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january 6 - 12 -- 1 nephi 1 - 7 -- I will go & do

It’s the new year! Aaaah! We are totally over Christmas (😢ok I really do miss it a lot though!!) and driving into 2020! I don’t think I’ve heard of any member who isn’t totally excited about a whole year dedicated to the BOM. I’m so thrilled to be doing it — last year I had to stay on top of the 4 gospels for seminary, NT CFM, and of course, do the daily Book of Mormon reading.
It is going to be soooo nice to be able to give my all to the Book of Mormon this year — diving deep into its words and getting to devote my study time just to this scripture. And I’ll be sharing a hand-lettered quote for each week of the CFM. This week, it’s 1 Nephi 1:14... which is seriously such a beautiful verse!
The context is that it’s Lehi praising God after his vision. If I got a memo that I needed to pack up everything and live in the forest, I’d be a little disturbed. If my siblings tied me to the roof of our car like a Christmas tree, I’d be bitter and enraged.
But that doesn’t happen for them. Lehi goes on and praises the Lord for the new knowledge in this verse, despite how troubling the new knowledge may be. Nephi sings hymns all day as he is strapped to a ship, in the middle of a storm. They are strong gospel examples, I’m so excited to learn more about them.
Here is a Book of Mormon video that the Church made covering topics in this lesson & this specific verse. It is so good and and I am so in awe of the Church's in-depth filmmaking skills!

To see all of the Church's Book of Mormon videos, head over here.

Enjoy your first week of CFM BOM study!

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