me of this lil' video below. 

When faced with a mega hurdle of a trial, we can do it like that...supersmart guy that gets shown first, scaling it without any help and making things miserable for ourselves.

Or we can do it the better, higher, safer way - with the help of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

This quote + your own personal experiences & thoughts could also be fun to use as a mini-devo for a girls camp hike. Aaagh! Speaking of girls camp - be sure to head over there for the big library of girls camp resources!

Yay! Just a cutesy quote for y'all, hopefully, you were inspired by the message and Sheri Dew's cool words, and enjoy be sure to enjoy your weekend!

summer personal progress

What, it's already Summer again? Okay, time just needs to stop flyin' by because I swear I was just making last year's!

Okay, yeah, maybe summer's already started. Most lucky people, unlike me, have been liberated from school, like, way long ago. But summer officially starts today, y'all! So here I am with this *free* goal setting packet, ideas on how to implement it, and more posts in the series coming soon. 

So to summer? Hooray! And I am batch-creating posts, so to procrastination? Ha. 

Let's get on to the packet...

Spoiler alert, it's not as good as last year's, just better with a more detailed tracker, personal assessment and writing prompts, and much cuter graphics and design! 

The first page in the packet is your master Personal Progress planning dashboard, and it's ahhmazing. I kinda love it. I'm sure it will make the goal setting fun with the cute color palette and clipart, and of course, a little journaling area at the bottom because who doesn't want to talk about themselves?

The next page in the Summer Personal Progress packet is a supercute one-page set of all three months this summer, which allows you to see your plans and Personal Progress goals all at once! You also get to write a lil' more to figure out ways to up your Personal Progress game! 

You can skip to the bottom for the link of the packet.

Anddddd, that is it in this short and sweet packet. I kept it simple so it can fit on one sheet of paper you can mass distribute to the YW if you are a leader -- more posts on incorporating that soon -- but if you find yourself yearning for more, I have good news for you, because there is more amazing summer Personal Progress content like this -- 85-pages to be exact. 

With the ULTIMATE Summer Personal Progress Journal, you'll receive beautiful trackers for PP and BOM study, reminders to put on your wall, but most importantly, a superimportant schedule to help you be DONE with the program in 12 weeks! While having fun along the way! What I (and everyone else who've jumped on the bandwagon and given it a purchase) love about it is that it is anything but stodgy. The cute hand-lettered headers, illustrated characters, and whimsical art make it fun to look at it and work on.

Alright, enough shameless self-promotion, although you should totally check out the Summer Journal. Let's get y'all the packet.

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Anyway, tsym for checking this out 💖💖and being AMAZING yw/leaders,😇 and best of luck to you on your Personal Progress journey; best wishes for your summer!

happy father's day!

This goes out to all of the fathers out there and anyone else hoping to celebrate this sweet holiday!

As the library of Father's Day quotes grows over the years, hopefully, this will become a longer post - but I'm so thrilled to sharing quotes now! It's by our small and simple efforts and ideas that we reach our biggest goals and outcomes.

Be sure to share this with any of your dads who totally live up to this statement, and if you're looking for more cute quotes like this, follow my account on Pinterest. 

father's day personal progress

Hey, y'all, I'm here with another installment to our 2019 Personal Progress Holiday Worksheet Series, and ooh, it's a good one!

And it's a two-week experience.

But wait. Do those contradict each other?

No! They don't, actually. Yes, the Personal Progress program is behind me, and I won't lie and say the two-weekers were any less hard, but as I thought about them more, they're kind of a beautiful thing.

Although the one-day experiences are short & sweet, they're just that: a little short activity that we may do, tie a ribbon around, and never think about again. As tough as they are, these ones are about actually living the gospel and applying it to our lives.

This Father's Day experience is a required one, so you'll be able to do it and mark off a toughie. You know how they'll be telling you honor and love your fathers, jussst in time for the holiday? Well, this one kills two birds in one stone, so ha!

Get this lovely worksheet for free here! You can also find a lot more Personal Progress worksheets on the site, and if you like what you're seeing - the free lesson helps, quotes, ideas, and more, please follow my Pinterest account! 

Thanks for heading on over and enjoy your Father's Day!

just a little bit

Ever feel like you're not good enough?

This seems like a constant curse, and nothing is worse than the devastating feeling you get as you lie in bed, thinking about everything you didn't quite check off your to-do list. 

Yet this week's hand-lettered quote is a simple reminder to sit back, breathe, and remember that you. are. enough.

As Maya Angelou said, "You have nothing to prove to anyone." 

But I especially like this from Elder Bednar -- "If you today, you are a little better than you were yesterday, that's enough."

Imagine if we heeded this advice. 

As we know, by small and simple efforts, "great things are come to pass." 

This week's post is super short and sweet, but I hope y'all enjoy the lettered quote because I know that I do. It turned out so cute, and I hope you remember this next time you look in the mirror.

ultimate summer personal progress journal giveaway!

If you haven't heard about the Ultimate Personal Progress Summer Journal, you're missing out! It's been so successful and I'm so happy with all of the people that it's been able to help with Personal Progress.

It lays out all of the steps to completing Personal Progress, in a helpful schedule to allow you to complete it before the summer is over. 

Imagine going from scrambling to finish it to being relaxed as you sit and enjoy the colorful and cute illustrations with hand-lettering and work on Personal Progress.

Or going from wondering how you're ever going to get it done to wondering which medallion you want - gold or silver??

Finishing Personal Progress is such a historical opportunity as the program is going to get rolled out, so you don't want to miss it, or miss the change to get the product for free!!

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And then sit back and enjoy the chance to receive this lovely product for $6.99 for free!


The winner of this contest is... Michelle! Congrats, gurl, and you can find the whole 85-page mega packet in your inbox. A big thx to everyone who entered and took steps to support the blog and shop! 💕

patriotic personal progress


Everyone ready to do some Patriotic Personal Progress?

This is perfect for people wanting to do some Personal Progress on Memorial Day, or the 4th of July. And, yes, of course, these are American patriotic holidays. 

The majority of the readers here are in the USA, but for anyone else out there --readers  in the Philippines, Suriname, Germany, Panama, etc, people are checking the blog basically all over the place, aaaaah it's so amazing -- don't worry! There's plenty more of Personal Progress fun for everyone on the blog.

Included in this full packet are overview pages of experiences you can do to be patriotic, categorized into matching Personal Progress experiences.

If you're ready to do some Patriotic Personal Progress, give it a Pin! If you're hoping to see lots more fun Personal Progress resources, Latter-Day Saint helps, inspirational quotes and more, please follow my Pinterest acct! It would mean so much.

You can get the free Patriotic Personal Progress worksheet here.