10 virtual young women's activities

 I've rounded up 10 ideas for activities that you can do while *socially distancing.* These activities actually work over video call, but they are also enjoyable by a fellow young woman's definitions + should spice up your Zoom calls for more unity + fun.

In the pictures the activities are in no particular order but as you scroll down through the many ideas in this post, I've ranked them and saved the very best for last. Enjoy!



You need: One roll of toilet paper per person

Zoom specifics: This best works on a desktop Zoom call so you can see everyone, you also will want to be able to screen record

We're all in this together, and although isn't possible to meet irl rn, the point of this challenge is to make it look like that *magically* has occurred. Everyone needs a roll of toilet paper, and the goal of the game is to create a (screen recording) video of each young women "passing the roll" to each other between their video frames. It's challenging, creative, and a funny way to laugh and learn teamwork amidst this unique situation.

I originally got this idea from another blog. Be sure to check out the amazing Laurie's post here, it has more fun Zoom game ideas!! 💜


You need: Quarantined Would You Rather Cards (free download!)

Zoom specifics: Maybe designate one person to read aloud the would you rather questions. You can also paste them into the chat feature on Zoom.

Everything is different in quarantine, isn't it? That means a whole new theme for "would you rather" questions! Get everyone thinking, laughing, and pondering impossible scenarios as you go over these funny questions as a group. The questions span from crushes to Netflix to TikTok and everything in between and will help you get insights in your young womens' quarantined lives and their preferences. Try and mix up the questions so that you get to hear from lots of different young women!


You need: nothing special! your young women on a zoom call ig 😂

Zoom specifics: Use the chat feature, find it in the "more" section

Maybe your young women are naturally super chatty and perfect over Zoom, but in our ward a "how is everyone doing at home" has (over multiple times) resulted...in...crickets.

This activity is a creative way to get to the bottom of how everyone's quarantine has been. Many people who won't speak up and talk about themselves will have fun participating in this game and guessing who did what.

What you do is have everyone think of the most interesting, crazy, hilarious, shocking or unique thing that they did over quarantine and send it to one of the leaders, preferably the host.

 A key feature of the chat in Zoom is that you can control who you chat with. Make sure to tell them NOT to send their item to everyone...it defeats the purpose of the game. To send a private message, click on the arrow below "everyone" and select the leader that everyone has designated to receive the message.

Now that the leader has everyone's items (and knows the answers) the game is to read aloud the statements and hear the young womens' guesses on whodunit. It's almost like Clue! Super fun.

*this is where the churchy ideas begin*


You need: (Scripture pictionary) cards (free download!)

Zoom specifics: Use the whiteboard feature, available via desktop only!

This game gets pretty hilarious! Using the scriptionary cards and the Zoom whiteboard, see--and guess--what everyone is drawing. I've made four sets of Pictionary so that you have plenty of cards for each Young Women to try her hand at this super fun game. We seriously had a lot of fun + laughs while playing this.

Tip: In case you have a case of people saying "aaaahahaha I said 'xyz' but you didn't acknowledge it!" you can also use the chat to share guesses so that guesses are set in stone and there aren't people all like "Wha-but-" every five seconds. Lol. It worked for us!


You need: For The Strength of Youth manual

Zoom specifics: Use the chat feature

This one is soooo funny, especially over Zoom! The "host" has a copy of the FSY manual by their side and texts individual young women via the chat feature when it is their turn and their charade.

To do this, toggle the "Everyone" switch to change to a specific young woman's name. Make sure it is a private message or it defeats the whole purpose of the game!! Text them one of the categories (Entertainment and Media, for example). This is the virtual way of discreetly showing them their charade card. In this case, the charade cards are sections of FSY.

Once the young woman gets what they do for their charade, they mute themselves and act out how to follow the standard until the group can guess what standard is going on! This one is really simple, but honestly so fun. I have seriously died from laughing while playing this one.


You need: DM Mad Gab Cards, made by me for y'all

Zoom specifics: Use the chat feature, a screenshare of the Mad Gab file works as well

This was so fun to make, I was laughing out loud as I typed the Mad Gab questions up. If you don't know what Mad Gab is, you are given a string of total gibberish, and you have to decipher what the true meaning is.

I've only included 12 because these are tricky! Of course, unless your students don't sleep thru seminary. Speaking of that, I know that half of your young women probably aren't in seminary. But what makes Doctrinal Masteries ... Doctrinal Masteries are that they are super famous verses.

Your middle school young women have probably heard of the verses, and if not, you don't have to worry about them not getting the game. It's a team effort + everyone is on the same playing field for the fun.


You need: nothing special!

Zoom specifics: Be sure to have everyone knows about how to mute themselves and turn off their camera! It's part of the game, I promise! Hahaha.

