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Okay, this picture quote is like, featuring AirPods. You can't get much better than that!

Aaaagh, okay, I love this quote because it can be hard to hear, but it's so much better than the simple "get off your phone."

If you're reading this when it's published, I'll be... not on my phone, (shocker) at... Girls Camp.

I used to get so angry when remembering that we would be robbed of our cell phones, for, like, ugh omigosh a whole week. 

It wasn't fair. The leaders walked around camp, with their phones in their back pockets, plugged into massive solar portable chargers, just to rub it in our faces. The weird employees of the camp we rented at sat in the mess hall, their phones tantalizingly sitting on the tables charging. A phone. Could I even remember what it was like to hold one?

Why did I have to be so deprived??

Then, suddenly, I had a thought.

What if the people with cell phones are deprived?

Suddenly, everything shifted 360 degrees as I thought about the masses of people lying or sitting down, their eyes cast downward on the hazy lights of their screens, then contrasted that with the giggling and laughing of running around with my friends. I thought of our school slideshow, my friends and I laughing, smiling, and posing for the camera while the next photo showed students, all next to each other, none of them looking at each other and all staring at their devices. I'm sure everyone could think of their own little horror story when the technology took over.

Y'all, I run a blog, so clearly I'm not against technology of all kinds. Blogs are good! The Internet is good! E-books are good! Texting is so. fun. And... Pinterest? 😍

But too much of anything can go awry.

Get ready for the stats!


(these are averages so don't get offended - use the screen time tracking apps on your phone to see how you measure up! the sources are at the end of the post.)

Americans browse their devices for 5 hours a day. (okay, so for teenagers, that's like almost the whole time they're not at school)

iPhone users check their phone once every ten minutes. (Android peeps, I'm sure you're not angels either - the source said that iPhone users unlock their phones 80x a day while the...other people do it 110x.)

50% of Americans have cell phone addiction (which is the formal term for it.)

87% of smartphone users check their phone before bed and 69% within 5 minutes of waking up.

85% of users will check their device while talking with friends and family.

Teens who spend 5 hours a day or more on their phones have 71% higher risk of suicide than those who use it 1 hour daily. They also have a 51% higher risk of not getting enough sleep than their 1-hour-a-day peers. 

8th graders who often use social media have a 27% higher risk of depression.

But, then again, random percentages don't always mean anything and data can be swayed or unreliable!

My main source for the stats was a site where you sell your phone to them - so obviously they'd be motivated to round up facts causing you to do so.

A bunch of big news sites came out with a story saying that smartphones were causing people to grow horns, which everyone shook their heads at until some science peeps looked into it and realized that there was no actual evidence that this claim was true.

But we know that the apostles of the church (in this case, President M. Russell Ballard😉) are an excellent source of information, with no ulterior motives and their own revelation for what to talk about. His quote is really good! We need opportunities to hear His voice, our testimony won't be able to survive without it. 

So what if we wake up from our phone-induced-partially-awake state? Who know's what's waiting in the real world?
Searching for an awesome talk on this topic? Look no further than Hank Smith, an amazing and super amazing youth speaker! Check out his talk "Wake Up From Your Phone" which is not an affiliate link aaaah I wish lol!


(ew I've never had to list that in one of my posts before)

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