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four back to school quotes

These quotes from Latter-Day Saint leaders all are inspiring as we go back to school. They tell us that we're doing as we gain knowledge + an education is needed in the kingdom of God as well as in this world.

I love President Nelson's call to everyone, everywhere, in every circumstance to learn. What we learn is one of the things we take with us to heaven--if a person gains knowledge in this life, he has an advantage in the world to come--D&C 130:19.

Wow, this is powerful. It reminds us of one of the core reasons for education: serving others. When we're educated, we can help other lives in addition to our own.

This is vivid imagery, and important to apply. Because, if we don't have the key, that would mean doors are locked. This is why President Hinckley also said, "It is so important that you young men and you young women get all of the education that you can."

This is great for everyone, taking the pressure of learning. Even living itself is learning if we pause for introspection, right? Anyone at any age, whether they are years before school or years after it, can continue to learn.

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