Fall Holidays

I love sharing Latter-Day Saint resources for the holidays, and the fall/autumn season! On this page, you can find helps for holidays/events that happen in fall, listed in chronological order. ðŸƒðŸðŸ‚

Back to School

ALL BACK TO SCHOOL IDEAS: Check out my LDS Back To School Pinterest Board!


This "have courage and be kind" back to school gift idea is so cute! 


ALL HALLOWEEN IDEAS: Check out my LDS Halloween Pinterest Board!


Check out four Halloween quotes about fear and anxiety here.


This treat tag inspires others to minister, and you can put any nice lil candy inside. 


ALL THANKSGIVING IDEAS: Check out my LDS Thanksgiving Pinterest Board, featuring helps from other Latter-Day Saint bloggers as well! 


I created 4 cute hand-lettered Thanksgiving quotes! 

I love this quote about how gratitude (just like giving in general) benefit everyone! Such a win-win.  See this quote here.

It is so interesting to think about how if we want to be like the Savior, we need to be practiced in being grateful and thankful. Check out this quote here.

This one is pretty straightforward aaaah and maybe a little guilt-provoking omigosh! But the quote turned out so cute I just love it so much anyway. Come see it up close!

I love this one so much too! Just so poignant, about how those blessings are always, always there. We just have to look for them and then they'll become clear. See this quote here.


As soon as I saw this gratitude quote had the word "sweet" in it, I was like "dang, this has to be a treat idea!!" I love it! This would work great with any Thanksgiving/fall treat. Get the free treat tag printable here.


I created this "Thanksgiving Mystery" activity a few years ago and it was soooo much fun!! It's all about finding the purpose in Thanksgiving using clues, riddles, ciphers, and searching General Conference quotes and the church building. You can purchase it in my shop during the fall season!

Do you love celebrating all the holidays? I mean 💁🏻‍♀️if you’re here reading this, there’s a pretty good chance. 👌Be sure to follow me on 📌Pinterest for easy access to an organized library of holiday printables to make your life easier + celebrating and enjoying these classic events cuter.🥳 I'm also on Insta 📸 sharing pretty doctrinal + holiday quotes to inspire. 💛

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