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summer personal progress

What, it's already Summer again? Okay, time just needs to stop flyin' by because I swear I was just making last year's!

Okay, yeah, maybe summer's already started. Most lucky people, unlike me, have been liberated from school, like, way long ago. But summer officially starts today, y'all! So here I am with this *free* goal setting packet, ideas on how to implement it, and more posts in the series coming soon. 

So to summer? Hooray! And I am batch-creating posts, so to procrastination? Ha. 

Let's get on to the packet...

Spoiler alert, it's not as good as last year's, just better with a more detailed tracker, personal assessment and writing prompts, and much cuter graphics and design! 

The first page in the packet is your master Personal Progress planning dashboard, and it's ahhmazing. I kinda love it. I'm sure it will make the goal setting fun with the cute color palette and clipart, and of course, a little journaling area at the bottom because who doesn't want to talk about themselves?

The next page in the Summer Personal Progress packet is a supercute one-page set of all three months this summer, which allows you to see your plans and Personal Progress goals all at once! You also get to write a lil' more to figure out ways to up your Personal Progress game! 

You can skip to the bottom for the link of the packet.

Anddddd, that is it in this short and sweet packet. I kept it simple so it can fit on one sheet of paper you can mass distribute to the YW if you are a leader -- more posts on incorporating that soon -- but if you find yourself yearning for more, I have good news for you, because there is more amazing summer Personal Progress content like this -- 85-pages to be exact. 

With the ULTIMATE Summer Personal Progress Journal, you'll receive beautiful trackers for PP and BOM study, reminders to put on your wall, but most importantly, a superimportant schedule to help you be DONE with the program in 12 weeks! While having fun along the way! What I (and everyone else who've jumped on the bandwagon and given it a purchase) love about it is that it is anything but stodgy. The cute hand-lettered headers, illustrated characters, and whimsical art make it fun to look at it and work on.

Alright, enough shameless self-promotion, although you should totally check out the Summer Journal. Let's get y'all the packet.

And if you love this and the other...mass amount... of free resources here on the blog? Pls follow my Pinterest acct!! We have thousands of viewers - lol, you'll see 9k monthly rn - and then 19 followers.

Anyway, tsym for checking this out 💖💖and being AMAZING yw/leaders,😇 and best of luck to you on your Personal Progress journey; best wishes for your summer!

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