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June 1–7 -- Alma 5–7 -- “Have Ye Experienced This Mighty Change in Your Hearts?”

alma 5 is definitely iconic hahaha, but the statement that stood out to me the most was "have ye received his image in your countenance?" Are you just so happy and loving and good that people can see that smile and tell that there's something different about you? Or that the Israeli government has to be like "What are we going to do about the light in their eye??" 

lol. which is why I've lettered this verse. Enjoy!

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happy happy father's day!

Happy Father’s Day!! I know it’s not for like a month but I hate being caught by surprise by holidays, so I went ahead and put together the quotes for it.


And here they are! I just got the cutest hand lettered font so I’m excited to test it out & see how it goes.

Elder Christofferson gave a great talk on fatherhood, so it’s no surprise that this quote is coming from there! Purpose of fatherhood right there 😂👆


I think this second quote from him is the most Insta worthy 😂 and I’ll probably be sharing it there when the holiday approaches.

I love this quote! We are all royals and magnifying our earthly roles increases our resemblance to God.


When your brain is fried and you can’t think of any more colors for the palette, there’s always black, right? 😂 It is so great that, despite the earthly fathers we’ve been given, we all have a Heavenly Father who wants a relationship with us. When our earthly fathers emulate Him (like my amazing father does, just to clarify😂😂) it is such a blessing. 

And that’s it! Print out these quotes for free and for your use or decor here, and if you love Latter Day Saint printables for free, I'm on Pinterest or Insta with sm inspirational and pretty content to share!! 

May 18–24 | Mosiah 25–28 | “They Were Called the People of God”

alright y'all! it is alma the younger time! as I reviewed the verses surrounding his repentance and conversion this one stood out to me. I think all the time (just like the "mote in the eye" story from last week) we might do some finger pointing whenever stories of change like this get told.

like "ya, alma the younger was an apostate. too bad for him. he really needed to repent."

or reading this verse, all like, "yep. my sister/in law/boss/friend/cousin/parents....etc etc need to read this" which destroys the exact meaning of the very verse. We ALL are imperfect. We ALL owe a debt to justice, even if we rationalize with our varying sizes. Therefore, we ALL need to come unto Christ daily and "retain a remission of our sins." Myself so, so included if I didn't make that clear!

I'm so excited to further study these topics around forgiveness and repentance this week. Yay!

Ok and the printables for Mosiah are finally finished! You can get all the printables for the verses we studied right here.

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a cute home church life hack!

I know we have a lot of Utah readers on the blog!! the painting in the background is of mapleton tehehe ;)

happy Sunday everyone!! here is just a little home church hack that we just started using.

you know that special ... thing ... in the chapels, with the hymn numbers on there... I don’t even know what it’s called and I certainly didn’t sit there during church thinking of my profound gratitude for it, but I only realized how much I missed it until we were doing church at home, and it wasn’t even there.

Before every song, there would be an awkward pause, to “what are we singing again?” None of us could really keep it straight, including me, the pianist 🤣🤣 until... this got set up. You can just set up a Letterboard like so it and works perfectly.

I truly think the idea for this was revelation 💡 Bc I never would have thought of this myself! But as I was prompted to set it up before church today the whole family was like 🤩 and our singing flowed much more smoothly.

and that’s it! Short and sweet. Good luck to all y’all with your own home church sessions! 💁🏻‍♀️

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how to plan a virtual girls camp!!

This post was updated on March 20th, 2021.

 👋Hey girls camp planners! Is it seriously camp season again already? 🤯 I remember when my idea for a "camp in a box" went viral last year, we were all stuck in quarantine. Isolated, but experiencing that 2020 dumpster fire together. 💁🏻‍♀️ As we've made it through a year, in-person camps become a new option, virtual camps have improved, and of couuuurse 💜💜💜I have new resources for you.


What is a treat without a gospel tie-in? This years' kit features 10 treat tags, plus a jewelry card, cuz, take it from me, your campers can never have too much bling!✨ 5 of the treat tags are themed on 🎶A Great Work🎶 and as we strive to follow the prophet, the others are based on his initiatives and remarks!

