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patriotic personal progress


Everyone ready to do some Patriotic Personal Progress?

This is perfect for people wanting to do some Personal Progress on Memorial Day, or the 4th of July. And, yes, of course, these are American patriotic holidays. 

The majority of the readers here are in the USA, but for anyone else out there --readers  in the Philippines, Suriname, Germany, Panama, etc, people are checking the blog basically all over the place, aaaaah it's so amazing -- don't worry! There's plenty more of Personal Progress fun for everyone on the blog.

Included in this full packet are overview pages of experiences you can do to be patriotic, categorized into matching Personal Progress experiences.

If you're ready to do some Patriotic Personal Progress, give it a Pin! If you're hoping to see lots more fun Personal Progress resources, Latter-Day Saint helps, inspirational quotes and more, please follow my Pinterest acct! It would mean so much.

You can get the free Patriotic Personal Progress worksheet here.

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