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lds thanksgiving quote #4 -- love & thanks

Hey y’all and happy Friday. I felt this was extra relevant because look who said it! Our awesome prophet.
Now for one moment, think of everything that you want in your life.
I won’t even try to guess exactly what came to your mind, but by the way the question was phrased it’s likely that you desire things that you already have.
How many times do we get caught up with the next best thing, our latest idea for the wishlist, and then forget the time when we wanted exactly what we now have?
Sometimes you haven’t even gone without something, and that can also lead to taking things for granted.
Whenever I have a cold, I sulk, remembering the good times when my nose wasn’t running and I would breathe without sniffling; when my head doesn’t throb and I don’t constantly shiver. All I will want is to be in that blissful state of, you know, not-sickness.
But when I’m finally well again, maybe sometimes I go back to longing for “more important things.”
Maybe y’all go ahead and write that list. Just think about the amazing amount of blessings that we already have; that were right under our noses the entire time.
Then think about how happy our Heavenly Father will be when He sees our fleeting, lovely gratitude even if just for a moment.
If we love him, we’ll keep His commandments. (I can’t believe we’re still in 2019, maybe mentally with all this content creation I’ve moved onto go and do already!) And from the way President Nelson has worded it, it seems like gratitude is one of them.
Just some thoughts on gratitude, but don’t get too used to these weekly quotes! In 2020 ( oh my goodness that is so soon!!!) I’m going to be lettering scriptures from the Come Follow Me reading on Mondays instead. It’s still a quote every week, but this time nice and aligned with the direction the church is going in. Don’t worry — this won’t be a CFM-only blog, but it’s something I’m excited to incorporate.
Honestly, as a YW blogger mostly, I have no idea how things are going to look next year in this organization. But I have faith. And I’m so excited for what the future will bring.

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