Use them for pillow treats @ in-person camp 😷or if you're virtual, go like "Girls Camp Boxes 2.0!" ✌ As a young woman myself, no matter the format, I would love to get these treats.


These add an exciting touch to virtual girls camp. Let's watch them in action in the unboxing!


Who here loves fro-yo? 🍦 These devotional starters are like your favorite toppings. 😉 Take as many quotes, videos, or activity ideas as you want to sweeten up your devos--or give them to the YCLs to help them lead! ✊


You can't go to camp, so why not bring the sights and scenes of camp to your girls? They'll ✨defffinitely✨ be like "uh how did you get reception out there?" 😂😂😂


I am 🗣soooo excited about these. Take your camp handouts from drab to fab--without complicated design programs you're unfamiliar with--by adding in these header images. They have cute camp illustrations 👩🏻‍🎨, a gift + life hack from me to you.


Us teenagers communicate with our phones, for better or worse. 🤳 Catch us in our usual spot by using textables! I've created two sets--in-person themed images that you can send leading up to camp, or virtual ones with fun things, like a cute way to say "get on the call right now!!!!" 😂


This is tooootally the easiest part of camp and not dreaded by anyone at all! 😆 Yeah, no. There's no magic formula 🪄 to creating unity as you get to know your campers, but I've made a questionnaire with sparkles to help you start. 🧚‍♀️ Faith, trust, and pixie dust, y'all!


Of course camp themes are flexible! For a small fee, I can make customizations for you.

This amazing bundle of aesthetic church goodness could be yours. Step aside, John Quiñones. I'm asking...what would you do? 👇 Will you say...

or... ✌ I'm going to keep scrolling + DIY it! 

No matter your choice or your planning style, I hope all my resources, free + premium, help you get the details + designs done so you can focus on the fun stuff. 😘 I hope you know you are doing amazing as a leader + Heavenly Father sees your sacrifice as you serve His beloved daughters + bring them closer to Him. ❣ 🙏

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Good luck with planning camp!!!

may 11–17 -- mosiah 18–24 -- we have entered into a covenant with Him

hey hey y'all! this is another week of come follow me, wahoo I'm so excited. And all of these verses 🤩🤩🤩

This scripture has probably been one of the easiest to memorize. You know - reciting it with your churchies every week for four straight years will do the trick! I'm so glad it is still part of our *updated* young womens' theme and that I was able to letter it for y'all this week!

As I lettered what I remembered of the theme, I realized that the pronouns were slightly modified from the actual scripture verse. For this reason, I made two quotes for this week.

 one with the exact scripture wording....

 one with a more personalized approach like is in the new YW theme...

Ok and the printables for Mosiah are finally finished! You can get all the printables for the verses we studied right here.

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pioneer day post

 pioneer day post

may ministering printable

alright y'all! just showing up with a quick ministering idea for the month of *may.*

I try to provide cute little printouts that can be used for ministering monthly, and this month's holiday was Mother's Day, but I was like... the idea of the leaders bringing the young women something on mothers day just seems really wrong... so we're mixing it up and doing a monthly theme this time around.

this printable is all like "come what MAY and love it," and so it is officially perfect for this month. I hope that y'all enjoy using it, it would go great with some flowers and it can be found right here.

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4 lds mother's day quotes for the women in your life

y'all! it's going to be mother's day in ~like~ not that much time and aaaaah oh my goodness...this definitely isn't catching me off guard or anything. No. I've just been so busy spending every minute of the day planning mother's day festivities for my own mother that I haven't had time to eat, breathe, or do anything else. Truth...

anyways, I just rounded up four lds mother's day quotes that you can send to those applicable (along with your gifts ofc!!) and I hope y'all enjoy.

thank you to all you angels  extreme athletes superheroes saints  oh, I recall, the word is "mothers" everywhere. these quotes are for you!

for the mother who doesn't see herself as one

question: am I a mother?


