happy happy father's day!

Happy Father’s Day!! I know it’s not for like a month but I hate being caught by surprise by holidays, so I went ahead and put together the quotes for it.


And here they are! I just got the cutest hand lettered font so I’m excited to test it out & see how it goes.

Elder Christofferson gave a great talk on fatherhood, so it’s no surprise that this quote is coming from there! Purpose of fatherhood right there 😂👆


I think this second quote from him is the most Insta worthy 😂 and I’ll probably be sharing it there when the holiday approaches.

I love this quote! We are all royals and magnifying our earthly roles increases our resemblance to God.


When your brain is fried and you can’t think of any more colors for the palette, there’s always black, right? 😂 It is so great that, despite the earthly fathers we’ve been given, we all have a Heavenly Father who wants a relationship with us. When our earthly fathers emulate Him (like my amazing father does, just to clarify😂😂) it is such a blessing. 

And that’s it! Print out these quotes for free and for your use or decor here, and if you love Latter Day Saint printables for free, I'm on Pinterest or Insta with sm inspirational and pretty content to share!! 

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