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father's day personal progress

Hey, y'all, I'm here with another installment to our 2019 Personal Progress Holiday Worksheet Series, and ooh, it's a good one!

And it's a two-week experience.

But wait. Do those contradict each other?

No! They don't, actually. Yes, the Personal Progress program is behind me, and I won't lie and say the two-weekers were any less hard, but as I thought about them more, they're kind of a beautiful thing.

Although the one-day experiences are short & sweet, they're just that: a little short activity that we may do, tie a ribbon around, and never think about again. As tough as they are, these ones are about actually living the gospel and applying it to our lives.

This Father's Day experience is a required one, so you'll be able to do it and mark off a toughie. You know how they'll be telling you honor and love your fathers, jussst in time for the holiday? Well, this one kills two birds in one stone, so ha!

Get this lovely worksheet for free here! You can also find a lot more Personal Progress worksheets on the site, and if you like what you're seeing - the free lesson helps, quotes, ideas, and more, please follow my Pinterest account! 

Thanks for heading on over and enjoy your Father's Day!

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