how to plan a virtual girls camp!!

girls camp is cancelled!! aaaaaah I am literally so bummed...when putting it minorly, like seriously, this was going to be the year of camp. BUT with the resources that I have put together, this still can be an amazing and inspiring session of camp that will uplift your young women and help them get working on their goals!

we can't have regular camp... but virtual camp is definitely...cushier, right? Lol. It's so different that it can be tough to even know where to begin planning! That is exactly why I created the Virtual Girls Camp Starter Kit! It is designed to take all the overwhelm and confusion out of planning *probably the first in history* virtual girls camp. We are all in uncharted territory and this starter kit is the cutest + most curated that you can find to help you direct your planning, solving for all of the steps, which I write more about below.

While in part it's true that we have more time than we did before, often, the combinations of working from home, homeschooling others, and keeping the constantly occupied house afloat can actually create even less time to plan what we're wanting. Virtual camp can be edifying...but not for you if it is giving you stress!!! This is why I have created this starter kit, to set you in the right decision and get rid of the pressure to come up with it all.

here are some of the obstacles that arise when planning a virtual girls camp -- and the ways that they can be OVERCOME!

ta daaaaa! Insert the Girls Camp Box!!! As our ward has been doing activities we will sometimes bring by a special package to each yw with everything she needs for that activity. So I reasoned...why not make one of these for girls camp?

But it can't just be mediocre. It can't be expensive. It can't be ugly. It has to be appealing to the young women. I worked and designed for weeks and I can say that this girls camp box fills all those needs.

This whole packet (like ofc who else would be doing stuff for me, but if you're new to the site you may not know that I am just a young woman ✌ saving for my mission with my graphic design shop and trying to help young women leaders as I share printables in the blogosphere) is designed by a young woman, for young women!!

these are things that real young women would want to get, activities that real young women would want to do, devotionals that real young women won't fall asleep in! and in this box are things that would make camp fun for them.

This is how it turned out once I assembled it and took photos!! Doing this is even easier for you, because all you have to do is print and cut the tags, each of which are related to Go & Do and Children and Youth Goal setting, which I'll explain more later, use my buying guide to find the very best deals (I was able to find a way for y'all to get these items for $7 a young woman!!) and cover the boxes with the adorable covers I have made.

here's another closeup to the awesomeness of this box.

here are the treat tags of the items that end up going inside the box. Each is related to a Goal Setting focus and some go with a treat, some go with an activity. When you purchase the activity, you'll see how!

the theme of this whole packet ~ oh look it's super relevant 🤭😁

how can we let our yw know this happening? and get them excited about it? and remind the ones who haven't come?

Introduce textables! Talking to your young women has never been easier -- or cuter, with these 6 textable square images. All you do is screenshot and send. These 6 images all have different scenarios to be used in but they are all soooo cute, virtual girls camp themed, and yours when you purchase!!

take it from a young woman! we are on our phones (even if it is more than y'all would like) and sometimes, especially now, the is the best way to communicate with us is to meet us right there.

here are ALL six of the textables for you to preview and see how you might use them in conversations for camp!!

*wish you were here* for young women who haven't been participating

*no bugs* for an inside joke or pep talk with young women who aren't fans of the outdoors part of girls camp

*it may be different but there's no need to fear* for reassurance that yah, life is crazy, but we can still have fun at virtual camp!

*welcome* for the first day of camp, and also, like for the aesthetics. this is def one of my favorites out of the group. so many cute illustrations on there!

*virtual girls camp* a little visual to get your young women excited to read the info list abt camp!!

*we would love you to join us* lol this can be used as a *friendly reminder* about camp or just in advance when information is being shared

what are we going to do???

that question's a lil vague, but if you're looking for activities that go with go and do & the children and youth goals, I got you covered. Remember those mysterious camp boxes that we dropped by? They have treats and other things to get the young women super stoked for camp. 

But they also have everything they need for the activities!!

Ok *now* this is hypothetically if y'all purchase the packet *which is a digital download* and the accompanying items. Don't want to mislead anyone here! But you don't have to rack your brain coming up with activities because they, planned to match the goal setting focuses and with cute handouts to match, are in the packet. 

Each day has a a theme (social, physical, spiritual, intellectual) and activity handout and a challenge. Yas!

how do we teach things in virtual camp? and not make it boring?

Glad y'all asked! As I am the expert on what yw think is boring I think I'm pretty well equipped to share some strategies and ideas on making camp devotionals extra engaging and fun! Since young women can check out and go on other apps, during Zoom devotionals, some may. 

But not if I have anything to say design about it!

All of these resources are to make devotionals the best experience for everyone involved! Easy planning for you, an interactive experience for them, and devotionals centered on how to *go and do* and do the *spiritual* *social* *physical* *intellectual* stuff.

first of all, these devotional starters are where it's at!! All of these make the goal setting areas relevant for young women and can help the young women lead and plan! This makes it easy for your YCLs to take charge, giving them all the places, scriptures, quotes, questions, and more to make their devotional awesome! It also has multimedia resources like links to the Church's best relevant videos to make the concepts come to life.

and to make this extra fun...we have doodle notes!!! doesn't the picture below even make you excited? these are part coloring sheet, part note sheet, 100% fun, and something for the young women to do during the devotionals that keeps them listening and engaged. there is trendy bujo style paper and prompting questions on the notes sheets (like "what do I want to go and do???"") and while you can either print these in color or use the black and white coloring page versions. You can even have everyone text in their doodle notes at the end for some artsy gospel fun! 😂😂🤪

how do I do (xyz) virtually?

I've put together some creative ideas. And if your camp tradition isn't included in the "Go Virtual! Guide" (included with your purchase) then you can also message me and I will add it to the guide and help you come up with ideas for it!! this CAN be super creative and fun!

why should I purchase this packet for girls camp?

I tried to map all of the value onto one lil pic...and all the different resources really didn't fit!! That is because there are SO many helpful printables and downloads in this packet, all beautifully designed. 😂 this really will make planning virtual camp stress free!!

and if your theme isn't "go and do?" or you need to change the packet in some way? I am here to help you make all your camp design wishes come true!! If you need something small changed, I'm happy to step in and help you for free. If you have a larger hope for customization, for a small fee, I can help make this packet totally personalized to your ward/stakes/ needs!!

wow! that was a lot of info!! but I am so excited to be able to share this and help leaders be less stressed as they plan virtual camp. thank you for all that y'all do!

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