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lds thanksgiving quote #1 - give & receive

Thank you.
It’s such a common phrase for some people, and so rare for others. It reminds me of in the Bible, with Moses, where all you had to do was look to live — it was so easy. But still, some people’s pride got in the way.
Do we sometimes forget how easy it is to send a thank you not or text? Or even just to say the two (or less) words? I love how easy it is to say thank you! You can toss your thanks around like candy, except for that the candy is free.
Y’all I always get tempted to sprint on into Christmas mode this time of year once Halloween is done, but I really am trying to not get in the Polar Express just yet and stay present in the season.
And it’s hard! I always have to be one jump ahead (by the time you read this I probably will be planning stuff for the New Year) Bc that’s how blogging & Pinterest works, but it is so important to me to enjoy all these holidays, even some of the less “all about me” ones maybe.
So this month I’ll be sharing 4 Thanksgiving quotes! Halloween was TOUGH to turn gospel related, but gratitude is such a big principle of the gospel so I see this being a piece of cake.
This one says “gratitude gives warmth to both the giver and receiver alike” and it is from ex...no, ...former?...late...previous Apostle Robert D. Hales. (Do I say former apostle? If I do does it sound bad? Lol)
But anyways, he was great and so are his words.
I like how he says warmth. If you’re genuinely grateful for something, it’s hard not to smile as you're giving thanks. God loves a cheerful giver, and in my opinion, a cheerful thanks-giver as well.

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