ministering virtually ~ a 3-part series!!

I am sooo excited to share this & that is coming out soon! This is the very first series on the blog, all about the present p-demic -- oh yeah -- let's just talk about that real quickly lolll!

If I write certain "target words" like p-demic, c-virus, and c-19, the platforms I'm on "overwrite it" and "have consequences" adding a whole new level of challenge/creativity because I can't even write with those words! But y'all know exactly what I'm talking about - not too many other viruses besides the main one going around. 😂

The series will go over...
-children and youth activities you can do in quarantine/virtually
-ways to (specifically) minister virtually
-scripture verses of encouragement amidst the crisis

coming soon! 

**update** I have released the first of these resources, an update to my "What's Your Type" activity that can be done over Zoom. It is soooo easy and cute and fun & my modifications have made at as Zoom friendly as it gets. You'll want to check it out!**

stay healthy & safe!

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