The most cliche question ever is "what was your favorite conference talk?" There is nothing wrong with going over general conference (and like y'all I'm obsessed with gc and I'm saying this) but putting a fun twist on conference review really makes it so much more fun!

This is a cute virtual (and doctrinal ofc) version of the game "I wanna go home." If you haven't heard of it, it's a race to "leave" a circle, but no one can say "I wanna go home" at the same time. I thought that adapting this to general conference could be so cute!

Everyone makes sure to have their microphone on, and the game begins. It's optional to turn off your camera, but this makes the game harder and more fun.

The task: all the young women have to say their favorite General Conference speaker from this last session and then go mute. The twist: no one can talk at the same time. If two people start talking at the same time, the whole game restarts!

That's where the camera comes in. You could try two levels -- one with camera on, the other with it off to ramp up the difficulty. When you can see others, you can see that look on their face like they have smth to say, but with cameras off, it's on a whole new level! 😂

This activity is challenging, suspenseful, but most of all, a way to sneak in a lil gospel while having fun with a game.


You need: to get all your young women in on this!!

Zoom specifics: You don't need to use Zoom for most of this activity. You could do a recap call about it though!

This is the cutest thing!! Aaah so exciting. So first, pick your target. Good ideas would be elderly or single people in the ward who otherwise aren't getting much connection. Next, tell the young women abt the idea. This needs a lot of different people to be cool and work!

Each young woman decorates just one giant heart (poster or piece of paper) with a message of 💖. Then, for the "heart attack" part, you can go two routes.

One way to send the messages is to have everyone plan to have their heart picture loaded and ready and text it to the recipient all at the exact same time! Def a bit of an attack, and probably not for everyone.

 If you think that would be overstimulating or just end up being annoying to the recipient, you don't have to go this route! Simply put together all the pictures in a slideshow, and text it to the recipient.

It could also be fun if you invited them to a Zoom call and then surprised them in the middle of it with the slideshow. You could *also* surprise them in the middle of a Zoom call with the Young Women pulling out their actual paper hearts. There are so many different and fun ways to do this!!


You need: Book of Mormon Baking Bracket (see below)

Zoom specifics: You don't need to use Zoom for most of this activity. You could do a recap call about it though!

March Madness is cancelled! 😤😭 Chances are that your yw are not all basketball fans, but there's a good chance that they have or will enjoy making confections in the kitchen. *This* is quarantine baking on a whole new level!

The object of the game is to create a book of mormon themed treat. Extra brownie points if it's based on the Come Follow Me for the week! Each young woman gets a picture taken of them with their Book of Mormon treat, and you round them up and send out the brackets for the young women to vote on their favorites!! Eventually, a winning baker is crowned. Such a cute idea.

I was going to make a cute baking bracket printable for y'all, but I realized that wards have so many different young women and needs that I couldn't make a one-size fits all bracket. So I found something better!

Make your ward a baking bracket with the perfect number of "teams" participating and their names by heading over here. It takes about 5 seconds to make and will be perfectly customized for your ward!

If you or your yw need inspo on Book of Mormon themed treats, check out this, this, this, and this from Pinterest. Just to get the creative wheels turning.


You need: What's Your Type slideshow, textables, etc

Zoom specifics: Use the slideshow feature on Zoom

Y'all! This. Is. The ultimate virtual yw activity!! I've modified one of the most fun activities that our group has done to be as Zoom friendly as it gets. It's called.... "What's Your Type?"

It is ALL about unity, belonging, and connection -- which, isn't that exactly what we need right now?!? It has been fully adapted to be quarantine/Zoom friendly.

This activity requires the least planning out of all these ideas while being the most developed and planned out for you, by me.

To help make this virtual activity go smoothly, you get a 40 PAGE slideshow to use over Zoom. It completely guides you and your yw through the activity with a lot of exciting graphics and pictures! In the slideshow, there are THREE fun games that all operate around the theme of unity and a devotional at the end to tie everything all together.

One of my favorite parts of the whole package is...the textables! These are square images that you can share digitally -- with young women via text, on your Circles on Gospel Living, in GroupMe, group chats, Cluster, Remind, Instagram etc -- to remind, invite, or ask your young women about this activity. Seriously so fun!! Your group will not want to miss this.

You can check it out on my Etsy shop.

**GAME HELPS LINK**While I usually like to create really pretty printables for y'all, I ended up going with a Google Doc so you can copy and paste the "virtual cards" onto the Zoom chat feature. When our youth group played games it was a pain to wait for the host to type up everything, so a Doc will make the text so much easier for you to use in the game.

You can grab that Google Doc here, I hope it's helpful! If you love gospel freebies like this, can you follow me on Insta/Pinterest? Trying to grow my following there and I would love your help!💜

Have fun with your yw! Stay healthy and safe!!

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