{if you're a woman, then yass!}for anyone with any imposter syndrome or any insecurity or anything, myth busted. to all women, the quotes about motherhood (and most of all, the church and RS) do not exclude you.

for the mother who thinks she isn't enough

question: am I doing a good enough job?


motherhood is tough...and I don't know that from experience. I just have babysat before and it is so much more chill to be able to hand back the kid at a certain point. but...y'all know who DOES really know about the...dirty diapers, messy kitchens, stacks of dishes...and EVERYTHING? 💖Jesus💖and one of His apostles wants to bring this reminder to you.

for the mother who is in a trial

question: how can I get through my struggles?


you are a righteous mother in the kingdom of God and you have *every* right to draw upon His healing, strengthening and priesthood power. and guess what? as a mother, one not ordained to the priesthood, yes, you actually have increased power in your prayers. so start talking to Him today!

for the mother who wonders if she's important

question: is motherhood really an important calling in life?


lol. hmmmmmmm. I think that everyone in the church sits thinking about this all of the time because the importance of motherhood is just never stressed. 😂😂 no I'm kidding, I will just let this quote speak for itself as a reminder of the magnitude and scope of mothers' amazing roles.

and that's it y'all! I've added these as printables and I hope you enjoy pampering your mothers this Sunday. I'll be highlighting these on Insta (if you could follow my acct I would love that!) thru the week.

apr '20 | historical general conference

Hey y'all!! So insane that the historical general conference has come, and gone, and ugh, it was so amazing. I even made an infographic about everything that went down! This was unique for sure.

conference summary

A lot went down! I made an infographic to cover it all. You can find content and recaps of this conference PLUS a PDF with short summaries of all the talks -- gold!! -- at the Church News site.

talk study

I've created two worksheets to help your general conference study. 

The first is designed for you to study ALL of the General Conference talks. I wish there were 24 talks!! Or we had more weeks in between conferences. 

Because there are more talks than weeks, it means that doubling up has to occur. ☹️ However, with coronavirus cancelling life, we have extra time to study, right? 😉

If you’re too busy to study more than one conference talk a week, simply choose your favorites and create your own personalized plan! This worksheet makes it so easy to do within minutes.  

Get the worksheets for free here!!

If you need a medium by which to study the talks, Work + Wonder Co. has a free PDF (with wide margins 🥰🤩) of all the talks! Along with beautiful study journals in their shop!! Check that out here.

inspiring quotes

I'll be posting the best quotes on Insta as they come!

You can grab all of these quotes as printables here. If you have a second, can you follow me on Pinterest, where I share more inspirational church quotes like these? Just doing my best to grow my following over there. 😉

yass and that's it for april 2020! Loved this conference so much, truly was historic. 

may 4-10 -- mosiah 11-17 -- a light that can never be darkened

oh my GOODNESS these are some of my favorite Book of Mormon chapters out there!! And now the whole entire church is going to be taking them apart and analyzing them and applying that and aaaaah it just makes me so happy!!

This right here is totally a power verse and I have always wanted to letter it. Finally, it's here.

We get really concerned and stressed about a debt to big to pay, our nothingness and the fact that as humans, we fail. Until we get this interjection - representing not only the Resurrection from Christ overcoming death but also just the reality of the Atonement and the renewal, peace, and hope that it brings. 

Ok and the printables for Mosiah are finally finished! You can get all the printables for the verses we studied right here.

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6 verses of comfort in times of corona

and we are at the end of the series! oh my goodness! I rounded up these six verses as a one-stop place to look for what has been said about fear + anxiety especially when they are so so relevant right now!

These all ended up being New Testament verses, but there are so many more I could have included throughout the whole entire Standard Works! One theme is consistent (although there are more) as I've been studying them up. When we turn our hearts to God, He won't leave us or lead us astray. He is with us in ALL things and we can use this as an opportunity for LESS fear and MORE Jesus.

Be sure to check out the other posts in this series they are both super helpful!

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